I was watching Conan O'Brien tonight when this musician came on. Her name is Lianne La Havas and the song is "Forget."  She was the last guest and not given much introduction. Or rather I wasn't paying much attention. But once she started to play my attention was riveted to her hands. I don't think this is exceptionally difficult, but it is exceptionally unique. And the song is kind of fun.

See what you think:

On a totally unrelated note, during the drive into work this morning the DJ on 98.1 here in Memphis said "I think anyone who questions global warming should be thrown in(to) prison for life."  He wasn't joking. And this is a DJ who is supposed to be funny, but increasingly over the past several months he is very much not. He is deadly serious about having anyone and everyone who dares to merely question the dogma of man-made global warming grabbed by armed police at gunpoint and thrown into prison for the rest of their lives, charged with no actual crime at all.

I mentioned this at work because I wanted to hear my coworkers reactions. One coworker just blew it off, not wanting to step into a subject that seems to inspire such irrational hostility from so many. But another said, "I don't know about prison, but I think they should be forcibly committed to an asylum for the rest of their lives ... unless they are politicians. Then they should be thrown into prison, because they are doing real harm by doubting."

Prophet of doom

I could go on a rant here, but the fact is I am a scientist. I understand the scientific method. I understand the importance of science always being open to questions and requirements of proof which can be duplicated time and again, thus answering anyone who doubts the results and has questions with reproducible proof. That's one of the things that separates science from religion - you don't have to accept on faith what can be proven through consistently reproducible results. But on this topic, like so many others, those who self-congratulate themselves with terms like "progressive" are intensely religious. No one is permitted to question. It is dogma. Doubt and you may be subject to violent intolerance from the true believers, either in the form of a beating or an arrest at gunpoint, should they ultimately get their way.

You disagree with me?!
I kill you!
 The next logical step, if history is any guide, is to declare that anyone who dares to question be executed immediately. That's what they did with scientists who questioned the dogma that the earth was flat. All the scientists were said to agree that it is flat. Anyone, scientist or otherwise, who dared to question, was arrested, imprisoned, executed. It was considered to be a fact simply because all the people who were supposed to know declared it to be a fact. No other perspective was permitted.

So rather than continue discussing my thoughts here, I want to ask for your input. All I said about this DJ was that I found it disturbing that he wanted anyone who merely questions global warming arrested and thrown into prison for life. I didn't say whether I believe in global warming or not. But my coworker agreed with the DJ, except that he went even further, declaring anyone who dares to ask questions to be insane. And he grew angry with me for raising the issue of whether or not anyone should be allowed to question global warming despite my not having stated my own opinion on global warming.

Everyone here agrees. Therefore, it must be true.
 What do you think about all of this? And by "all of this" I mean the fanaticism surrounding the issue of global warming, the intolerance for merely asking questions, let alone doubting. Heaven forbid anyone flat out disagree!

Tell me your thoughts. Is global warming the new fascism? The new official state religion? A new crusade requiring the invasion of the lands and minds of the unbelievers? Should people be punished for questioning this belief? Should people be prohibited from questioning this belief? Should scientists who dare to disagree with the claims of other scientists concerning global warming be excommunicated and thrown into mental institutions?

 Talk to me.

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