53 Naked Men and One Scantily Dressed Woman

Inés Sainz

Sunday, Mexican reporter Inés Sainz was told to go inside the New York Jets locker room and interview quarterback Mark Sanchez. The men, who had just played and lost a grueling game of professional football and were now showering and dressing, were mostly naked when she entered. She went inside the men's locker room, knowing the men were naked, because she was told to do so by her employers and by the billionaires who own the NFL and its teams, but do not play football and thus aren't naked in the locker rooms themselves.

Inés Sainz herself stated of the situation, "I die of embarrassment! I am in the locker room of the Jets waiting for Mark Sanchez while trying not to look to anywhere!" She wasn't being a pervert. She was trying to do what she was told, even though she herself knew it wasn't right for her to be in that locker room while the men were trying to shower and get dressed. Her feelings of embarrassment at being forced into a room filled with naked men are ignored, though, by the very same people who are now falling over themselves to attack any and all male players who dare to point out the obvious fact that it is absolutely wrong to allow women into the men's locker rooms while the men are showering and dressing.

No male reporters are allowed in any female athletes' locker rooms while they are naked anywhere in America, by the way. Also, no male reporters are allowed in the cheerleaders locker rooms.

Inés has been hanging around the Jets for awhile, apparently, and they have noticed her. In addition to being a sports reporter, Inés is also a bikini model with a wide assortment of bikini photos featuring her nearly-naked body available in calenders or all across the internet. She is attractive and dresses as sexily as possible, as this is considered normal for Latin women even in professional positions. But her tight, revealing clothing and spiked stripper heels got the attention of the Jets players right away. Some of them apparently began flirting with her from a safe distance, as normal heterosexual males are instinctively wired to do.

How players reacted to Inés prior to the scandal

Apparently, for most of the flirting, Inés ignored it. But when she was shoved into the Jets locker room with 53 naked men whom she already knew to be attracted to her, the awkwardness of the situation made her feel truly embarrassed. And so, as she stood there surrounded by the naked men, she tried to keep from looking around by posting the now infamous message on Twitter, "I die of embarrassment! I am in the locker room of the Jets waiting for Mark Sanchez while trying not to look to anywhere!" Her embarrassment was noted, and the female supremacists of The Association for Women in Sports Media filed a complaint on Sainz's behalf, insisting that because Sainz felt embarrassed by 53 naked men, this is somehow the fault of the 53 naked men and not The Association for Women in Sports Media, which sued the NFL long ago demanding that women be allowed into the men's' locker rooms while the men are naked.

I don't remember the details of the original lawsuit, but I believe it was started by Lisa Olson. Following a ridiculously wrong-headed ruling by a federal judge which mandated allowing women into men's locker rooms, Lisa became known to the players as an infamous pervert who stood around watching them shower and dress while interviewing absolutely no one. They complained, but as is typical, nothing was done about their complaint. She later filed the first complaint of harassment after being allowed into the locker room because she claimed that she felt harassed by the fact that the men she ogled were naked. Those forced to deal with her, such as then New England Patriots owner Victor Kiam, are said to have described her as a "classic bitch." As much as possible, players and coaches avoided her like the plague.

The men's complaints about Lisa Olson's extreme perversion being ignored has been the typical response of all those in authority throughout the West. The resulting retaliatory lawsuit filed by her against the NFL, with fines and various other punishments inflicted upon the very same players whom she herself had victimized, was the very sort of injustice that occurs when a society's leaders are both intellectually and morally corrupt. The male players resented the clear and undeniable violation of their basic human rights with regard to their own bodies. Yet American judges and feminists continually discount this, writing into Law the sexist stereotype that males aren't capable of modesty or embarrassment, let alone deserving of any legal protections of their basic human rights.

Once Inés Sainz' harassment charge was filed, NFL players began to respond with normal human outrage at the clear injustice of the situation. She should not be in the men's locker room for any reason. Clinton Portis of the Washington Redskins said as much, and for his honesty he has been crucified by metrosexual, pink-tie-wearing cunts in the Press, none of whom are forced to undress in front of their female coworkers like the NFL players are. Giants center Shaun O'Hara said, "No matter what you say about it, whether you want to try to be politically correct or whatever, it's uncomfortable." He is similarly being assailed by the NFL billionaire brass and the feminazi media for speaking the obvious truth.

