The Month in Review

Rahm Emanuel
Grand Master Rahm is in da house!

So White House hitman Rahm Emanuel has decided to be mayor of Chicago. He has informed the current mayor of Chicago, who has quietly decided to retire rather than have his political legs broken Rod Blagojevich style, and all his money taken by the Injustice Department with the help of some illegally obtained FBI/Hillary Clinton-provided Filegate-assisted charges, which is what happens when you cross the Chicago-style Gangsta White House if someone in it decides they want to be mayor of your city. Some people might think that you can't just choose to become mayor of Chicago, but that's ridiculously naive. Dead people vote in Chicago in every election. People who don't even live in Chicago vote in Chicago elections. Illegal aliens vote in Chicago elections. Some people vote 100s of times in Chicago elections. It has been this way for a very long time. It's just like Memphis in that regard. This is why no one in Memphis has been surprised at the gangland style leadership of the Obama White House. If Rahm wants to be mayor of Chicago, the election is already a foregone and well paid-for conclusion. Rahm is going to be mayor of Chicago. End of story.

Not French

The French don't like working out in gyms, according to the frustrated French Government. They prefer smoking cigarettes, drinking wine, and having sex outside in the grass, every chance they get. Apparently this isn't good for them and the forces of fitness want it stopped. They want more Frenchmen going to gyms and sweating over iron weights and wobbly treadmills while listening to iPods and watching TV. The French people, ever stubborn and libertarian, simply refuse. Meanwhile, French citizens have complained about media photographs of French President Sarkozy outside jogging. They feel that this isn't very French of him and prefer to see him wearing a nice Italian suit and standing beside his lovely supermodel wife. It's just not very French to sweat, unless you're sweating because you're having good sex.

If Obama speaks in a forest and no one is there to hear ...

Obama is trying to dismiss all the new Republican candidates rising up from seemingly out of nowhere courtesy of the Tea Party movement, but the fact is, almost no one is listening to his empty Marxist rhetoric anymore.

I'm on a hot streak!

A neato kean new Las Vegas hotel has been built with a dramatic arc to its shape, making it look futuristic and fancy. Unfortunately, being out in the bright sun-soaked desert, that fancy arc acts like a magnifying glass lens, catching the sun's rays and focusing them downward onto the swimming pool area. It has fried vinyl chairs, plastic bags, and a few guests. They're calling it a 'death ray' and so far designers are unsure how to fix the problem.


Several drug traffickers were shot this week in Mexico. Same as last week. And the week before that. And the week before that.

Lindsay Lohan
Disney Princess

Lindsay Lohan was sent to jail ... and is out again already. And then back in again.

Flushing tax dollars away

The Democrat-controlled U.S. Congress, apparently feeling convinced that there was nothing important for them to do, hired liberal comedian Steven Colbert to come do his routine for them as a sort of fake testimony before Congress. Taxpayers aren't laughing.

Bethany Storro

A woman in Washington state threw acid into her own face, then went to the hospital for treatment and claimed 'some black people did it.' People nationwide felt sorry for her and sent her money for medical treatment. When the hoax was exposed she was charged with fraud and sent by the judge to live in a mental health facility. Meanwhile, 'some black people' were not amused.

Harry Reid
Harry Reid's charisma

Independent voters are overwhelmingly swinging the Republicans' way prior to the upcoming November election. The reasons most often given for this shift are: A) Barak Obama B) Nancy Pelosi and C) Harry Reid. The overwhelmingly left-leaning news and entertainment media have been trying desperately to help Democrats recover from their own unpopular policies, but so far all they've succeeded in doing is to damage their own already teetering reputations.

pilot whales
No more speeches!

Over 80 pilot whales beached themselves in New Zealand following the one millionth speech by U.S. President Barack Obama. Rescuers attempting to save the beached whales reported that the whales indicated the were attempting to get as far away from Obama and his annoying speeches as they possibly could. In their haste, they accidentally crashed into New Zealand. President Obama, responding to the whale criticisms, blamed former President Bush for the whale beachings, indicating that he felt convinced the whales were simply confused and really meant to say it was the policies of George Bush they were trying to escape from. The whales did not get a chance to rebut him, as they all died shortly after Rahm Emanuel arrived on the scene to help with the rescue efforts for the talkative whales.


