I Have Diarrhea of the Mouth Today

I don't mean to keep stepping on my own posts, but I just feel the need to talk today. I don't have anything specific that I want to say. I just feel the need to speak. I know, I know, this is weird.

People on Facebook are arguing about Antoine Dodson's comment that the gays are becoming bullies, or acted like bullies with the Chick-Fil-A protest. Let's get some facts straight before I comment. First, Antoine Dodson is openly gay himself. He's not attacking gays. He's pointing out a truth that is bothering him about a group he himself identifies with. But he's being crucified for it. He's not alone, though. Very few gays turned out for the media-created "Kiss-in" counter-protest against Chick-Fil-A. Most thought it was dumb and felt that the CEO had a right not to support a legislative change if he wants to. But The Media tried to portray it as a huge protest. Police reports showed that there were more reporters than gay protesters at most of the Chick-Fil-As and it was the reporters who caused most of the trouble, blocking customers and generally getting in everyone's way. Part of this is lack of enthusiasm from most gays was because the CEO of Chick-Fil-A didn't spew some Westboro type slogan of hate for gays or anything. He stated a perfectly reasonable opinion that differs from the opinion of the Gay Political Machine and The Press. I think Antoine was pretty brave to say what he did in the current climate of political correctness and zero tolerance for independent thought.

Not Steph, Not Kylie
I was just talking with a fellow blogger who shall remain nameless (Ute) when I remembered that I haven't heard from Steph, the famous retired Aussie blogger, in 6 months. I already knew when she dropped me from her list of authorized people who could still read her closed blog that she was gone. But I guess it surprised me that I had just forgotten about it all. I am truly overwhelmed with my own very boring and unrewarding daily life when I just forget about my own blog, various blog-related dramas, and Steph.

I never intended for the Red Riding Hood story to be long and drawn out. I never intended for it to become a short novel. It's just coming out that way. Yes, I realize that this is not what anyone was asking for. I won't do this again.

Writing Red Riding Hood has made me want to try to write an actual book. Mostly, though, seeing the rather quick success of Canadian blogger Karina, aka Wanderlusting (in my blogroll as Anywhere But Here), makes me think I will be similarly successful. I know this is insane to think because the reality is that she majored in writing in college, worked as a writer, was already a more successful blogger than I ever was, and has a circle of friends who are involved in the whole writing/publishing/artwork/etc world and are able to assist her in the things that I would not know a single thing about. My chances of enjoying a similar level of success as Karina are slim and none. Still, this idea is rising in my mind. The problem is, if I can't even maintain a blog then when the hell would I find the time to write a book?

The first athlete to cross the finish line
I'm enjoying the Olympics this year. But everything in The Press surrounding the athletes is driving me up the wall. Who cares about Gabby's hairstyle? It has nothing to do with anything Olympic-related. Who keeps up with "the first black" this and the "first female" that anymore? Only racists and sexists spend all their time focused exclusively on that shit. Why are so many athletes booted from competing for the most harmless of Tweets on Twitter and no one protests that? A Greek girl was banned after Tweeting about there being a lot of African athletes at the games and the West Nile mosquitoes having homemade food. This was deemed to be racist. She didn't identify the race of the athletes she was Tweeting about. I saw two very prominent white South African athletes competing just last night and another the night before. In fact, the most famous of all the South African athletes is the white man with two prosthetic legs. Clearly there are both black and white Africans so those who assumed her Tweet was about blacks are the racists. And even if her Tweet WAS about black Africans, there was nothing racist about what she said.

Not an American gold?
The latest Olympic racism celebration from the US Press relates to gymnast Aly Raisman. We are now being told that we are not to celebrate Aly's achievements as being for America and we are not to celebrate Aly as a great American gymnast. No, Aly is Jewish and therefore everything about her and her achievements is purely for the Jews and for Jewishness according to our race-obsessed Press. Isn't that lovely? I wonder if her teammates realized that she wasn't on their team while they competed alongside her? For that matter I wonder if she even knew? Good thing The Press is here to enlighten us all.

How many of you are still actively writing in your blogs? How many of you never wrote a blog and just created a profile so you could comment on other people's blogs? Certain segments of the Blog seem to be doing as well as ever, but all the rest seems like it is just fading away. Maybe that's just me and the circle of blogs I read, but it sure does feel like the age of blogging is about done.

So anyway, as the song says, "thought I'd something more to say."

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