It Started Out As A Comment On Kami's Blog

I haven't got a single bumpersticker on any of my cars. I guess I don't love the other drivers enough to give them any of my fabulous advice. Hey, that's what blogs are for. I guess bumperstickers are the original blog?

Sorry to hear about the headaches. My Wife is having them now, but we think it's just eyestrain and stress combined in the extreme. Still, she's worried about migraines.

I don't know much about that whole Texas homestead exemption thing. I just know my Father-In-Law has some kind of huge place outside Dallas and he gets a tax break for having cows on it or something. And he's always bitching about the mesquite stickers puncturing his tires and shit. And having to water his foundation. What's up with that?

I keep trying to care about Bush and Nancy Pelosi and all that and I just can't. I don't know if it's burnout or despair, but I'm feeling nothing here. I read Rangel's genius comments on the military and again, you'd think I'd either laugh or get mad, but no, no reaction. I feel nothing.

Is wishing for all the politicians to die a family value? I'm a bad Baptist, I guess. Memphis has done this to me.

I just found out about the planned bowl game between Nebraska and Texas right before the damned Aggies beat them. I was all excited. I have a friend in Nebraska who goes to ALL the games. She's a freak. So we had something to fight about, but not anymore. Dammit.

I should get a bumper sticker that says "damn them Aggies!" Even better, I need to make one that says "go to church, you fuckers!"

I know, I'm an idiot.
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