Former US President Jimmy Carter is spending a second night in an Ohio hospital following what some worry is a delusional episode. At some point while returning to the US, former President Carter began talking non-stop about his legacy, insisting that he was the greatest President in history and that his "malaise speech" wasn't a huge disaster for both himself and the entire Democratic Party. The more he babbled about how great he was, the more people around him began to worry, as they all knew what a huge disaster he was as President and thus his statements could only come from the mind of a lunatic. Therefor, he was rushed to a hospital where he is currently being kept under close observation in case he tries to climb a bell tower with a rifle and begin shooting at random University of Texas students. Doctors aren't saying much except that they are concerned he may have suffered a stroke. "A stroke or heavy drug abuse are the main possibilities for such dramatic delusions," an Ohio doctor said, indicating her desire to remain anonymous out of fear of being targeted by the DoJ for saying anything potentially critical of the disastrous former President.

Bill Clinton
Who loves ya, baby?

Despite President Barack Obama's claims that neither he nor his Marxist policies are unpopular with the American People, Democratic candidates fighting desperately for their political lives in the upcoming elections are asking that he not come and 'help' them campaign. Instead, many, such as infamous Fanny Mae/Freddie Mac crook Barney Frank, have asked former President Bill Clinton to come and help save his ass from political defeat and voter retribution in place of current President Obama. Apparently Obama's popularity isn't just falling with conservatives. His own political party is beginning to run from him like a pack of wild dogs from a skunk.

Che Obama poster

President Obama and Vice President Joe "my sister beats me" Biden have adopted a new "Slam the Democratic Voters" strategy in an effort to 'motivate' their voter base into getting out there and cheering for socialism. The "you suck" strategy is reminiscent of the infamous Jimmy Carter "malaise" speech and is expected to work about as well. Other Democratic party leaders are following suit, beating up on their own supporters in a caring display of their empathetic (some say narcissistic) nature.

Eric Holder
Grand Dragon Eric Holder

A steadily building scandal is biting the US Department of Justice in the ass just in time for Congressional elections. It seems that our "post racial" President and his hand-picked DoJ overlords, including and especially Attorney General Eric Holder, have let it be known throughout the DOJ that no cases of civil rights violations by blacks against whites are permitted to be prosecuted. In other words, if the black KKK machine guns white voters Zimbabwe-style, that is A-OK with President Obama and his DOJ. Nothing is to be done about it. And thus far, all cases of this very type of thing have been obstructed and squashed by Eric Holder and his DOJ to the point that DOJ attorneys are quitting their cushy government jobs and talking to the Press about DOJ representatives lying to Congress (Marion Jones went to jail for doing that) about these racism cases and not being prosecuted or fired.

Getting bigger every day

The only sector of the U.S. economy in which jobs are growing and pay is increasing is .... government. Unfortunately, because government doesn't actually produce anything except red tape and resistance to growth and prosperity, this means the United States is growing weaker and poorer overall. The only city in the United States in which citizens average income has increased is ... Washington, DC.

Cathy Lanier
Chief Cathy says "Aack!"

A funeral of a murder victim in Washington, DC, was 'livened up' a bit by a drive-by shooting that killed a person in the funeral procession and wounded another. The shooters, being rocket scientists, then sped down the road only a short distance before slamming into another car and flipping their getaway vehicle. The affirmative-action Washington D.C. police chief, Cathy Lanier, showing that she, too, is a genius, indicated that she doesn't yet know the cause of death of the person killed by the drive-by shooting. Then, just to increase the laughter, she stated that the shooting "may" have been gang-related.

Charlie Rangel
Lowlifes and dirtbags

Establishment politicians in both major US political parties, fighting for their political lives, have predictably resorted to the dirtiest of dirty campaigns, digging up anything and everything on surging Tea Party candidates, even bringing out traffic tickets and bad grades in school as evidence that the 'outsiders' are unfit for public office. Most voters, though, have so far indicated that they are unswayed by all this ugliness. "It simply confirms what we already knew," a Memphis blogger stated, "that the establishment politicians of both parties need to be thrown out because they're all lowlifes and dirtbags."

