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I ran a 14.9 in the Google hurdles today. Yay me! So stoked. Seriously, it was fun. I wonder if they'll have more of these Google games during the Olympics?

The Olympics
I've been watching the hell out of the Olympics the last several days. I can't explain why, but this year I'm not really interested in the gymnastics even though I watched a lot of it. I mostly like the sprint swimming events and the sprint track events. Of course, NBC's coverage is a bit to blame for some of my preferences. They only show the big money events, the ones we are likely to medal in, and they only show the top competitors. Watching gymnastics I got the impression there were only 3 countries competing at times - USA, Russia and China. And then a Romanian girl comes along and wins gold in the vault over our girl after she just narrowly failed to get her feet under her and sat down for a big deduction. What? A Romanian? I didn't even know they had shown up because we never saw them. Then again, I wasn't paying close attention. Maybe that was my own fault?

Crazy fast
I like track. I'm sure that's because I used to run track so the times mean a lot to me. Who the hell runs 100 meters in under 10 seconds? How did this happen? Bolt is threatening to start running it in the lower half of the 9s even. This is insane speed! Somewhere I'm sure there is a computer model, similar to the ones used by our global warming priestesses, that predicts that the human body can only run so fast. And some Olympic sprinter is going to prove that model wrong. Wait and see.

Sikhs are not Muslims
Some lunatic shot six people in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin the other day. I don't know why this guy chose a Sikh temple exactly. I suspect he's an idiot and thinks the term 'towel heads' is a valid way to spot Muslim terrorists and so he assumed the Sikhs were Muslims. They're not, but people on heavy drugs who don't know much often confuse the two. Our media is all over this, calling the shooter a "white supremacist." As proof they offer a slogan from a group they identify is "white supremacist." The slogan is a mission statement that goes: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."  I'm sorry, but this is not a supremacist statement. This is a survival statement. Only a person blinded by their own hatred of whites would read this and see it as a statement of supremacy. Surely they can find some other statements to back up their claim that the shooter is a white supremacist and not just a drug addict high on meth who didn't know what the hell he was doing and probably thought he was in a video game. Either way, he's dead. 

The Press, meanwhile, is totally fixated on what kind of gun he used and where he got it because, you know, THAT is so fucking important. Not.

Divider in Chief
Our President is quite predictably trying to ride this white horse into relevance again by declaring that we as a country need "soul searching" on "gun violence." The possibility that we need "soul searching" on class warfare and the promotion of racism by men like President Obama himself is never offered in any of his speeches. Only the threat of taking away still more of our civil rights is offered. Because that's the way a communist rolls.

Gabby Douglas
Speaking of racism, our Leftist media won't stop talking about gold medal winning gymnast Gabby Douglas' race. The racism inherent in watching her performance and taking away from it only the fact that she is black and thus remarkable is shockingly obvious. But not to our News Media. The fact that they and only they looked at Gabby and saw nothing but her race escapes their own perpetually race and sex-obsessed notice. They think everyone sees the world this way. And they wanted so desperately to claim Gabby as the first black gymnast of all time, tossing aside our previous remarkably talented black gymnast, the girl who Gabby herself said inspired her in the first place,  Dominique Dawes. For the rest of us, we're inspired by Gabby because she is a remarkable gymnast with a great attitude and tremendous ability. This girl that her teammates nicknamed "The Flying Squirrel" is just plain fun to watch. Why can't that be enough?

Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman just got married. I don't know why this should make me feel sad. She's smokin' hot. And this, too, is hard for me to explain, even to myself. Why is she hot exactly? She doesn't really fit the 'rules' exactly, but she's hot anyway. There's just something about her that smokes. And now she's married to a guy she's apparently been with virtually forever, so it isn't as if she was really on the market before anyway. 

