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Real quick, here's what's up.

I've got three messages on my answering machine from a Dodge dealer here in Memphis. I don't know if he's calling to tell me he's got me a Challenger SRT8 or if it's just a random salesman who was assigned my name and is calling to tell me about the fine line of beautiful new Dodges blah blah blah. The SRT search has been a real, er, challenge to say the least.

Adding to the challenge is the fact that after taxes I'll be paying around $50,000 for this car. I know that for some of you out there (you know who you are) that's chump change for a good car and you think I'd be an idiot to let that stop me, but I have never put down $50,000 for a car before so it's a big damn deal to me. Also, we just refinanced our house and I now have a big fat bridge loan to pay off which isn't helping the whole financial security situation at all.

Throwing another wrench into the works here is fact that I finally found a local guy who restores and customizes old classic cars. I happen to have 2 old classic cars in need of some customizing and restoring and I've talked to him about getting an estimate on that. It isn't cheap, and could easily end up costing the same as a brand new SRT Challenger when all is said and done. But it'd be cooler than the Challenger in my opinion, and I'd be thrilled to no end to have my two old musclecars sitting in my garage with all my dream parts on them and nice new paintjobs topping it off like giant chromed Christmas presents. My Chevelle could easily make nearly double the horsepower that the Challenger is rated at and still have air conditioning. I just have to pay for the air conditioning because at the moment it doesn't have any.

Meanwhile, earlier comments here encouraging me to forget the SRT and go for an R/T, which I brushed off at the time, don't seem like such a bad idea now. The difference in price for an R/T making 375 horsepower and an SRT making 470 is over $10,000. I can put a 150 horse supercharger on an R/T Challenger for around $6,000 and blow away the SRT, although my interior won't be quite as optioned out and my brakes may not be as awesome. Still, this idea appeals to me now. Also appealing to me, believe it or not, is the fact that the R/T gets 2 more mpg on average than the SRT (without the supercharger, of course.) This car is going to be a daily driver and stopping for gas isn't my idea of a good time, so that really does carry some weight in my mind. I hope this doesn't offend any true blue muscle car enthusiasts out there. If it does, just think of that saved gas money going into a new paint job for my Chevelle and put your mind at ease.

Not to totally brush off the Mustang, but I test drove 2 Shelby GT500s. They are scary fast, to be sure, and the whine of that supercharger is intoxicating/annoying when you're really getting on it. My biggest problem with the Shelby is the price, which it is totally worth every penny and I'm not kidding. Then there is the option of dropping down to a nice Mustang GT. I drove 2 of them, too. They are fun to drive and the seats are comfortable enough. I just feel wedged in there, like I'm in the cockpit of an airplane or a racecar. That would be fine if I were only going to drive the car occasionally for fun and never on a long trip, but that simply isn't the case. I'm not sure I can stand 3 1/2 hours of driving with my left knee touching the door and my right knee against the console. I'd like just a little more room. The Mustang is a great car, but the Challenger has the room I want inside. I could easily see driving the Challenger on a long trip. The Mustang, not to be harsh, makes me feel like I'm back behind the wheel of my minitruck. Its a fine truck for what it was intended, but it beats the shit out of me on the road.

I have not watched one second of the Republican National Convention, in case you were waiting for my blistering commentary on the whole thing. I've been busy and not all that interested. I've heard that the major news media are openly attacking everything about the convention and everyone in it, no longer bothering to pretend to be objective and unbiased in the least. I guess they have found their messiah in comrade Obama and want to stir a murderous riot against those who dare to oppose their Great Leader. This just makes me want to vote for Romney. I guess I'm a contrarian at heart. We don't have our own Contrarian Party, so I just have to look at the TV, see who the douchebags on NBC are blatantly biased in favor of, and vote for the other one. That's a true Contrarian Patriot for you. So there.

I'm blowing money out my ass like a man suffering from Montezuma's Revenge. I bought a new laptop from Amazon yesterday. It was cheaper than dirt price-wise and I'm using it right this second. Booya! I bought a set of three guitar effect pedals off Best Buy's "deal of the day" a few days ago. I bought 2 big flat screen computer monitors from Best Buy's "deal of the day" a few weeks back. I just today bought a Canon camera from Best Buy's "deal of the day." I bought Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" album sheet music with guitar tabulature used off Amazon which was surprisingly more expensive than I expected. I bought a desktop PC from Best Buy's "deal of the day" a few weeks ago. And I refinanced my house. Now I'm about to buy a car. Apparently I'm trying to soothe the unhappy in my daily Memphis life by throwing money at it. So far it isn't working, but I keep trying anyway.

Does anyone out there really give a shit about Mitt Romney's tax returns beyond the 2 years he's already submitted? I'd like to see President Obama's college transcripts that he has kept sealed for over 30 years instead. No other politician in history has kept his college transcripts sealed like this ever before. So you know there's some serious shit in there that would ruin Obama's myth of greatness, or mediocrity at this point. I don't know anyone who still thinks he's great.

