Nude Memphis Movie Review: Oz and This Is 40

Oz The Great And Powerful

James Franco plays Oscar Diggs, a side-show magician nicknamed 'Oz', who not only relies on his ability to deceive and misdirect the audience members, but also any attractive female who takes an interest in him.

When the carnival strongman comes after him for seducing the strongman's girlfriend, Oscar climbs into a carnival hot air balloon to get away from him. Unfortunately, a tornado is moving onto the carnival just as he leaps into the balloon basket, sending the balloon twisting and flipping into the eye of the storm. The storm carries Oscar crashing down into a colorful world where he lands in a stream. The film transforms from small-screen black and white to wide-screen cgi color when Oscar crashes into Oz. The edges of the screen actually roll back, widening the picture.

As Oscar climbs out of the stream a beautiful dark-haired girl in red appears at the edge of the water, asking him if he is the wizard that was prophesied about by her sister, who said a wizard would fall from the sky and rescue Oz. Her name is Theodora, played by Mila Kunis, and she says she's a witch. She says she's a bad witch, though, because her sister told her so. Nothing she does or says gives the impression that she is anything but kind and loving, though, and her insistence that she is bad confuses Oscar. He doesn't believe her that she is a witch, and says 'witches are ugly and old and scary looking.'

As they spend a night in the forest a monster comes looking for Oscar. Theodora and Oscar are forced to hide from the monster, which Theodora says must have been sent by the evil witch who murdered the king of Oz. While they are camping out, Oscar gives Theodora a music box and teachers her to dance. She indicates that no one has ever given her a present before and that she has never danced. She quickly begins to fall for Oscar, like most women do, believing everything he tells her.

Theodora takes Oscar to Oz where she introduces him to her sister, Evanora, played by Rachel Weisz. Evanora tells him that if he is the wizard who fell from the sky then his must be the new king of Oz. The last king was murdered and she says it was the witch Glinda, played by Michelle Williams, who killed him. After showing Oscar a room filled with gold, Evanora tells him that he will be king of Oz, but only after he kills Glinda and takes her wand. Oscar, a rather greedy and self-centered man, is scared to death of the quest to kill an actual witch, but the desire for the gold motivates him to attempt it even so.

Oscar comes upon Glinda outside a cemetery in the middle of the night. He nearly gets her wand without her noticing, but fails out of fear. Glinda turns and catches Oscar. It quickly becomes apparent that she doesn't seem particularly evil. In fact, she's only at the cemetery to visit the grave of the murdered king. Meanwhile, Evanora is screwing with Theodora's head. She pulls out a music box identical to the one Oscar gave to Theodora and begins listening to it play. She tells Theodora that Oscar gave it to her after he arrived in Oz and that he danced with her for hours. None of this is true, but it makes Theodora cry. Her own tears burn her as they roll down her cheeks. Evanora convinces Theodora that all her feelings for Oscar are the cause of her pain and that if she would just become like her, she wouldn't feel pain ever again, and she would be powerful. She offers Theodora a green apple which she says will melt away her heart and give her infinite knowledge. Bitterly, and still crying, Theodora takes the apple and eats it. The poison causes her intense pain, as her heart dies inside her, and turns her green and ugly. Even her sister, Evanora, is shocked by the transformation. But when she offers to fix Theodora's appearance to be attractive again, Theodora says 'no' and insists she wants to look like the kind of witch that Oscar thought a witch looks like - ugly and scary.

While Oscar is with Glinda, she takes him to a city where she has been protecting the people living inside by encasing it inside a giant bubble. She says nothing that isn't pure of heart can penetrate the bubble. But while they are outside talking, Theodora and Evanora appear along with flying monkeys and attack the bubble, breaking through and destroying it. Evanora focuses her attack on Glinda, whom she accuses of having murdered the king of Oz, while Theodora only cares about showing Oscar what she has become, believing him to be the cause of it by betraying him with her sister.

I'm not going to tell you the rest of the film. You should go and see it. It is a good movie. It does an excellent job of explaining how this 'wizard' arrived in Oz, why he and Theodora have such a hostile relationship with each other, why he appears as a giant floating head with fire and smoke, and more.

I rate this movie 4 stars out of 5. Go see it. It's good.

This Is 40

Judd Apatow wrote and directed this film. He's known for his comedy films, as is his beautiful wife, Leslie Mann, who plays the lead female character in what may be her best and most memorable role of her career. This is a follow-up to the film "Knocked Up," taking place several years later.

