TV is a Woman's World

I've been sick a lot lately and so I've been forced to sit and watch a lot of TV, flip through a lot of magazines, and read a lot of books. The one thing I've noticed more than anything else is that the vast majority of shows on TV, magazines and newspapers, and books are targeted at women. More than that, they are frequently written from an old textbook communist perspective. You know, anti-family, anti-white male, anti-Christian, anti-capitalism, and very much pro-State authority. Not just pro-State, but pro big, big State, meaning the State can do no wrong. Unless it's a pro-family, pro-capitalism, pro-Christian Republican in charge, of course. Then the story becomes a tale of rebellion, of Robin Hood, of resisting authority 'for the greater good.'

Take a look at the top 10 fiction bestseller list from week to week. Almost any time you will find at least half of the fictional drama stories specifically targeting women. The Fifty Shades of Gray books are just the next logical step following the Twilight books, a massively popular series of women's stories that followed a textbook formula of psychological targeting of women.

Think about how different the Twilight books would be if they were written for men. The main female character would be a lot different. She would certainly be a lot sexier and less introverted. She'd probably talk more instead of moping about in silence. The main male character wouldn't be a glittering teenaged Elvis impersonator crossed with a dose of Liberace and just a dash of Justin Bieber.

Look at television. ESPN has so much pink that if you didn't know what channel you were watching you'd think you had stumbled across the Oprah network. Actually, to be fair, Oprah has less pink than ESPN. It wouldn't be possible to have more.

How about the flood of cop shows on every network? Let's look at them. How many cop dramas can you think of that feature a sexy yet ballsy and tough female cop partnered with a relatively weak, non-threatening and often unarmed male? I can think of three without even bothering to Google - Castle, The Mentalist and Perception. Perception is a new show on TNT starring the actor who played Will on "Will and Grace."

Virtually every cop show requires that the boss, chief, director, whomever has the highest rank and greatest authority, be a woman. Either that or a black woman. Sometimes, rarely, a black man. If the big boss is a white male then he's a dick or a crook. Think of the show "Grimm." The big boss is a 'prince' of some evil brood from France. We don't know yet exactly what he has in store for our main male character, but we do know that the male character's mother just showed up and is tougher than he is. Yep, because what that show desperately needed is a tough mother to show our male cop how its done. She's Superwoman with an AARP card.

One thing most of the cop dramas have in common is that the police abuse the shit out of every suspect. It doesn't matter whether he actually did anything or not. They punch him, kick him, electrocute him, threaten him with bullshit charges, ruin his life and generally trample on his rights. But it's OK because they're the 'good guys'.

In every cop drama there is a killer. It's not enough for the crooks to just be small time drug dealers or a minor pimp. No, they have to be cold blooded killers. And if they aren't a mysterious serial killer then they are the boyfriend, husband, brother or father of the sympathetic female victim. Somehow, some way, the victims are always female. The popular feminist myth of a Western 'war on women' is only real in the world of fiction. But in fiction it is very nearly the only storyline going week after week.  And the reason the killer has to be the male closest to the poor defenseless female victim or intended victim is because in the world of communism one of their oldest excuses for perpetually seeking to destroy civilization is that the mere existence of male humans oppresses all women everywhere. And the solution to this patriarchal  conspiracy of oppression is an enormous all-powerful State. This all-powerful State is represented by the police. And the police always are portrayed as the only protector women can rely upon. Their husbands and brothers and fathers are all women-hating pricks, usually total losers, who secretly dream of killing the women they love the most. If not for the great and powerful State, so the story goes, all women would be murdered in their beds by whatever male happens to be in the house with them.

The possibility that women might not be any better able to trust The State than the men so greatly abused and hated by The State is never offered as an option, except in stories in which The State is ruled by conservatives. Or aliens from another planet. The idea that the women might need to buy handguns and protect themselves rather than trusting The State is also not commonly presented as an option. Most of the stories on TV would be ruined if the women were armed and defended themselves instead of dying and providing a great mystery for the next 30 minutes to an hour, or in some cases an entire TV season of hunting the evil woman-hating serial killer.

On almost every network, the killer can't ever be black, gay, or in any other way politically correct and protected. The killer simply must be a heterosexual white male.

If TV were true, every cop would spend half their time hunting serial killers, all white and all male. According to TV, there is a serial killer or serial sex offender lurking around every corner. Sometimes the serial killer and serial sex offender team up. This is how you know the writers are really bored and running out of ideas. Lumping their two biggest stand-byes into one story is a sign of pure laziness, or burnout.

Researchers have found that for some reason Western women seem to be drawn to stories in which women are hunted, abused, raped, killed. They are drawn to stories featuring a negative view of relations between men and women, where women are perpetually badly treated. Interestingly, in non-Western societies where women aren't living in greater luxury than the world has ever known and don't enjoy the rights and power that Western women have there doesn't appear to be this same level of fascination with stories of women as victims.

According to actual police records, serial killers are rare. And their sex and race tends to reflect the overall population in which they live. In the US, white males make up about 40 percent of the population. And as expected, white males make up no more than 40 percent of serial killers, sex offenders, etc. Contrary to TV's carefully crafted myth, real police records show that there have been a number of female serial killers, too. But apparently female audiences aren't interested in those unless the men they kill somehow are portrayed as deserving of death. Even when retelling true stories of female killers the stories are usually spun so as to lend sympathy to the killer and take it away from her victims. As far as serial killers murdering black people or Hispanics or gays, the reality is that most serial killers of blacks are black. Serial killers of Hispanics tend to be Hispanic. Serial killers of gays tend to be gay. It doesn't make good TV, but it is reality. A black serial killer cruising a predominantly white neighborhood would stick out like a sore thumb. The same is true of a white serial killer cruising around in a black or Hispanic area. People would notice and remember him. It rarely happens that way, despite what the TV says.

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