Does anyone care whether Lance Armstrong doped or not? First of all, they stripped him of all his titles but admit they can't prove he actually did anything wrong. Second of all, they have banned him from riding in any more competitions. The man is old now. I don't think he was planning to go back out and try to win back his titles or anything. What a load of bullshit. Now the whole world thinks cycling is a sport riddled with drugs, which it is, but at least before this scandal we could ignore that fact and continue politely pretending to care about who won the Tour de France each year. Now cycling is just a big joke in tight stretchy pants. It's a punchline for stand-up comics.

Does anyone else think it's stupid that every single new show on network television has at least one gay male character, and usually more than one? According to network TV at least 35% of the population is gay men, another 35% is black, and the rest are ordinary straight white/Jewish people. I'll bet this is news to George Lopez who probably thought a substantial portion of the population is Mexican.

Despite the fact that no one wants alcohol in their gas, and it takes an enormous amount of water from our drinking water supply to make ethanol, and we are having a horrendous drought, the EPA is still insisting on requiring an increase in the amount of ethanol in our fuel from 10 percent to 15 percent. Oh, and did I mention that the ethanol is made from corn and the drought has slammed our corn farmers all year, so there is a shortage of corn for us to eat. If we put it in our gas instead then there is no corn to eat. Skyrocketing food prices anyone? Oh no, not during an election year when a communist Democrat is in the White House! So they're talking about putting off this new mandate until right after the election is over. Yeah, nothing political about that, right? It's for the environment. Just not until after the election.

Who would you say is the hottest woman on TV this season? Sofia Vergara? Jordana Brewster? Rose Byrne? Olivia Munn? Sara Underwood? Piper Perabo? Who? WHO???
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TV is a Woman's World

I've been sick a lot lately and so I've been forced to sit and watch a lot of TV, flip through a lot of magazines, and read a lot of books. The one thing I've noticed more than anything else is that the vast majority of shows on TV, magazines and newspapers, and books are targeted at women. More than that, they are frequently written from an old textbook communist perspective. You know, anti-family, anti-white male, anti-Christian, anti-capitalism, and very much pro-State authority. Not just pro-State, but pro big, big State, meaning the State can do no wrong. Unless it's a pro-family, pro-capitalism, pro-Christian Republican in charge, of course. Then the story becomes a tale of rebellion, of Robin Hood, of resisting authority 'for the greater good.'

Take a look at the top 10 fiction bestseller list from week to week. Almost any time you will find at least half of the fictional drama stories specifically targeting women. The Fifty Shades of Gray books are just the next logical step following the Twilight books, a massively popular series of women's stories that followed a textbook formula of psychological targeting of women.

Think about how different the Twilight books would be if they were written for men. The main female character would be a lot different. She would certainly be a lot sexier and less introverted. She'd probably talk more instead of moping about in silence. The main male character wouldn't be a glittering teenaged Elvis impersonator crossed with a dose of Liberace and just a dash of Justin Bieber.

Look at television. ESPN has so much pink that if you didn't know what channel you were watching you'd think you had stumbled across the Oprah network. Actually, to be fair, Oprah has less pink than ESPN. It wouldn't be possible to have more.

How about the flood of cop shows on every network? Let's look at them. How many cop dramas can you think of that feature a sexy yet ballsy and tough female cop partnered with a relatively weak, non-threatening and often unarmed male? I can think of three without even bothering to Google - Castle, The Mentalist and Perception. Perception is a new show on TNT starring the actor who played Will on "Will and Grace."

Virtually every cop show requires that the boss, chief, director, whomever has the highest rank and greatest authority, be a woman. Either that or a black woman. Sometimes, rarely, a black man. If the big boss is a white male then he's a dick or a crook. Think of the show "Grimm." The big boss is a 'prince' of some evil brood from France. We don't know yet exactly what he has in store for our main male character, but we do know that the male character's mother just showed up and is tougher than he is. Yep, because what that show desperately needed is a tough mother to show our male cop how its done. She's Superwoman with an AARP card.

One thing most of the cop dramas have in common is that the police abuse the shit out of every suspect. It doesn't matter whether he actually did anything or not. They punch him, kick him, electrocute him, threaten him with bullshit charges, ruin his life and generally trample on his rights. But it's OK because they're the 'good guys'.

In every cop drama there is a killer. It's not enough for the crooks to just be small time drug dealers or a minor pimp. No, they have to be cold blooded killers. And if they aren't a mysterious serial killer then they are the boyfriend, husband, brother or father of the sympathetic female victim. Somehow, some way, the victims are always female. The popular feminist myth of a Western 'war on women' is only real in the world of fiction. But in fiction it is very nearly the only storyline going week after week.  And the reason the killer has to be the male closest to the poor defenseless female victim or intended victim is because in the world of communism one of their oldest excuses for perpetually seeking to destroy civilization is that the mere existence of male humans oppresses all women everywhere. And the solution to this patriarchal  conspiracy of oppression is an enormous all-powerful State. This all-powerful State is represented by the police. And the police always are portrayed as the only protector women can rely upon. Their husbands and brothers and fathers are all women-hating pricks, usually total losers, who secretly dream of killing the women they love the most. If not for the great and powerful State, so the story goes, all women would be murdered in their beds by whatever male happens to be in the house with them.