Pete and Debbie, played by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann, are a couple married 14 years, with 2 daughters, one of whom is turning into a hormonal monster that makes the bad witches in Oz look friendly and fun. Interestingly, the 2 daughters, Sadie and Charlotte, are played by Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann's real-life daughters, Maude and Iris Apatow.  This is actually the third film in which her real-life daughters have played her on-screen daughters. Pete runs a music production business that is failing, but he tries to keep the financial crisis from Debbie. Debbie runs a clothing store catering to women and has an employee that has stolen $12,000 from the store, but she doesn't know which one is stealing. It is either Megan Fox, playing Desi, or Charlyne Yi, from "House", playing Jodi. Desi has a side-job as a professional escort. Jodi has an addiction to Oxycontin.

Their various crises come straight out of actual marital problems of the sort that only a married man like Judd Apatow, married to Leslie Mann since 1997 and with 2 actual daughters who play her daughters in the film, could understand and write. Debbie's very distant relationship with her biological father, who she barely knows at all, comes from Leslie Mann's actual relationship with her biological father, about which she has said she has "zero relationship."

I'm not going to go into the story because you really have to watch it to get it. It's not a mystery or an adventure film where the story is easy to summarize. It's a marriage and a family with various problems associated with all of that. And it's funny. It's funny as hell. And Leslie Mann is briefly topless in the film, which is quite impressive and I hope she does a lot more of that because she is beautiful.

I rate this film 4.5 stars out of 5. I was really impressed. Go see this movie if you haven't already.

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Sexy Super Model Jourdan Dunn naked

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Seduction secrets of the French revealed

Seduction secrets of the French revealed: NO tights, NO bed socks and definitely NO pyjamas

  • Advice comes from Soft Paris, French equivalent of Ann Summers
  • Company sells lingerie and sex toys and is set to launch in the UK
  • Here they share their top ten tips on the art of seduction

When it comes to seduction, French women believe they have it down to a fine art. 
And now they are set to share the secret of their success as Soft Paris, France's answer to Ann Summers, launches in the UK.   
The firm, which organises home parties selling lingerie, boudoir accessories and sex toys, say their ethos is to encourage women to explore their sexuality and teach them secrets to rekindle their relationships. 
Here, in a MailOnline exclusive, Soft Paris reveal ten tips to allow British women to bring sexy French flair to the bedroom...
Oh la la! Opt for stockings or suspenders and let him watch you put them on (and off)
Ooh la la! Opt for stockings or suspenders and let him watch you put them on (and off)

1. It's all in your walk

Why do English women hunch over, either shuffling or stomping? This is not seductive. Take the time to look around you, proudly, chin up/shoulders back, walking with one foot almost in front of the other, to undulate your hips provocatively.

2. Be feline

Don't be a slobbery, noisy, bounding English bulldog. Imagine you’re an elegant cat - light, agile, graceful, quiet. Seduction is about understanding the effects of your movements and using them to your advantage.
Lacy lady: Get rid of the Bridget Jones pants
Cat the cat the cream: Be feline to seduce your man
Racy tips: Wear black lace and act feline to seduce your man
Elegance: Walk tall and let a man put your coat on
Elegance: Walk tall and let a man put your coat on

3. Be a lady

When a gentleman holds your coat out for you, do not take it from him, let him dress you. Allow doors to be held open and seats pulled out. 
Be elegant, always. Don’t hold your glass of wine as if it's a pint of beer, French women lightly hold the top of the glass stem. Know how to handle all objects well.

4. Say goodbye to tights

Instead opt for stockings and suspenders, but make sure he is watching when you put them on - give him a show. Slip them on slowly with long strokes and finish off by snapping the elastic on the top of your thighs.

5. Use him 

Although we could reach the zip on the back of our dresses if we really wanted to, allow him the privilege instead. It can be as seductive to dress a woman, as it is to undress her.

6. Give your lingerie drawer a makeover

Get rid of the Bridget Jones knickers and replace with black lace, ribbon trims, suspenders and waist cinching corsets. Your face should reveal what you’re wearing beneath your clothes, creating a subtle smile, the only clue to your your saucy secret.  

7. Go to bed dressed (or undressed) like a star

Forget the fleece pyjamas and bed socks. Opt for a sheer babydoll and a satin robe. It won’t stay on for long…

8. Be sweet

Wear scented and edible crème so your entire body is lickable. He’ll want to make you dessert.
Bedroom fireworks: Soft Paris recommend being playful, adventurous and uninhibited
Bedroom fireworks: Soft Paris recommend being playful, adventurous and uninhibited

9. Flirt shamelessly

Even though he may be your husband, never stop seducing. At a dinner party, under the table, take his hand and slowly stroke it along your thigh, leading up to your suspenders. Send naughty texts while he is at work. Intimacy doesn’t have to stay at home…

10. A toy box is not just for the kids

Be playful, adventurous and uninhibited. Start by exploring and learning your own body, before moving on to your loved one. Intimate toys can create bedroom fireworks.