Come on and take a free ride

Socialists in Europe are rioting in protest of the possibility that their governments will roll back the disastrous economy-destroying entitlements of socialism in an attempt to reduce their nation's crushing debt and save their economies from collapse. The socialists blame "reckless bankers" for the realities of economic collapse, echoing the words of Lenin and Castro from long ago. Ironically, even as they protest the entitlement rollbacks, they simultaneously complain about high taxes and high unemployment, both the unavoidable products of socialist entitlement spinning out of control. Police responded to protests with tear gas and riot control tactics. Meanwhile, in an almost ironic twist, the once-free and prosperous United States is diving headlong into government and entitlement expansion of a level never seen before in the history of America, apparently in complete denial of the events occurring at this very moment all across the European Union.

And now for a few words from Professor Thomas Sowell:

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What Not to Say When Pulled Over by a Cop

Norman Rockwell Cop

Sometimes it can be shocking how ignorant people can be about how to behave when confronted by a police officer. Joking, laughing, or being insulting are not uncommon reactions to an unexpected run-in with a professional law enforcer trained to torture and kill ordinary citizens. For the benefit of the truly clueless, the following are a few tips about Things To Say, and Things Not To Say, when confronted by a heavily armed and potentially psychotic police officer.

Things To Say

Chief of Police

1. "Hello officer, what seems to be the problem?"

Here you have acknowledged that you recognize the armed government agent standing before you as a law enforcement professional and indicated your intention of speaking calmly and politely to them.

Kid Cop

2. "Did I do something wrong?"

This may be said while displaying hands out to the side, palms up, which has the added benefit of showing the officer that you have nothing in your hands and are thus unarmed. Should the officer desire to shoot you, the fact that you are unarmed means he or she will have to use their portable torture gun, or Taser, if they should decide to go ahead and shoot you. This is not necessarily a huge improvement over being shot with a .40 caliber handgun, as the Taser was designed to target the external genitalia and destroy them, which often has the side-effect of killing male victims through shear unbearable pain. Nevertheless, the chances of your surviving being shot with a Taser without having a giant hole where your groin used to be is much higher than it is with the .40 caliber handgun.

Officer Greenwood

3. "Here is my identification."

Don't even discuss what the officer wants with you. Just hand over your ID and wait for them to start the argument. That's a safe way to go. Maybe the officer won't be in a bad mood and will simply yell at you for a moment before taking your license back to their patrol car to call in the information and check for any outstanding warrants on you. Of course, if there are any outstanding warrants you might want to just go ahead and lie face down on the pavement before they find out. This makes it easier for them to handcuff you and also hides the entire front of your body, including your groin, from the Taser, even if only temporarily. Just giving up as fast as possible is usually a good idea.

arresting dance moves

4. *nothing*

Just don't say anything. Whatever the officer wants will probably be made known to you in short order. No need to prompt for it. Say nothing. Don't smile or laugh or frown or show any sign of emotion whatever. A blank slate can be a safe way to go with a heavily armed, often angry, servant of arbitrary and treacherous politicians. Think about it, if you worked for a bunch of politicians and carried weapons as part of that job, wouldn't you be an often-angry jerk? Probably so. Just keep that in mind and shut your mouth until required to respond to whatever is asked of you. Always remember, this person often WANTS to hurt you. Making a felony arrest for resisting arrest helps an officer get promoted quicker. Don't offer an excuse because he'll jump right on it.

Officer Denise Milani

5. "Please, please don't hurt me! I have a heart condition and three children who have nowhere else to live if I die!"

Sometimes openly admitting that you are crapping in your pants in fear isn't a bad way to go. If you're a female it will almost always work in your favor. It's like crying only without the actual tears. If you're a male it's risky because the officer may take it as a pathetic sign of weakness and decide to torture you as punishment for being unmanly, which is ironic seeing as the Tasers they carry were specifically designed to literally and permanently emasculate males when applied to the groin, as instructed by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, in this age of patrol car cameras, an immediate show of absolute fear and submission can work in your favor in court should the officer fry you.

Busty police woman

Always remember, many police officers are decent human beings just trying to do an often-difficult job that has to be done, and to do it as fairly and reasonably as possible. But also remember, some police officers are deeply unhinged sadists looking for any excuse to hurt you in the worst possible way and in the worst possible places. You have no way of knowing which one you're dealing with, so always assume the worst and try not to provoke them.

Things NOT To Say

1. "What the fuck?! Why are you pigs always hassling me?!"