The possibility that women might not be any better able to trust The State than the men so greatly abused and hated by The State is never offered as an option, except in stories in which The State is ruled by conservatives. Or aliens from another planet. The idea that the women might need to buy handguns and protect themselves rather than trusting The State is also not commonly presented as an option. Most of the stories on TV would be ruined if the women were armed and defended themselves instead of dying and providing a great mystery for the next 30 minutes to an hour, or in some cases an entire TV season of hunting the evil woman-hating serial killer.

On almost every network, the killer can't ever be black, gay, or in any other way politically correct and protected. The killer simply must be a heterosexual white male.

If TV were true, every cop would spend half their time hunting serial killers, all white and all male. According to TV, there is a serial killer or serial sex offender lurking around every corner. Sometimes the serial killer and serial sex offender team up. This is how you know the writers are really bored and running out of ideas. Lumping their two biggest stand-byes into one story is a sign of pure laziness, or burnout.

Researchers have found that for some reason Western women seem to be drawn to stories in which women are hunted, abused, raped, killed. They are drawn to stories featuring a negative view of relations between men and women, where women are perpetually badly treated. Interestingly, in non-Western societies where women aren't living in greater luxury than the world has ever known and don't enjoy the rights and power that Western women have there doesn't appear to be this same level of fascination with stories of women as victims.

According to actual police records, serial killers are rare. And their sex and race tends to reflect the overall population in which they live. In the US, white males make up about 40 percent of the population. And as expected, white males make up no more than 40 percent of serial killers, sex offenders, etc. Contrary to TV's carefully crafted myth, real police records show that there have been a number of female serial killers, too. But apparently female audiences aren't interested in those unless the men they kill somehow are portrayed as deserving of death. Even when retelling true stories of female killers the stories are usually spun so as to lend sympathy to the killer and take it away from her victims. As far as serial killers murdering black people or Hispanics or gays, the reality is that most serial killers of blacks are black. Serial killers of Hispanics tend to be Hispanic. Serial killers of gays tend to be gay. It doesn't make good TV, but it is reality. A black serial killer cruising a predominantly white neighborhood would stick out like a sore thumb. The same is true of a white serial killer cruising around in a black or Hispanic area. People would notice and remember him. It rarely happens that way, despite what the TV says.

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Victoria Pendleton Naked and Sexy

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Wordless Wednesday

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Little Red Riding Hood - part 7


Brandon awoke to find himself in a concrete room about the size of a walk-in closet. He was on his back in a hard bed with a thin, lumpy mattress that provided no comfort at all. And he was in a great deal of pain.

As he looked around the room he began to remember the events of the other day. He was at school. There was screaming coming from the stairwell. Suddenly a mob of men dressed like black Storm Troopers came charging at him and attacked him. Someone sexually assaulted him and he passed out from the pain. Remembering the sexual assault made him more aware of where the worst pain was coming from. His testicles were severely injured. The pain was so intense that he felt as if he would throw up. His ribs were hurting badly, too, so he hoped that he wouldn’t throw up because the strain of it would make his ribs hurt more. He was fairly sure at least one of them was broken. His face felt as if someone had hit a home run on it using a baseball bat. One of his eyes was swollen almost completely shut.  His vision was a bit blurry and he had a screaming headache. He knew what a concussion felt like thanks to years of playing football. He had a bad one.

He looked around as best he could without moving since every movement caused intense pain. He noticed that he was dressed in a neon orange jumpsuit.  A stainless steel toilet was attached to the far wall at the back of the room. Everything was made of concrete and painted white. A heavy door was on the wall behind. The door had a rectangular opening like something a mailman would use to drop letters in, except the opening was larger and there was no privacy cover over it. It was just a gaping hole in the door.

Word of Brandon’s extremely violent arrest/kidnapping spread quickly.  Red heard about it that same day as a flood of texts kept her phone buzzing and her Facebook page was wall to wall messages about the shooting of the teachers, the assaults of students by what people assumed must have been police, and the vicious attack on Brandon who was then carried away bloody, unconscious and in chains.  No one knew who the black clad invading soldiers were exactly or why they had taken Brandon. No badges were shown and no one had made any effort to identify themselves as law enforcement. 

Red called her father the instant she heard about what happened to Brandon. “Dad,” she cried into the phone, “they took Brandon! Soldiers invaded my school and took Brandon away! What is going on?!”