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Jessica Brown Findlay Topless in Labyrinth and Albatross



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Video :Jessica Brown Findlay Topless scene from Labyrinth

Jessica Brown Findlay Topless Scene from Labyrinth by starmaniacelebs
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Nude Memphis Review: Dracula - Book vs Movie


I began reading the book "Dracula" a few weeks ago, after seeing it in the bookstore and realizing that despite having seen numerous movie and TV depictions of the story, I had never actually read it. So I picked it up and bought it. Halfway through the book I began to wonder if there existed any movie versions that followed the book at all, as the book was unlike anything I had seen.

Google/Bing led me to the movie "Bram Stoker's Dracula" directed by Francis Ford Coppola and made in 1992. I ordered the DVD and before it had even arrived I stumbled across the movie playing again and again on one of the movie channels that I pay for. The timing was perfect.

I watched the movie, now having read the book, expecting something great. All the actors and actresses in the film are top-notch and the director is known for having great talent. But as the movie played on, I couldn't ignore a critical difference that I can only attribute to a problem with the director himself. Let me see if I can explain it to you.

Something ain't right here
In the book, "Dracula" by Bram Stoker, a very long and detailed account of the lives of numerous individuals involved with the story is given from their own point-of-view, with pages from their own diaries supposedly compiled together to create the final document.

In the movie, "Bram Stoker's Dracula", featuring Keanue Reeves as Jonathan Harker, perhaps the main character of the film, everything is shown from a sort of omniscient point-of-view, with the viewer seeing everything as it happens.

In the book, the main character, Jonathan Harker, is a decent man whose very kind boss has sent on a mission that is expected to be good for his career. The mission turns into a nightmare, though, and Harker is trapped by Dracula inside his castle for several months.

In the movie, Jonathan Harker is a bit of a doofus played by Keanue Reeves, who not so long before portrayed a drugged out moron in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." The choice of Reeves for this role was odd, but seemed to offer a preview of the director's attitude towards Dracula's victims.

In the book, Lucy Westenra is a decent, very loved girl whom everyone admires greatly. She is decent and pure and a tragic victim of a cold-blooded predator.

In the movie, Lucy Westenra is a very sleazy girl who takes every opportunity to show her tits and seems perpetually in a state of sexual desire. There is nothing particularly tragic about her death or transformation into a vampire. Her character is paper thin. The actress who played Lucy said Coppola described the character to her as "an exhibitionist with no inhibitions." Nothing in the book suggested any such thing.

Coppola's Lucy
In the book, Mina Harker is Lucy's best friend and also a very decent and popular girl who is intensely in love with her husband, Jonathan, and revolted by Dracula as he preys upon her.

In the movie, Mina Harker is indifferent to her husband and actually begs Dracula to take her and let her drink his blood.

Mina Harker seems to 'date' Dracula in the film
In the book, Van Helsing is a highly intelligent doctor who makes great sacrifices in order to help his friends deal with a terrible medical crisis which turns out to be a sinister attack by Count Dracula. Van Helsing takes a very long time to figure out that a vampire is at work in causing the suffering and ultimate death of Lucy Westenra. Once he realizes this, though, he is determined to put a stop to it, as Lucy's death is very upsetting to him and everyone concerned.

In the movie, Van Helsing is an arrogant, selfish, insulting brute who says mean things and doesn't care who he hurts. His character is not likable or interesting. His faith in God is portrayed in a very 1970s Satan-movie kind of mocking light.

In the book, Dracula is depicted as a classic sociopath, even a complete narcissist. He loves no one and cares only for himself. He feels no pity for his victims and does not care who he hurts in order to get what he wants. He uses people. He even kidnaps babies from their mothers and feeds them to his vampire harem in Transylvania. When the children's mothers show up at his castle screaming for justice, he coldly sends his wolves to tear the women to shreds while he ignores their cries. He is a completely cold-blooded monster.

In the movie, Dracula is a kind-hearted, tragic figure with great power who cares deeply for the women he preys upon. He tells Mina Harker that he doesn't want to inflict upon her the terrible fate of eternal living death that he himself suffers. This is utterly ridiculous.

In the book, the characters who oppose Dracula are average, decent human beings who have come face-to-face with a monster and decided, bravely, to try to stop it.