If you are female and reasonably attractive, ala Lindsey Lohan, you can probably get away with this. Otherwise, it's instant Tasertown for you. In some instances, as regulation of the use of the torture device is increasingly strict, it might simply lead to a quick and severe beating ending in an old-fashioned choke-out. Cops who enjoy hurting people always seem to love the choke-out. Usually they say "nighty night" as they're doing it. I don't know why. It's nearly universal that they do that for some reason. There was probably some lame movie where a cop choked out a guy and said that and now it's become the new "go ahead, make my day" of the police world. Either way, by the time they get to the choke-out they have probably already broken several of your ribs, ruptured your testicles, shattered a cheekbone and eye socket, and knocked out a few of your teeth, so don't make the mistake of thinking that an angry cop is simply going to choke you into unconsciousness and then you'll wake up harmlessly in jail. You may not wake up at all, and if you do it'll be in the floor of the jail where you'll be waiting an hour or two for the ambulance to come get you after they've printed, photographed and fully processed you into the system.

First we handcuff you, then maybe later your broken leg gets attention


Shouting "what's the problem" at the officer, usually with clenched fists and teeth and no ID in hand, especially when said from the comfort of your car, is always a bad idea. The response you'll get is nearly always going to be that you'll be told to get out of the car, followed by the officer pulling your ass out through the window for a full-fledged beatdown. I won't even go into the specifics of what will be done to you as it is a given, if you are male, that you will be sexually assaulted and tortured, usually with a Taser, and you will end up in the hospital being told by a doctor that your life will never be the same again as he shows you how to properly wear adult diapers. Viagra can't fix this.

A bullet to the groin is never good for you

3. "I'm not so think as you drunk I am, Oliver, er, Ociffer."

Often, when a person is drunk off their ass, they manage to convince themselves that they can 'act' sober and fool everyone. Sure, you've had 12 shots of Vodka straight up plus more beers than you can remember, but you're smarter than most people, right? You can fool'em. You can talk you way out of this. Any time you find yourself thinking, "sure I'm drunk, but I'll bet he won't notice if I just say enough highly intelligent things as quickly as possible" it is a sure sign that you are only going to make matters worse. You think you're saying, "hello officer, isn't it a lovely night? I was just out with my friends having a nice talk about economics." And in reality what comes out of you, filtered by the toxins in your brain, is "heshmo oprafer, ishm't lubly blight? I wash ... I wash jess fawkin' a goose behin'da bar feathers in mah mouth penis blabbabdy blah thppppt." And what the officer interprets this to mean is "I'm drunk. Please beat me up and arrest me." Just shut up.

4. "I can't find my pants. My ID is in my pants. Why aren't I wearing any pants?!"

Any time you find yourself out in public with missing clothing, especially if any sensitive parts are exposed as a result, it is a very bad situation for you to be in, especially if you encounter a cop at this point in time. There are endless news stories of pantless men being shot directly in the genitals by Tasers, with the Taser dart literally spearing their genitalia like a scuba diver's spear gun through a fish, after which it fried the whole thing with 50,000 volts of theoretically illegal sexual torture. The articles rarely mention the consequences of this genital assault, but when they do it is always the same result - total and complete impotence and incontinence for the rest of the poor victim's life. Yes, you read that right, dead manhood and diapers for the rest of your life. If you see a cop and you are without any pants, lie face down on the ground immediately, legs tight together and make sure your junk is safely tucked completely under you where it can't be easily Tasered. And shut up. Just the fact that you haven't got any pants on is enough to tell you that you're going to jail. Give up while you still can.

no pants arrest
No pants

5. "Oh yeah, I'd like to see you MAKE me!"