Mr. Reidenhausen had been expecting something like this, some kind of politically-motivated attack. Immediately following the arrest and release of his precious little girl, Katie "Red" Reidenhausen, he had noticed that a black unmarked police cruiser was always parked on the street somewhere near their house, with at least one man inside it, day and night. He also noticed unmarked black police cruisers following him every time he left the house and everywhere he went. Seeing them, he knew that more trouble was yet to come. Even so, he was shocked by the extreme level of violence and callous disregard for human life displayed in the apprehension of Brandon at school. In fact, he was surprised that they had come for Brandon in the first place instead of for Red. 

Every minute of every day thoughts of the police kicking in his door and coming into his home to take his daughter plagued his mind. He had discussed these fears at great length with his attorney, Mr. Wheelhouse, who had assured him that the best course of action was simply to keep Red at home and not do anything to arouse suspicion or give the police any excuse to take her back to jail. Plus, the Black Panthers had placed a bounty on her head, which was not a joke, and the only place she could be well protected by her family was at home.
Death to Little Red Riding Hood!

Home had become Red's prison now. She had not left for days. Making home feel even more prison-like were the armed guards patrolling the yard outside, day and night. Mr. Reidenhausen had hired them immediately upon hearing the reports of the Black Panthers placing an illegal bounty on her head, which the Department of Justice would do nothing about. He had also installed a network of video cameras all over the property which was actively monitored by a highly complex software application that Mr. Reidenhausen himself had created and begun selling years before for use in dangerous locations where terrorists, kidnappers and unstable governments made life difficult and treacherous. The American embassy in Cairo had one of his systems installed and had credited it with saving many American lives there on several occasions during the recent uprisings. Many embassies located throughout the Middle East and South America were his customers.

The system is triggered by certain key events or patterns. Three or more nearly identical vehicles all moving together, especially at higher than normal speed, for example, would trigger an alarm. Multiple men in combat boots suddenly appearing, obviously armed or not, and moving towards the protected location was another trigger. Anyone utilizing night vision goggles, carrying a certain type of rifle, or uttering the phrase “allahu akbar” was an instant trigger. There were other, less obvious triggers, all constantly being modified and updated over the years with each new system update. It was considered to be one of the most advanced and effective security systems in the world and had made Mr. Reidenhausen a moderately wealthy man.

The day after the invasion of the school and apprehension of Brandon, a group of Mexican workers came to come to the house. It was 7 am when Red heard and then saw three pickup trucks filled with Mexican men pulling down the driveway towards her house. As her father walked past her bedroom she shouted to him and asked what the men were there for.

“There’s a plumbing problem,” he told her. “It’s under the foundation so they’re going to access it through the storm shelter I had installed in the floor of our garage when we moved in here. It's nothing to worry about.”

At first Red didn’t think much more about it, other than that the noise they were making was annoying her. But then she started to notice that there were an awful lot of men going down into the storm shelter and they were pulling an enormous amount of dirt up from there. Even after several days the men were still working and yet they still hadn't fixed the problem. Meanwhile, there didn’t seem to be any problems with the plumbing in the bathroom connected to Red’s bedroom. The water was fine.

While all of the plumbing work was going on, Mr. Reidenhausen began going to visit all of the neighbors. He talked to each and every one of them about the situation and his fears for his daughter's safety. He asked each neighbor if they would allow him to install cameras on their properties that would be aimed at the street so that he could monitor the people coming into the neighborhood. He said that it was necessary to install them on privately owned properties because the city wouldn’t give permission for them to be installed on public property such as on light poles, etc. The Black Panther’s illegal bounty for her murder was alarming and infuriating to everyone. They all agreed to allow the installation of the cameras. Not a single person refused.

Back in Washington, DC, Brandon's trial was already beginning. There were TV cameras everywhere to record and broadcast every minute of it across America. A special judge had been hand-picked by Eric Holder and his Department of Justice. Objections from a few members of Congress that the new presidential police force and associated court was illegal were simply ignored. Unless Congress was prepared to impeach the President and arrest the Attorney General the trial was going ahead as planned.

Brandon was wheeled into the courtroom in a wheelchair. He was chained to it with shackles both at his wrists and ankles, even though he couldn't walk due to the severity of his genital injuries. He had received absolutely no medical treatment at all. He was still dressed in the prison orange jumpsuit they had placed him in. His own blood was still smeared across his face. The prison uniform combined with the chains and swollen, bloody face made Brandon appear an odd combination of menacing and pitiful. 

Brandon was not allowed an attorney to represent him. It had been decided that an attorney would raise too many inconvenient objections and drag the proceedings out, when what was needed to help the President in the polls was a quick and damning conviction of a wealthy white male scapegoat. This would appease both the protesting black militants and the feminists, because both movements are Marxist and thus equally committed to the Marxist goal of destroying all white males throughout the world, along with eradicating capitalism and Christianity. 