In the movie, all the characters who oppose Dracula, from Van Helsing to Jonathan Harker, are depicted as mindless, religious brutes with no understanding and absolutely nothing sympathetic about them. They smash Dracula's property and burn down his house in London, none of which they did in the book. In fact, their strategy in the book was to leave no trace of their having been there to warn Dracula, other than that they put holy communion wafers in his boxes of dirt so that he could not rest there and would have to go elsewhere. They smashed and burned nothing in the book. They were not some mob.

In the book, when Dracula comes face-to-face with Van Helsing and the men, they hold up crosses and throw holy water at him while he runs around and tries to dodge them. Then he jumps out a window and runs off, stopping long enough to turn and threaten them, telling them that he can afford to hide for eternity while Mina Harker slowly transforms into an undead vampire because of what he has done to her.

In the movie, Dracula mocks the Christian symbols and sets the crosses on fire, forcing the men to throw them onto the ground. And yet for some odd reason, never explained in the movie since he doesn't fear the Christian symbols, he is unable to attack. The scene makes no sense.

Bram Stoker
The book was written by a man who seemed to respect and understand average people in London and the Christian faith that most people in England shared. His description of Dracula reveals a deep understanding of a criminal mind. He even refers to Dracula as having a criminal mind, a "child brain," that does not learn the way normal people do. In an age before the term "sociopath" had even been defined, in fact a full 50 years before it was defined, Bram Stoker demonstrates a perfect understanding of the personality disorder in his description of Dracula. Van Helsing is depicted as using his understanding of this criminal way of thinking to accurately predict what Dracula will do next, the way FBI profilers do today. But this was written in 1890, long before any FBI profilers ever existed. It required remarkable intelligence and understanding by Bram Stoker to write this story.

The movie appears to have been made by a man who has a drug problem or is in some way experiencing a personality disorder such that he cannot sympathize with normal people and finds himself admiring the most despicable characters. Drug addicts and sociopaths often admire other sociopaths while despising everyone else who does not think and feel like they do, viewing them as weak and inferior and deserving of being preyed upon. Such a man would naturally admire Dracula and the way he uses women as he sees fit before tossing them aside and leaving them to spend eternity ruined and destroyed. Francis Ford Coppola's depiction of Dracula as a heroic and sympathetic figure reveals either that he was either a heavy drug user at the time, a sociopath, or a man who believed that the climate in Hollywood was such that only a film which turned the story on its head, depicting good as bad and dark as light, would receive the necessary funding to be completed. Whatever the case, to anyone who has read the book, his movie was a dark perversion of the story, and not simply another poorly done depiction. It made a lot of money, so apparently he knew what he was doing.

Francis Ford Coppola

I give the book 5 stars out of 5. It is excellent.

I give the movie 2.5 stars out of 5. It had excellent talent in it, but it was a mockery of the story and an insult to Bram Stoker. I disliked it immensely.

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So apparently I'm an asshole. 

Of course, if you read my blog you should already know that. Just in case there is any doubt, though, I just keep proving it. 

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See Through photos of Vanessa White from The Saturdays

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Shiri Appleby naked

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Cara Delevingne goes topless in striptease video

Cara Delevingne bares her boobs in striptease video

Supermodel goes topless

SUPERMODEL Cara Delevingne slowly peels off all her clothes until she's totally naked in this sexy striptease video.
The 20-year-old catwalk sensation bares all in behind-the-scenes footage filmed during a recent photoshoot for i-D magazine.
She's shown unzipping a Burberry trenchcoat to reveal she's wearing just a turquoise bra, knickers and suspenders underneath.
Cara then whips off the lingerie and stands topless in front of the camera.

Cara Delevingne cups breasts
Bare ... pink-haired model covers her breasts with her hands

The model has strutted into the spotlight during an extraordinary past 12 months.
She's gone from being a virtual unknown to be touted as the next Kate Moss
Cara Delevingne bares boobs in sexy striptease
MODEL peels off turquoise underwear before showing off her breasts in saucy video
Cara admits she's still coming to terms with her almost overnight success.
She told Vogue magazine: "You never realise that you have an impact on people's lives."

Cara Delevingne hides boobs
Blue movie ... raunchy film was shot for i-D magazine

She added: "There are so many girls that go through so many problems and who come to me. I really try and take time to speak to as many people as possible.
"There's so much going on in the world, and so much crap going on in people's lives, but they still have time to say, 'I love you as a model', and I'm like, what?"