Tippi got Hitchcocked
Tippi Hedren, star of Alfred Hitchcock's famous movie "The Birds" has come forward and revealed that Hitchcock was a massive pervert who harassed the shit out of her while working with her and then wrecked her career when she didn't go along with his advances. I might be shocked by this if it weren't for the fact that I had recently heard that Grace Kelly said the same thing, except Grace Kelly apparently knew how to handle him better and played along, giving him just enough excitement to keep the roles coming in movie after movie. Perhaps that's why her husband forbid her from making any more movies after they married? I should think that any husband who knew his wife was being molested by the director would do everything in his power to convince her not to work with that guy anymore, or else not to work in a field where that goes on a lot. Especially if his wife looked like Grace Kelly.

Red Rover
NASA successfully landed a robot on Mars and is now driving it around like a kid on Christmas day with a new remote-controlled monster truck. It's a huge achievement. People are bitching about the cost of it, but if they knew how much our Federal Government hands to socialist hate groups and left-wing religious nuts for destructive bullshit that hurts us all I think they'd be far more shocked. The cost of this is a drop in the bucket compared to all the harmful shit our taxes are paying for. This is awesome. And it didn't hurt anyone.
The sky is falling and its all your fault
Our headlines are perpetually filled with stories about "climate change", as if simply relabeling the same old bullshit will make it more relevant and believable. We have climate change every single day. It's cooler in the mornings than it is at noon and then it's hot. Then it cools again as the sun goes down. Our environmentalist extremists are just another group of attention-seeking narcissists who truly believe that the sun revolves around us and our godlike importance and powers is the only thing keeping the Earth turning on its axis. When their bullshit claims are exposed as false by true scientists they always attack the scientists and everyone who listened to the scientists, but they never fix what's wrong with their 'science' and claims in the first place. If they did they'd have to admit that they are wrong. And that is one thing a narcissist won't ever do. Not ever.

Tea Party shaking up Republican Party
A couple of years ago I blogged about how conservatives are sick and tired of being betrayed by their Republican representatives. I said I thought a revolt was coming within the Republican Party. Now we have the Tea Party as if right on queue. Oddly enough, our left-wing media keeps trying to pretend that the Tea Party is irrelevant and fading away. The Left wants to get rid of it even though it is actually attacking The Right and the entrenched politicians who have turned The Right into just a weaker mirror image of The Left. Its odd for The Left to want to stop a force that is turning their opponents upside down and shaking them out. It's odd unless my criticisms of the Republican Party being nothing but ex-Democrats who are no longer radical enough to be in the current Democratic Party and thus became Republicans is dead-on accurate. If I was right about that then I can see why The Left would want to make the Tea Party go away. The current, weak Republican Party gives the Leftists everything they want. Why would they want that to change? But the Tea Party is threatening to change it, and that has The Left very upset.

Synchronized Swimming cracks me up
Speaking of the Olympics, do any of you watch Synchronized Swimming? Do you know anyone who watches this? I mean someone who watches it because they're into it, not someone who watches it because its hilarious. It is hilarious, you know. It's a riot. I think many of the swimmers themselves realize how ridiculous it is. I admit it takes some athletic abilities and I couldn't do it. But I honestly don't think this sport could be any funnier if the women wore bright yellow chicken suits and clucked.

Remember that kitten that we rescued awhile back? Well, I think we've had her for at least 6 months now and there's a few things we weren't expecting. First, I think she's a Maine coon just like our other cat, Stinky. They seem to get along better than any of our previous cats ever did. Of course, the common denominator in the previous cats lack of synchronicity was The Little Girl. She was kind of cranky. Anyway, Stinky and Tazzie get along like Peas and Carrots. They also tear through our house chasing each other and crash into things a fair amount. And Tazzie tears through our house crashing into things on her own, too. She's funny and she makes us laugh. She's good about keeping herself clean, unlike Stinky who we recently had to virtually shave because of all the knots of wadded hair that were still attached to him and wouldn't comb or wash out.  But one thing we've noticed about Tazzie that has really surprised us is something truly unusual for a Maine coon. She's as dumb as a rock.
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