A special prosecutor had been chosen for the job of verbally crucifying Brandon, a member of GLAAD's board of directors named Linda Haighter. The judge was a personal friend of the President going back to the President's days as a black agitator in Chicago. He was an ex-NAACP chapter officer named Hamad bin MuḼammad. His job in Brandon's trial was simply to say "guilty" and pass sentence after Linda Haighter finished verbally shredding Brandon. 

Brandon was wheeled into the center of the room, directly in front of the judge's unusually high bench. There was a square in the center of the floor, with a wooden rail around it on three sides and a wooden gate at the back. The gate was opened and Brandon was wheeled inside. Then the gate was closed behind him. Armed guards stood on either side of him. To Brandon's left was a table where the prosecutor and her team of 5 attorneys were sitting. Cameras were rolling from every corner of the room as reporters were pressed shoulder-to-shoulder behind and a select few were permitted to occupy the two front corners of the courtroom in order to broadcast video of the event. An armed woman standing to the right of the judge's extraordinarily high bench said "all rise for the honorable judge Muhammad." The 6 prosecuting attorneys, all females, stood up. Everyone else was already standing, as it was standing room only in the back half of the room. Brandon could not stand and so he simply rattled his chains as if trying to get up and then gave up.  

Judge Muhammad entered from a door to the left of the bench and strolled into the room with his chin high so that he was looking down his own nose in order to see where he was going. His jaw was jutted out proudly and it was apparent that he felt quite proud of himself. He swaggered over to the seat behind the bench and sat down without looking at anyone. Then he picked up the largest and most ornate gavel that Brandon had ever seen and banged it loudly on the desk. 

"This court will now come to order," he said loudly and with an obviously exaggerated deepness to his voice.

"This court will now come to order!"

... To be continued ...
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Cheeky Nathalie Emmanuel

Nathalie Emmanuel

Published on 7 Aug 2012 by 
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Supermodel Natalia Vodianova strips off for new Stuart Weitzman campaign

Who's looking at the shoes? Supermodel Natalia Vodianova strips off for new Stuart Weitzman campaign

    Stuart Weitzman's new campaign is no doubt intended to promote its latest collection of shoes. 
But with a near-naked Natalia Vodianova as its star, the footwear is likely to be the last thing people notice.
The Russian-born supermodel, 30, looks flawless, despite being a mother-of-three, posing in nothing but a hat, boots and a pair of knickers in one frame.
Stuart Weitzman
Supernova: With a near-naked Natalia Vodianova as its star, footwear is likely to be the last thing people notice in the new Stuart Weitzman campaign
Stuart Weitzman
Stuart Weitzman
Flawless: The Russian-born supermodel, 30, looks in phenomenal shape, despite being a mother-of-three
Another sees her show off an enviably flat stomach in a midriff-baring top and ankle boots, while a third in the series shows her with a coat draped over her shoulders with nothing beneath.
    Of course, there are shoes: over-knee black patent and leather boots have a Sixties feel to them, while metal stiletto-ed courts and ankle boots are pure winter glamour.
    Stuart Weitzman
    Retro glamour: Of course, there are shoes too: over-knee black patent boots have a Sixties feel to them
    Stuart Weitzman
    What baby weight? She may have been pregnant three times, but the model's stomach is flat
    The campaign was shot by celebrity photographer Mario Testino and continues a theme from the spring ads, albeit in a darker, more sultry way for winter.
    According to WWD, the campaign is a play on the idea that 'Stuart Weitzmans are the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night.'
    Ms Vodianova, who split from husband Justin Portman last year, is not the only supermodel in recent weeks to strip of in the name of footwear.
    The latest issue of Harper's Bazaar saw Miranda Kerr pose in a similar shoot, wearing nothing but next season's hottest new heels.
    Ms Vodianova, who is mother to sons Lucas, ten, and Viktor, four, as well as daughter Neva, six, is currently dating Antoine Arnault, son of LVMH boss Bernard Arnault.
    Her new ads for Stuart Weitzman will appear in the September editions of Vogue, Elle, harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, W, Interview and InStyle among others, as well as on billboards in LA, New York, Miami, Milan and Paris.

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    Revealed: Kate Middleton's cousin Katrina Darling's raunchy pose for Playboy cover