Cara Delevingne strips off
Sensation ... stripping Cara is being touted as the next Kate Moss

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I was watching Conan O'Brien tonight when this musician came on. Her name is Lianne La Havas and the song is "Forget."  She was the last guest and not given much introduction. Or rather I wasn't paying much attention. But once she started to play my attention was riveted to her hands. I don't think this is exceptionally difficult, but it is exceptionally unique. And the song is kind of fun.

See what you think:

On a totally unrelated note, during the drive into work this morning the DJ on 98.1 here in Memphis said "I think anyone who questions global warming should be thrown in(to) prison for life."  He wasn't joking. And this is a DJ who is supposed to be funny, but increasingly over the past several months he is very much not. He is deadly serious about having anyone and everyone who dares to merely question the dogma of man-made global warming grabbed by armed police at gunpoint and thrown into prison for the rest of their lives, charged with no actual crime at all.

I mentioned this at work because I wanted to hear my coworkers reactions. One coworker just blew it off, not wanting to step into a subject that seems to inspire such irrational hostility from so many. But another said, "I don't know about prison, but I think they should be forcibly committed to an asylum for the rest of their lives ... unless they are politicians. Then they should be thrown into prison, because they are doing real harm by doubting."

Prophet of doom

I could go on a rant here, but the fact is I am a scientist. I understand the scientific method. I understand the importance of science always being open to questions and requirements of proof which can be duplicated time and again, thus answering anyone who doubts the results and has questions with reproducible proof. That's one of the things that separates science from religion - you don't have to accept on faith what can be proven through consistently reproducible results. But on this topic, like so many others, those who self-congratulate themselves with terms like "progressive" are intensely religious. No one is permitted to question. It is dogma. Doubt and you may be subject to violent intolerance from the true believers, either in the form of a beating or an arrest at gunpoint, should they ultimately get their way.

You disagree with me?!
I kill you!
 The next logical step, if history is any guide, is to declare that anyone who dares to question be executed immediately. That's what they did with scientists who questioned the dogma that the earth was flat. All the scientists were said to agree that it is flat. Anyone, scientist or otherwise, who dared to question, was arrested, imprisoned, executed. It was considered to be a fact simply because all the people who were supposed to know declared it to be a fact. No other perspective was permitted.

So rather than continue discussing my thoughts here, I want to ask for your input. All I said about this DJ was that I found it disturbing that he wanted anyone who merely questions global warming arrested and thrown into prison for life. I didn't say whether I believe in global warming or not. But my coworker agreed with the DJ, except that he went even further, declaring anyone who dares to ask questions to be insane. And he grew angry with me for raising the issue of whether or not anyone should be allowed to question global warming despite my not having stated my own opinion on global warming.

Everyone here agrees. Therefore, it must be true.
 What do you think about all of this? And by "all of this" I mean the fanaticism surrounding the issue of global warming, the intolerance for merely asking questions, let alone doubting. Heaven forbid anyone flat out disagree!

Tell me your thoughts. Is global warming the new fascism? The new official state religion? A new crusade requiring the invasion of the lands and minds of the unbelievers? Should people be punished for questioning this belief? Should people be prohibited from questioning this belief? Should scientists who dare to disagree with the claims of other scientists concerning global warming be excommunicated and thrown into mental institutions?

 Talk to me.

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Happy St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day band

I spent St Patrick's celebrating with friends in a club somewhere downtown that involved me getting lost and turning around several times to cover the same old ground before I finally found it. I was an hour late because of being so lost. But once I got to the club it was a lot of fun. Being late, though, I couldn't get a seat at the table where everyone else was, so I ended up off at a table on my own. It didn't matter that much because it was so loud that conversation was virtually impossible. And when we did talk, it went like this,

"blah blah blah."


"blah blah blah?"


So yeah, I could still smile and wave at my friends. That was really all anyone could do. And even when the band was on a break, the music playing on the PA was turned up so loud that nothing really changed except that the music wasn't live anymore. You still couldn't hear, though.

People would go outside to talk. Seriously. And to smoke. And to make out. Yes, apparently St. Patrick's Day is a cause for celebration in the form of sucking face outside in the parking lot at 1 am.

Have you ever watched a gray-haired, 6'4" biker dude dancing with random women in a crowded club on a tiny dance floor while he is drunk on St. Patrick's Day? Yeah, it's interesting. There's a lot of crashing into people and stepping on feet and stuff.

Some of the women at the club were dressed up for slutty St Patrick's Day. I guess that's fair. I mean, no one is complaining about the immorality of dressing up slutty while drinking massive amounts of alcohol and getting blasted. It's all just a part of the tradition. 

So anyway, I went out for St. Patrick's Day. I drank and did not dance (you're welcome.) And I made it home alive and unarrested. Mission accomplished.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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