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Bad Cop

Tonight on CBS, another installment of the alcoholic homosexual serial sex offender, police chief Jesse Stone, featuring the increasingly hypocritical and despicable Tom Selleck, in the lead role, was aired for the entertainment of misandric feminists, violent homosexual sex offenders, and narcissists throughout the United States. In it, the infamous gay sexual assault scene from the last made-for-CBS Jesse Stone movie, was reprised, with Tom Selleck once again sexually assaulting yet another unarmed man who was simply standing with his hands by his sides in his own living room when the apparently gay, drunk, perverted and armed Jesse Stone, decided to get his rocks off by raping and humiliating the man by using his foot to penetrate the victim's genitalia.

This is portrayed as heroic.

Researchers in relationship violence and sexual violence have repeatedly documented that it is not normal for a heterosexual man to assault the genitals of another man except in circumstances of extreme fear, such as fear for life. It is, quite unmistakably, an act of sexual violence. But among homosexual men, as well as lesbian women, random assault of the male genitalia is extremely common, even epidemic, and often has little if anything to do with self-defense. These facts were part of the reason that psychologists repeatedly stated that the men featured in Mtv's popular program "Jackass" were either blatantly homosexual, or latent homosexuals in heavy denial of their true sexuality. Accusations of homosexuality plagued "Jackass" throughout its entire run, and for good reason. Adult heterosexual men simply don't go around attacking the sexual organs of other men. Normal straight women don't commonly attack men's genitalia, either, unless specifically taught and encouraged to do so, and even then the vast majority of sexual assaults of males by females of this particular nature occurs during the adolescent years, when hormones are out of control, brains incompletely formed and emotions swinging wildly. Even then, the behavior has to be taught and encouraged. It is estimated that due to media encouragement of misandric sexual violence of this nature, over 90 percent of males under the age of 30 have been sexually assaulted at least once, and most many, many more times than once. 20 years ago, researchers found less than half of males had been sexually assaulted in this manner. Prior to the 1980s, less than 10 percent of males had been sexually assaulted in this manner and such an abuse was recognized by society, if not the law, as a despicable and inexcusable sexual attack.

This timeline of anti-male sexual violence and abuse also coincides exactly with studies documenting a dramatic and alarming rise in narcissism among youth populations throughout the United States. In 1980, when the studies began, the average American youth had levels of narcissism that were considered normal and healthy. By 2000, the average American youth had levels of narcissism that were considered a borderline personality disorder, and dangerous. Today, in 2011, levels of narcissism among youth are even higher still. This is relevant because narcissists are the group most prone to enjoying witnessing or actively causing human beings to be hurt, humiliated, or even killed. The type of person most prone to enjoying and even laughing at a video of a person being sexually assaulted or even mutilated, a video that would disturb a normal person, is a narcissist. Narcissists don't sympathize with the suffering of others. They care only about themselves. As Homer Simpson put it, "it's funny because it isn't me." Thus, today narcissists watch television depictions of males being castrated, but tomorrow they would just as happily watch screaming girls being gang raped and respond with the same detached amusement as long as society did not discourage them from doing so. For many with personality disorders, whether society encourages or discourages a certain behavior makes all the difference in the world.

In years past, civil rights lawyers documented rare cases in which police officers sexually assaulted and sometimes raped male prisoners, often sodomizing them using tools such as toilet plungers and night sticks, or attaching electrodes to the male victims' testicles or penises and electrocuting their genitals in order to obtain a confession or simply to obtain sadistic sexual gratification. It was found that female officers was as likely, or sometimes more likely, as male officers to sexually assault and sexually torture male prisoners. But unlike today, in years past this was acknowledged as a criminal offense and the officers, if caught, were often prosecuted and imprisoned.

But that was before the rise of feminism, with its associated gay power political movement, and of course the extreme anti-male hatred - i.e. misandry - that feminism is most known for.

Today, sexual abuse and castration of males is celebrated, encouraged, and taught in classrooms and even churches across the United States. Every girl in America is sooner or later taught to sexually assault and castrate every boy, based on the long cherished and viciously misandric lie that 1 of every 4 women in every nation has been raped. Meanwhile, every boy is taught that the destruction of his own sexuality is inevitable and, of course, his own fault - he deserves it for the crime of having been born male because clearly if so many women are being raped then all males must be rapists. It's on every channel, in every TV program (even Hannah Montana), and even in children's comic books. Misandry and associated sexual assault are now as American as Mom, baseball, and apple pie once were.

CBS is owned by an allegedly extreme narcissist named Sumner Redstone, real name Murray Rothstein. Mr Redstone/Rothstein was the father of 4 children. 2 are said to have died, allegedly by their own hands in odd circumstances. Rumors of drug addiction and/or mental illness surrounded the deaths but were not proven.* His one remaining son has sued Sumner/Murray for allegedly robbing him of several billion dollars. His one remaining daughter once worked for Mr Redstone/Rothstein at CBS and was for a time his darling princess, but has since fallen out of his ever-changing favor as she became a threat to his all-important grip on power over his media empire. Mr Redstone is divorced, his children have sued him or died, and some of his grandchildren are alleged to have died or sued him, too. Facts surrounding him and his family are hard to verify, but always seem to be filled with rumors of conflict, greed and animosity.