    Revealed: Kate's cousin Katrina Darling's raunchy pose for Playboy cover

    Posing seductively in suspenders and black lingerie, this is Kate Middleton's cousin, Katrina Darling, on the front cover of Playboy magazine. 
    Earlier this week, it was revealed that the dancer was paid a six-figure sum to strip off for the adult publication. And now we can reveal the magazine are keen to emphasis Katrina's royal connection on their September magazine cover.
    While Katrina has never met Kate, she's called a 'royal beauty' and 'Britain's new burlesque queen' on the front page.
    Cover girl: Katrina Darling poses in black lingerie on the front page of Playboy's September edition
    Cover girl: Katrina Darling poses in black lingerie on the front page of Playboy's September edition
    The 22-year-old's hair falls around her shoulders in a 'Chelsea blow-dry' style for the cover picture so her long brown locks look similar to the Duchess' famous curls. Her smokey eye make-up is also reminiscent of Kate - who often wears dark eyeliner.
    The provocative performer, who is originally from Sunderland, appears in an eight page spread in the magazine, including striking a sultry pose as she lies topless on a sheepskin rug.
    Miss Darling gained notoriety before last year’s Royal Wedding after her links to Kate were revealed.
    Cashing in on her royal connection: Kate's cousin has been paid a six-figure sum to strip off for the magazine
    Cashing in on her royal connection: Kate's cousin has been paid a six-figure sum to strip off for the magazine
    The pair are second cousins, once removed, with Miss Darling’s grandmother being sister to the duchess’s great grandfather Thomas Harrison.
    Miss Darling, who has never made any attempt to contact the Middletons, insisted that she had been a burlesque dancer for years and the recent success and attention is just a happy coincidence.
    But that didn't stop her choreographing a burlesque routine to mark the Jubilee, titled God Save the Queen - which she performed earlier this year at Whiskey Mist nightclub.
    At the start of the act, Miss Darling donned a figure hugging red corset teamed with a union jack skirt and small crown perched on her head. But as the anthem got going she stripped off completely, revealing bright red nipple tassels and a thong.
    Family resemblance: Katrina has long brown wavy hair and favours smokey eye make-up like her cousin Kate, left, but their dress sense is vastly different
    Family resemblance: Katrina has long brown wavy hair and favours smokey eye make-up like her cousin Kate, left, but their dress sense is vastly different
    Family resemblance: Katrina has long brown wavy hair and favours smokey eye make-up like her cousin Kate, left, but their dress sense is vastly different
    Until earlier this year, the dancer spent her days as a banker at Barclays, where she never hid her late night escapades.
    She claimed the team who worked alongside her in the private wealth management division treated her hobby as a source of amusement.
    Speaking in March, she said: 'Everybody is really supportive. They think it's a bit of fun.'
    The dancer has since decided to take her act to New York to cash in on her newfound fame and the royal connection.
    Katrina Darling's burlesque act includes a 'God Save the Queen' routine
    Katrina Darling's burlesque act includes a 'God Save the Queen' routine

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    Memphis Movie Reviews

    The Dark Knight Rises

    Marxists in the United States don't like this movie. They are trying to claim that  it is going to be pulled from theaters at any moment, even as it continues to sell more tickets than all others. So you know it must be good.

    Batman is retired. Bruce Wayne has never recovered from losing the love of his life who died in the previous movie. He is a recluse now. Wayne Enterprises has declined due to Bruce Wayne's neglect of it. At a charity function in Wayne Manor the guests openly talk about what a weirdo Bruce Wayne has turned into, never coming out of his house, never making public appearances. No one has seen him in years. Except Jarvis, his butler.  And Selena Kyle, a catburglar hired to rob him during the charity event. She does rob him, but not without being confronted by him directly. Their meeting intrigues him enough to make him get out for the first time in years. He tracks her down, trying to determine why she took what she took from him.

    In the meantime, Gothan is a city falling into decline. Crime is getting steadily worse, while the police and politicians get steadily more crooked and ineffective. Batman is still blamed for the murder of city hero Harvey Dent and a hated figure.

    While tracking down Selena Kyle, aka Catwoman, Batman gets wind of a plot to destroy the entire city. He learns that the man behind the plot is a former member of the same League of Shadows that Bruce Wayne was a member of and fought against in the first movie. And from here, things start to get rough.

    That's all I'm going to give away about the story.

    Anne Hathaway makes a good Catwoman. She's sexy enough and does her fight scenes well. She was believable as an ass-kicker in tight black latex that Batman wants to have sex with. 

    I can't recall if the actor playing Bain is Tom Hardy. I think that's right. He was a mean and nasty villain. You already know before he and Batman meet for the first time that he's gonna beat the shit out of Batman. And he does. And then some.

    Everyone in this movie is good in their role. The story is interesting to me because the ideas are taken from real events throughout history. The speech Bain makes after blowing up the football field and charging in with armed soldiers is a speech that has been made before, and by real world villains taking entire nations hostage. This is a movie about a man willing to give everything to be the hero that the city of Gotham doesn't deserve, but desperately needs.

    I give it 4 stars. And I recommend you see it in theaters while you still can. It's a big-screen kind of movie.

    Astro Boy

    I think this movie came out in 2009. I just saw it for the first time last week. I was impressed by the cast. I'm a fan of Kristen Bell so since she was a voice in it I gave it a chance.

    Yeah, it was lousy. The people who wrote this thing are apparently Marxists or Maoists or Democrats or something. The standard Marxist disregard for life, liberty and happiness was evident in the story right from the start. The boy is a robot, but his 'father' doesn't care for him, so the boy is simply rejected and left to go and make his own way in the world. He winds up meeting a group of robot communist revolutionaries who are portrayed as humorous and good-hearted, but non-threatening (yeah, seriously.) After the communist robots, he meets a rag-tag group of kids and the man they live with, a robotics engineer who repairs robots and then throws them into a fighting arena where he gambles on the fights while the robots are torn to pieces. So awesome for the kids.