This response to police commands is the equivalent of taking off all your clothing and painting a big bullseye on yourself. It's a fools way of saying, "I wonder how much abuse my body can withstand before I die? Why don't we find out?" Often when an obnoxious intoxicated person is arrested they get a beating somewhere along the way. Sometimes that beating includes electric Taser rape and literal emasculation. And sometimes it means a beatdown so severe that you actually die right then and there, or maybe you hang on overnight and die early the next morning in a hospital bed with tubes coming out of your body while your momma and your significant other stand over you and cry. None of these are good options. It's best to try to remember that no matter how obnoxious and wrong the police officer might be, don't ever say or do anything that could give them an excuse to hurt you. Especially if you live in Memphis. Because we have a lot of Memphis police officers who love to beat the shit out of people of all colors and sexes and nationalities every chance they get. Try to focus on the arsenal of weapons and torture devices covering the police officers belts. Think about how incredibly many ways they have available to them to hurt you right there on those belts. Wonder about how in the hell do they even sit down with all that stuff on? But mostly, be afraid. Be very afraid. Cry if you have to. Faint if you can't help yourself. But don't mouth off or offer to fight with the officer. Nothing good is going to come of it for you if you do. It won't impress your friends to hear you screaming like a girl. It won't impress your girl to see you Tasered in the groin and peeing yourself uncontrollably. They want to hurt you. That is their job. Some of them became cops specifically because they enjoy hurting people so very, very much. They are training every single day with the idea of how best to hurt you while you are sitting on your ass watching "Survivor" and eating potato chips. Death by police officer is no way to go. Trust me on this. Shut your mouth. Do what they say. Don't argue. Don't fight back. run

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53 Naked Men and One Scantily Dressed Woman

Inés Sainz

Sunday, Mexican reporter Inés Sainz was told to go inside the New York Jets locker room and interview quarterback Mark Sanchez. The men, who had just played and lost a grueling game of professional football and were now showering and dressing, were mostly naked when she entered. She went inside the men's locker room, knowing the men were naked, because she was told to do so by her employers and by the billionaires who own the NFL and its teams, but do not play football and thus aren't naked in the locker rooms themselves.

Inés Sainz herself stated of the situation, "I die of embarrassment! I am in the locker room of the Jets waiting for Mark Sanchez while trying not to look to anywhere!" She wasn't being a pervert. She was trying to do what she was told, even though she herself knew it wasn't right for her to be in that locker room while the men were trying to shower and get dressed. Her feelings of embarrassment at being forced into a room filled with naked men are ignored, though, by the very same people who are now falling over themselves to attack any and all male players who dare to point out the obvious fact that it is absolutely wrong to allow women into the men's locker rooms while the men are showering and dressing.

No male reporters are allowed in any female athletes' locker rooms while they are naked anywhere in America, by the way. Also, no male reporters are allowed in the cheerleaders locker rooms.

Inés has been hanging around the Jets for awhile, apparently, and they have noticed her. In addition to being a sports reporter, Inés is also a bikini model with a wide assortment of bikini photos featuring her nearly-naked body available in calenders or all across the internet. She is attractive and dresses as sexily as possible, as this is considered normal for Latin women even in professional positions. But her tight, revealing clothing and spiked stripper heels got the attention of the Jets players right away. Some of them apparently began flirting with her from a safe distance, as normal heterosexual males are instinctively wired to do.

How players reacted to Inés prior to the scandal

Apparently, for most of the flirting, Inés ignored it. But when she was shoved into the Jets locker room with 53 naked men whom she already knew to be attracted to her, the awkwardness of the situation made her feel truly embarrassed. And so, as she stood there surrounded by the naked men, she tried to keep from looking around by posting the now infamous message on Twitter, "I die of embarrassment! I am in the locker room of the Jets waiting for Mark Sanchez while trying not to look to anywhere!" Her embarrassment was noted, and the female supremacists of The Association for Women in Sports Media filed a complaint on Sainz's behalf, insisting that because Sainz felt embarrassed by 53 naked men, this is somehow the fault of the 53 naked men and not The Association for Women in Sports Media, which sued the NFL long ago demanding that women be allowed into the men's' locker rooms while the men are naked.

I don't remember the details of the original lawsuit, but I believe it was started by Lisa Olson. Following a ridiculously wrong-headed ruling by a federal judge which mandated allowing women into men's locker rooms, Lisa became known to the players as an infamous pervert who stood around watching them shower and dress while interviewing absolutely no one. They complained, but as is typical, nothing was done about their complaint. She later filed the first complaint of harassment after being allowed into the locker room because she claimed that she felt harassed by the fact that the men she ogled were naked. Those forced to deal with her, such as then New England Patriots owner Victor Kiam, are said to have described her as a "classic bitch." As much as possible, players and coaches avoided her like the plague.