Erin Andrews
ESPN's Erin Andrews doesn't like being seen naked

It's worth noting that a few years ago a man, Michael David Barrett, looked through the peephole of ESPN's famous female sports reporter Erin Jill Andrews' hotel room door and saw her naked. He then placed his cell phone camera lens up to the peephole and videoed her walking around nude inside her room. For his efforts, he was arrested and later sentenced to 30 months in prison, plus forced to register as a sex offender despite having done nothing sexual whatever. That's 30 months longer than infamous sexual mutilator Lorena Bobbitt received at her trial for grabbing her husband's genitals in her hand and chopping them off with a deadly weapon before throwing them into the street. Lorena Bobbitt wasn't even charged with a sex crime and never faced any threat of being forced to register as a sex offender. And yet this man, who did nothing sexual and simply viewed Erin Andrews naked, as she herself has viewed countless NFL athletes naked without their consent, was charged and convicted of being a sex offender while Lorena Bobbitt walks free and unregistered. Meanwhile, Erin Andrews has returned to the men's locker rooms to resume viewing whole groups of them walking around naked, as castrated, politically correct judges have declared is her 'right.' I'm not saying what the man who videoed Erin Andrews without her consent did wasn't wrong. I'm simply pointing out the obvious and undeniable double-standards in our courts.

So who is to blame for this outrage, of which men and women alike are expressing plenty? Is Inés Sainz to blame? She clearly didn't want to be in that locker room, but was told to do so by the NFL bosses and her Big Media employer. There is no excuse for that. She had no right to be in there. The players clearly didn't feel comfortable having her in there while they were naked, as their reaction to her demonstrated. It isn't their fault that they are normal human beings who expect their basic human rights to be respected, both by the NFL and lawmakers.

Judging from the way the out-of-touch, uber-PC billionaires who own and operate the NFL are reacting, and the way the feminazis who created this situation are now exploiting it, and the way judges and lawmakers have repeatedly ignored the basic human rights of males while bending over backwards for the most radical and extremist of female supremacist bigots, I have to conclude that the fault lies with the utter failure of the 'leaders' of our society. Our billionaire corporate executives and sociopathic politicians would sooner sell the souls of every child born for the next 100 years than to stand up for a few basic human rights for males.

The fact that most normal female reporters express embarrassment at being sent into the locker rooms is ignored. The only opinions that anyone in authority cares about are those of the man-hating lesbian supremacist bigots of the feminist movement who filed the original lawsuits demanding female reporters in men's locker rooms, female prison guards stripping male prisoners naked and sexually torturing them with stun guns and Tasers to the genitals, and the general dehumanization of males in all legislation feminists have written and Congress has always passed since the 1970s. Their opinions and legislation are motivated by pure hatred of the entire human race. They mostly hate males, as is made obvious by everything they say and do, but it is undeniable that they also hate any female who dares to hold a different opinion from their own. Inés Sainz says she was embarrassed. The feminazis say she should not be and is therefore a victim, not of their wrong-headed misandric legislation, but of the men who are forced to be naked in front of her in their own locker room.

Our spineless, useless, pink-tie wearing American judges are also to blame, as they have repeatedly rule in the feminazis insane favor, passing laws blatantly violating our Constitution and its equal protection guarantees, as well as violating basic human instincts which tell the naked male athletes and scantily-dressed female reporters alike that it is wrong for those women to be in the men's locker room.

So how about all sports leagues ban all reporters from entering any locker room at any time? Is this not basic common sense? We haven't seen or heard any basic common sense from our politicians, judges, prosecutors, ivy league professors, or corporate leaders in a very long time. Perhaps this is why so many conservative Americans have joined the "Tea Party" movement and used it to throw out numerous weak and worthless politicians from our nation's government? Perhaps this is why the citizens in virtually every Western nation have expressed exasperation at the chasm between themselves and all those in power in their nations, something being illuminated currently in Germany by Thilo Sarrazin, a best-selling author of a book which expresses the basic views and beliefs of the common German citizens, and which predictably is being condemned as bigoted hate-speech by the elitists in the German Establishment, especially the politicians who are supposed to be representing those citizens and their views in government, yet clearly don't even comprehend them.

I don't know how badly Inés Sainz was actually treated by various Jets players. I don't know what sort of complaint she made or whether her simple expression of feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed was taken up by the infamous Feminazi Machine, with its never-ended axe to grind, and exploited for political and financial gain. I don't know how Inés Sainz herself behaved around the players during practices, games, or while she was viewing them naked in the shower as she stood in their locker room. What I do know is that she, and all female reporters, have no right to be in the men's locker room at all, just as males aren't allowed in the women's locker rooms. If this is a problem, then all reporters should be banned and the ban should be enforced by the police, who seem to have no problem with Tasing the genitals of high school and middle school boys and can just as easily do the same to any sports reporters who insist on barging into the athletes locker rooms despite being banned.

Inés Sainz says she felt uncomfortable and embarrassed at being in the locker room while the men were dressing. This is normal. And yet this, the real issue, is not being addressed by anyone in authority. Instead, a giant anti-male witch hunt has been launched which threatens to destroy the careers of any NFL player or employee who dares to speak the truth which we all know - women should not be in the men's locker rooms.

Mexican sports reporter Inés Sainz

jill arrington
CBS sports reporter Jill Arrington

jillian barberie
Fox sports reporter Jillian Barberie

erin andrews
ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews

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