    The villain in the film is a militant leftist's caricature of what they think a conservative is. He's the President of the flying city and he makes statements that Democrats running for political office repeatedly attribute to their Republican opponents, but which the Republicans never said or did. And despite the villain's cold-heartedness, he isn't as cold as the writers of the film or the story in general, or Astro Boy's creator, whom he refers to as his father.

    The film is filled with robots, which are all given very human characteristics and personalities, and so it is revealing how these humanized robots are treated in the story. They're treated badly. And their abuse is intended as comedy relief more than as a testament to the cruelty of the society in which they exist.

    I like the people providing the voices for this film, but I do not like this film. I give it 2 stars. If you're with friends and drinking heavily, this movie could be entertaining as something to make fun of. Alternatively, if you're babysitting someone else's kids and you don't care if they grow up to be douchebags, this film will help get them to sleep. Kids probably won't get what's wrong with this film and like it just fine.

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    I had heard over and over about this great book written by some Scandinavian author, some story that took place in Sweden or thereabouts. I had never read it. It was generally said to be a 'chick book' and not something I'd read. And then some famous director over there made it into a movie. I heard the movie was good, but I didn't see it. And then someone else made a new version starring Daniel Craig and an actress that I had never heard of before. I paid no attention to it.

    Then one night the movie came on one of the movie channels that I pay for each month. It was almost midnight, but it was a Friday night and I was home. So I stayed up and watched it. I was surprised. I don't know anything about the previous movie or the book, but version starring Daniel Craig was impressive.

    Daniel Craig is a reporter who wrote a story exposing a criminal who made $2 billion in organized crime. But for various reasons Craig's character couldn't prove his allegations, and the mobster was suing him and the paper for everything they had. Somehow the mobster had obtained information on Craig's character that no one could possibly know and was using it against him. So he removed himself from the paper and went into hiding as the news reports hounded him about his story and how he was being sued over it. And then one day he is asked by a wealthy Swedish man to help him find out what happened to the man's niece many years ago. She disappeared and was presumed dead, but no one knew what really happened. The man says to Craig's character the he will have to deal with some of the most despicable, perverse, disgusting scum ever to walk the earth ... "my family." 

    Craig begins digging for clues. The girl's body wasn't found. No one knew exactly where she disappeared. She was last seen in the family home during a large gathering. She had asked her uncle to speak privately with her just prior to her disappearance. He had been in the middle of something and told her "later." Then she was gone. The uncle was wracked with guilt wondering what she had needed to talk to him about and if he might have saved her somehow. Beyond this, Craig's character couldn't find much. He discovers, though, how the mobster gained so much information on him. The mobster had hired a girl who is mentally unstable, but a genius hacker who can find anything on anyone. Craig has nothing to lose, so he tracks the girl down, confronts her about what she has done to him, and then asks her to work with him on a case that involves finding "a killer of women."

    There is a lot to the story that I'm not going to go into. They find their killer of women, but not who killed the girl they are looking for or what exactly happened to her. The killer of women was presumed to have killed the missing girl, but in a final confrontation with the killer, when the subject of the girl comes up, the killer clearly has no idea where she is and why she disappeared.

    I'm not going to tell you what happens next. You have to watch it or read the book to find out. I'm giving it 4 stars. It's worth your time. It's good. But don't show it to the kids. It's no family film.


    If you've never heard of this  movie you are not alone. I stumbled across it by accident. It is a totally unique kind of movie. I don't know if this was an independent film or not, but it plays like one. It's not predictable at all. It doesn't have an expensive musical score or big sound-effects. Nothing is CGI. The story is everything. It has Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton and Milla Jovovich in starring roles, so you know it is serious.

    Stone is a man in prison. In the beginning we don't know why exactly he's in there. We only know the history of DeNiro's character, Jack Mabry. He's a cold man whose wife wants to leave him, but he keeps her from going through fear and threats. He's not a nice person. Then we move forward to the modern day. Ed Norton's character, Stone, in the prison where Jack Mabry works, meets with him periodically to talk about his parole chances. Stone's wife, Lucetta, comes to visit periodically. She is played by Milla Jovovich, so of course she's smokin' hot. Lucetta and Stone discuss some plan to use her to convince Jack Mabry to let Stone out on parole. Her method of convincing him is to seduce him and screw his brains out until he recommends Stone for parole. She goes after Jack like James Bond on a mission to save the Queen.

    While Lucetta is steadily pulling Jack away from his wife and turning his cold,  bitter world upside down, we see Stone's world in prison undergoing a bit of a religious transformation. In fact, we see everyone's world undergo a religious transformation. And that's the real theme of this movie, the search for God and our role in God's world.