The men's complaints about Lisa Olson's extreme perversion being ignored has been the typical response of all those in authority throughout the West. The resulting retaliatory lawsuit filed by her against the NFL, with fines and various other punishments inflicted upon the very same players whom she herself had victimized, was the very sort of injustice that occurs when a society's leaders are both intellectually and morally corrupt. The male players resented the clear and undeniable violation of their basic human rights with regard to their own bodies. Yet American judges and feminists continually discount this, writing into Law the sexist stereotype that males aren't capable of modesty or embarrassment, let alone deserving of any legal protections of their basic human rights.

Once Inés Sainz' harassment charge was filed, NFL players began to respond with normal human outrage at the clear injustice of the situation. She should not be in the men's locker room for any reason. Clinton Portis of the Washington Redskins said as much, and for his honesty he has been crucified by metrosexual, pink-tie-wearing cunts in the Press, none of whom are forced to undress in front of their female coworkers like the NFL players are. Giants center Shaun O'Hara said, "No matter what you say about it, whether you want to try to be politically correct or whatever, it's uncomfortable." He is similarly being assailed by the NFL billionaire brass and the feminazi media for speaking the obvious truth.

Erin Andrews
ESPN's Erin Andrews doesn't like being seen naked

It's worth noting that a few years ago a man, Michael David Barrett, looked through the peephole of ESPN's famous female sports reporter Erin Jill Andrews' hotel room door and saw her naked. He then placed his cell phone camera lens up to the peephole and videoed her walking around nude inside her room. For his efforts, he was arrested and later sentenced to 30 months in prison, plus forced to register as a sex offender despite having done nothing sexual whatever. That's 30 months longer than infamous sexual mutilator Lorena Bobbitt received at her trial for grabbing her husband's genitals in her hand and chopping them off with a deadly weapon before throwing them into the street. Lorena Bobbitt wasn't even charged with a sex crime and never faced any threat of being forced to register as a sex offender. And yet this man, who did nothing sexual and simply viewed Erin Andrews naked, as she herself has viewed countless NFL athletes naked without their consent, was charged and convicted of being a sex offender while Lorena Bobbitt walks free and unregistered. Meanwhile, Erin Andrews has returned to the men's locker rooms to resume viewing whole groups of them walking around naked, as castrated, politically correct judges have declared is her 'right.' I'm not saying what the man who videoed Erin Andrews without her consent did wasn't wrong. I'm simply pointing out the obvious and undeniable double-standards in our courts.

So who is to blame for this outrage, of which men and women alike are expressing plenty? Is Inés Sainz to blame? She clearly didn't want to be in that locker room, but was told to do so by the NFL bosses and her Big Media employer. There is no excuse for that. She had no right to be in there. The players clearly didn't feel comfortable having her in there while they were naked, as their reaction to her demonstrated. It isn't their fault that they are normal human beings who expect their basic human rights to be respected, both by the NFL and lawmakers.

Judging from the way the out-of-touch, uber-PC billionaires who own and operate the NFL are reacting, and the way the feminazis who created this situation are now exploiting it, and the way judges and lawmakers have repeatedly ignored the basic human rights of males while bending over backwards for the most radical and extremist of female supremacist bigots, I have to conclude that the fault lies with the utter failure of the 'leaders' of our society. Our billionaire corporate executives and sociopathic politicians would sooner sell the souls of every child born for the next 100 years than to stand up for a few basic human rights for males.

The fact that most normal female reporters express embarrassment at being sent into the locker rooms is ignored. The only opinions that anyone in authority cares about are those of the man-hating lesbian supremacist bigots of the feminist movement who filed the original lawsuits demanding female reporters in men's locker rooms, female prison guards stripping male prisoners naked and sexually torturing them with stun guns and Tasers to the genitals, and the general dehumanization of males in all legislation feminists have written and Congress has always passed since the 1970s. Their opinions and legislation are motivated by pure hatred of the entire human race. They mostly hate males, as is made obvious by everything they say and do, but it is undeniable that they also hate any female who dares to hold a different opinion from their own. Inés Sainz says she was embarrassed. The feminazis say she should not be and is therefore a victim, not of their wrong-headed misandric legislation, but of the men who are forced to be naked in front of her in their own locker room.

Our spineless, useless, pink-tie wearing American judges are also to blame, as they have repeatedly rule in the feminazis insane favor, passing laws blatantly violating our Constitution and its equal protection guarantees, as well as violating basic human instincts which tell the naked male athletes and scantily-dressed female reporters alike that it is wrong for those women to be in the men's locker room.

