Happy St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day band

I spent St Patrick's celebrating with friends in a club somewhere downtown that involved me getting lost and turning around several times to cover the same old ground before I finally found it. I was an hour late because of being so lost. But once I got to the club it was a lot of fun. Being late, though, I couldn't get a seat at the table where everyone else was, so I ended up off at a table on my own. It didn't matter that much because it was so loud that conversation was virtually impossible. And when we did talk, it went like this,

"blah blah blah."


"blah blah blah?"


So yeah, I could still smile and wave at my friends. That was really all anyone could do. And even when the band was on a break, the music playing on the PA was turned up so loud that nothing really changed except that the music wasn't live anymore. You still couldn't hear, though.

People would go outside to talk. Seriously. And to smoke. And to make out. Yes, apparently St. Patrick's Day is a cause for celebration in the form of sucking face outside in the parking lot at 1 am.

Have you ever watched a gray-haired, 6'4" biker dude dancing with random women in a crowded club on a tiny dance floor while he is drunk on St. Patrick's Day? Yeah, it's interesting. There's a lot of crashing into people and stepping on feet and stuff.

Some of the women at the club were dressed up for slutty St Patrick's Day. I guess that's fair. I mean, no one is complaining about the immorality of dressing up slutty while drinking massive amounts of alcohol and getting blasted. It's all just a part of the tradition. 

So anyway, I went out for St. Patrick's Day. I drank and did not dance (you're welcome.) And I made it home alive and unarrested. Mission accomplished.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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