    In order to truly appreciate this movie you have to watch it without expectations. Just relax and let it play. And pay attention. It's a quiet movie, but a lot is going on, especially at the end. I give it 3 1/2 stars. It's good, but if you're in the wrong fame of mind you won't get it. Oh, and Milla Jovovich has a nude scene in the film, too. If I were to be consistent I'd give it another star for her alone, plus that scene. That'd be 4 1/2 stars, which I think is more than I've ever given any movie, so I'll hold off on that. Just remember that its a good, deep movie well worth your time, but if you're not in the mood for it you won't get it.

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    I Have Diarrhea of the Mouth Today

    I don't mean to keep stepping on my own posts, but I just feel the need to talk today. I don't have anything specific that I want to say. I just feel the need to speak. I know, I know, this is weird.

    People on Facebook are arguing about Antoine Dodson's comment that the gays are becoming bullies, or acted like bullies with the Chick-Fil-A protest. Let's get some facts straight before I comment. First, Antoine Dodson is openly gay himself. He's not attacking gays. He's pointing out a truth that is bothering him about a group he himself identifies with. But he's being crucified for it. He's not alone, though. Very few gays turned out for the media-created "Kiss-in" counter-protest against Chick-Fil-A. Most thought it was dumb and felt that the CEO had a right not to support a legislative change if he wants to. But The Media tried to portray it as a huge protest. Police reports showed that there were more reporters than gay protesters at most of the Chick-Fil-As and it was the reporters who caused most of the trouble, blocking customers and generally getting in everyone's way. Part of this is lack of enthusiasm from most gays was because the CEO of Chick-Fil-A didn't spew some Westboro type slogan of hate for gays or anything. He stated a perfectly reasonable opinion that differs from the opinion of the Gay Political Machine and The Press. I think Antoine was pretty brave to say what he did in the current climate of political correctness and zero tolerance for independent thought.

    Not Steph, Not Kylie
    I was just talking with a fellow blogger who shall remain nameless (Ute) when I remembered that I haven't heard from Steph, the famous retired Aussie blogger, in 6 months. I already knew when she dropped me from her list of authorized people who could still read her closed blog that she was gone. But I guess it surprised me that I had just forgotten about it all. I am truly overwhelmed with my own very boring and unrewarding daily life when I just forget about my own blog, various blog-related dramas, and Steph.

    I never intended for the Red Riding Hood story to be long and drawn out. I never intended for it to become a short novel. It's just coming out that way. Yes, I realize that this is not what anyone was asking for. I won't do this again.

    Writing Red Riding Hood has made me want to try to write an actual book. Mostly, though, seeing the rather quick success of Canadian blogger Karina, aka Wanderlusting (in my blogroll as Anywhere But Here), makes me think I will be similarly successful. I know this is insane to think because the reality is that she majored in writing in college, worked as a writer, was already a more successful blogger than I ever was, and has a circle of friends who are involved in the whole writing/publishing/artwork/etc world and are able to assist her in the things that I would not know a single thing about. My chances of enjoying a similar level of success as Karina are slim and none. Still, this idea is rising in my mind. The problem is, if I can't even maintain a blog then when the hell would I find the time to write a book?

    The first athlete to cross the finish line
    I'm enjoying the Olympics this year. But everything in The Press surrounding the athletes is driving me up the wall. Who cares about Gabby's hairstyle? It has nothing to do with anything Olympic-related. Who keeps up with "the first black" this and the "first female" that anymore? Only racists and sexists spend all their time focused exclusively on that shit. Why are so many athletes booted from competing for the most harmless of Tweets on Twitter and no one protests that? A Greek girl was banned after Tweeting about there being a lot of African athletes at the games and the West Nile mosquitoes having homemade food. This was deemed to be racist. She didn't identify the race of the athletes she was Tweeting about. I saw two very prominent white South African athletes competing just last night and another the night before. In fact, the most famous of all the South African athletes is the white man with two prosthetic legs. Clearly there are both black and white Africans so those who assumed her Tweet was about blacks are the racists. And even if her Tweet WAS about black Africans, there was nothing racist about what she said.

    Not an American gold?
    The latest Olympic racism celebration from the US Press relates to gymnast Aly Raisman. We are now being told that we are not to celebrate Aly's achievements as being for America and we are not to celebrate Aly as a great American gymnast. No, Aly is Jewish and therefore everything about her and her achievements is purely for the Jews and for Jewishness according to our race-obsessed Press. Isn't that lovely? I wonder if her teammates realized that she wasn't on their team while they competed alongside her? For that matter I wonder if she even knew? Good thing The Press is here to enlighten us all.

    How many of you are still actively writing in your blogs? How many of you never wrote a blog and just created a profile so you could comment on other people's blogs? Certain segments of the Blog seem to be doing as well as ever, but all the rest seems like it is just fading away. Maybe that's just me and the circle of blogs I read, but it sure does feel like the age of blogging is about done.

    So anyway, as the song says, "thought I'd something more to say."

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