So how about all sports leagues ban all reporters from entering any locker room at any time? Is this not basic common sense? We haven't seen or heard any basic common sense from our politicians, judges, prosecutors, ivy league professors, or corporate leaders in a very long time. Perhaps this is why so many conservative Americans have joined the "Tea Party" movement and used it to throw out numerous weak and worthless politicians from our nation's government? Perhaps this is why the citizens in virtually every Western nation have expressed exasperation at the chasm between themselves and all those in power in their nations, something being illuminated currently in Germany by Thilo Sarrazin, a best-selling author of a book which expresses the basic views and beliefs of the common German citizens, and which predictably is being condemned as bigoted hate-speech by the elitists in the German Establishment, especially the politicians who are supposed to be representing those citizens and their views in government, yet clearly don't even comprehend them.

I don't know how badly Inés Sainz was actually treated by various Jets players. I don't know what sort of complaint she made or whether her simple expression of feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed was taken up by the infamous Feminazi Machine, with its never-ended axe to grind, and exploited for political and financial gain. I don't know how Inés Sainz herself behaved around the players during practices, games, or while she was viewing them naked in the shower as she stood in their locker room. What I do know is that she, and all female reporters, have no right to be in the men's locker room at all, just as males aren't allowed in the women's locker rooms. If this is a problem, then all reporters should be banned and the ban should be enforced by the police, who seem to have no problem with Tasing the genitals of high school and middle school boys and can just as easily do the same to any sports reporters who insist on barging into the athletes locker rooms despite being banned.

Inés Sainz says she felt uncomfortable and embarrassed at being in the locker room while the men were dressing. This is normal. And yet this, the real issue, is not being addressed by anyone in authority. Instead, a giant anti-male witch hunt has been launched which threatens to destroy the careers of any NFL player or employee who dares to speak the truth which we all know - women should not be in the men's locker rooms.

Mexican sports reporter Inés Sainz

jill arrington
CBS sports reporter Jill Arrington

jillian barberie
Fox sports reporter Jillian Barberie

erin andrews
ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews

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Loonies On the Path - L - Black BMW


Dear black man in the black BMW 7-series with the black tinted windows,

I enjoyed having you ride my ass all the way up the on-ramp during the 15 seconds or so that it took for all of us to make the big, arcing loop up onto the interstate. I know this sounds odd, but just the way you were trying to threaten me, as if you were going to actually ram my back bumper with your $80,000 leased German status symbol, made me laugh. I couldn't help it. It was such a ridiculous threat that I couldn't stop myself from busting out laughing right in front of you.

Apparently this wasn't the reaction that you were hoping for. It seemed to make you mad. And so, then, you funny man, you actually tried to pass all of us on the right at the first opportunity, which was a temporary lane that ends at a concrete barrier not 50 yards further down. You were so mad that you refused to take your foot off the gas even for a second. I watched as you flew past me, then the old man in the pickup ahead of me, then the girl on the motorcycle ahead of him, and finally past whomever was in front of the girl. You almost took your whole front end off as you swerved at the last possible second to avoid death by concrete, cutting off some poor soul as you forced your way in front of them and skidded over 2 lanes, all without signaling of course, and took off in a rage down the interstate.

What were you so mad about? And what the hell did you expect me to do for you? Did you think I was going to ram the old man in the pickup just because some fool in an $80,000 car was pretending he might hit me from behind if I didn't? I didn't care. If you had actually hit me from behind I would have laughed my ass off at what an idiot you are, you now with your nose broken from your air-bag hitting you in the face and the whole front of your car smashed in with crumple zones and shit. I suppose you thought that if you could push on me, then I'd push on the pickup, and then he'd ... what ... run over the girl on the motorcycle and we'd all just roll her body under our wheels and tear off down the road feeling fully justified in having killed her because, BY GOD, you needed to get to work right now, right?

So, did you get to where you were trying to go? You nearly totalled that car you don't own, along with yourself. But on the plus side, you did give me a big laugh. And I thank you for that. You're funny. Stupid, but funny.

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Assorted Randomness

Bewitched and then some

This past weekend I saw reruns of the old '60s show "Bewitched" and I thought I must be losing my mind. I had never seen any those episodes before in my life! Sam had 2 kids and Tabatha was in the first grade. She had a little brother who could walk and mumble lines of his own. I have no memory of having ever seen a second kid on that show. But the main thing I realized as I watched the old reruns, is that Samantha was HAWT. Also, she apparently didn't always wear underwear under the skin tight, sprayed on stretchy little mini-dresses that were apparently in style during the final season of the show. All I remember were the early episodes where she walked around in crummy sleaveless dresses with ugly orange and yellow stripes and a hemline down around her knees. Even then, she was still very pretty. But I have no recollection of her in tiny miniskirts with no bra and a big, white smile to compliment her perfect golden hair. I do declare, I think I am going online and see if I can buy the entire DVD set from that show. Clearly I need to rewatch the entire thing to see what I missed due to having been so young when the show ran as a rerun on TBS and I saw it for the very first time. Now I know why my dad's generation liked Samantha Stevens so much. She was smokin'.

Politically incorrect in Germany

In the news over the weekend it was reported that Germany's rich and powerful elitists are up in arms and threatening to faint over some fairly tame comments by banker Thilo Sarrazin. Mr. Sarrazin made a few matter-of-fact comments about the way Germany's leaders have failed to deal with immigrants who refuse to assimilate into German culture and who instead cowtow to the most extremist and anti-German among them, especially among the Muslim population. He also made comments about poor academic performace by lower class Palestinians in school. Then he dared to point out that middle class, well-educated German women are partly responsible for the immigrant takeover of Germany by failing to produce any German children, a true statement which predictably caused Germany's elitist leadership to wet itself and declare "I do declare, I feel a spell of the vapors comin' on." Meanwhile, the German people themselves are somewhat frustrated with the elites stupendously idiotic response, having long been attempting to deliver these very same messages to the perpetually out-of-touch professional politicians who who driven Germany into a socialist malaise from which it has struggled to survive. The scandal is particularly enlightening in that it reveals how the enormous chasm between the citizens and the professional, never-held-a-real-job, upper-class politically correct eunuchs who rule is not at all a German problem, but a universal problem afflicting the entire Western hemisphere and all its nations, from Germany to the United States to the United Kingdom to Australia and beyond. The rise of the professional politician has perfectly and not coincidentally coincided with the fall of logic, reason, truth and common sense among the Western nations and their so-called 'leaders.'

Engrish onry, prease

Over in Singapore, national leaders are pressuring their residents to learn to speak better English. Ironically, in all native English-speaking countries, such as America and the UK, it is considered politically incorrect to ever insist that anyone learn to speak proper English. In fact, simply pointing out that there is such a thing as proper English versus ebonics and other street-slang, is considered a "social injustice" and may result in lawsuits and/or termination of employment.

Suck on these

Australian superstar swimming champion, Stephanie Rice, has been drop-kicked by the delicate girlie-men at Jaguar. Australia's rugby team beat South Africa in a tough match and Stephanie responded to South African fans who had been harassing her on Twitter by tweeting "suck on that faggots!" It was an insignificant statement of no threat to anyone. But to the zealously politically correct and dogmatically hypersensitive human resources lawyers at Jaguar it was enough to cause a case of the vapors. They fired her immediately, despite her immediate retraction and apology, which she posted on her blog moments later. Thus, the ugly, bloated, unreliable land-yachts of Jaguar will no longer be represented by the sleek, sexy body of a racing champion and will instead, once again, be represented by the limp-wristed, ineffectual, pretentious assholes who buy them. Pip pip and queerio, what what.

Wave goodbye to America's future

President Barry "Jimmy Carter Jr" Obama has promised to pass a new impossible-to-meet mandate for America's automotive industry in yet another Marxist attempt to destroy it by requiring that all cars produced in America get the unheard of gas mileage rate of 60 mpg. Researchers state that the cost of such a fuel rate in human lives lost will make all previous death tolls resulting from government mileage mandates pale by comparison. But President Obama says he is willing to make that sacrifice in American lives for the good of the environment and to help reduce the surplus population of white people. Following his speech, President Obama climbed into his armored SUV which gets 4 mpg and rode to the airport, where he then climbed into his private jet and flew to Spain for yet another round of golf.


And now for something educational ...

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