Over the past year, following a very odd ruling by the Supreme Court which crippled the FCC's power to regulate the broadcast of indecency and obscenity, CBS has apparently declared a mandate that every single show in a prime time slot feature at least one scene of extreme anti-male sexual violence and degradation, always portrayed as humorous, harmless and above all, heroic. It was less than 30 years ago that only cowards, homosexuals, and low-lifes treated a man this way. But today, in the era of misandry, it is the 'good' guys who rape and sodomize.

Ironically, the Department of Justice bases all laws governing sex crimes on a common public sense of decency. Men have been sentenced to over 1000 years in prison for alleged sexual offenses that merely violated the perceived public sense of decency, yet the FCC is suddenly prohibited from enforcing this same common sense of decency over broadcast media because, as the court says, the concept is 'vague.' Yet when arresting a teenaged boy for possessing dirty pictures on his cellphone from a teenaged girl, suddenly the vagueness of this same concept isn't a problem.

It's no coincidence that "Jackass" was a feature program on Mtv, promoting homosexual genital violence and abuse. The show encouraged sexual abuse and mutilation among young, impressionable viewers who have since taken up the call to self-castrate and begun a wave of self-castration videos so numerous that entire televisions programs are dedicated to showing nothing but these videos. Mtv, which gave us "Jackass", the real-life "Ow My Balls" television program virtually identical to the fictitious program featured in the movie "Idiocracy", is a network once commonly referred to as the Pagan Evangelical Network due to its overwhelmingly anti-Christ, anti-male, anti-America, pro-homosexual, pro-Marxism, pro-paganism message. This dramatic shift in priorities at Mtv, from music and music videos to anti-God and pro-sodomy, occurred virtually overnight, immediately following the hostile takeover of Mtv by Viacom. Viacom is the media company owned by Sumner Redstone, the person who now gives us Tom Selleck as a homosexual serial sex offender alcoholic cop who abuses his authority and sexually abuses male citizens, while swaggering about as the supposed hero. He encourages audiences to support the idea of police who sexually assault citizens and generally ignore the most basic of human rights because heroes don't have to follow the rules.

When I was a little kid, I remember my dad complaining about liberal law firms suing police in various parts of the country for abusing the rights of citizens whom they wanted to accuse of various crimes. Even in cases where it was proven that the police had completely framed the citizens, or in which the police had sodomized and/or tortured the genitals of innocent men, my father took the position that the police could do anything they wanted because they were the good guys, and good guys can do evil to bad guys without it being morally or legally wrong. This was not long after the era of hippie protest marches and left-wing terrorist organizations like the Weather Underground, who murdered police and blew up American citizens with bombs planted in various buildings throughout the country. It was a time when the average American was very angry with the Baby Boomer left-wing activists due to their drug-fueled violent protests and terrorist activities. It was a time when "Dirty Harry" movies glorified the idea of rogue cops sexually mutilating and killing anyone who represented that group of Americans associated with violent protests, Marxism, and terrorism. People were fed up and willing to celebrate a cop who ignored the law and just shot the bad guys. Shortly after this, citizens found that real cops behaving this way was not so pleasant after all, and drastic legal changes were put into place to put a stop to it.

Today, those legal changes have steadily been stripped away, and many police departments routinely use sexual assault and even outright castration of unarmed and nonviolent males as part of their arrest procedures. Tasers, bean bag rounds fired from shotguns, and even handguns in increasing numbers of police departments, are used to intentionally target the genitals of unarmed and often non-violent male citizens, average citizens who haven't done a thing wrong. Lawyers have helped to encourage this trend of Romanesque terror-through-castration by informing the various law enforcement organizations, as well as the Department of Justice itself, that any injury to a vital internal organ, even the appendix, often results in costly lawsuits in civil court. But an injury that is emotionally devastating and humiliating to the male victim, such as castration or total emasculation, rarely results in a costly settlement for police due to the overwhelmingly female-majority juries which have resulted from feminist legislation preventing even obviously biased females from being removed from juries, while males can be removed virtually without cause or explanation. Overwhelmingly female juries, coupled with the current overwhelmingly anti-male American culture, means that juries feel little or no sympathy for male victims of sexual abuse or mutilation. A police officer can quite literally shoot an unarmed male citizen in the genitals for absolutely no reason and face little chance of going to jail or even losing his or her job in law enforcement. Such is the extent of anti-male hatred currently present in the American legal system.

We have people like Sumner Redstone and Tom Selleck to thank for this, among countless others. Thanks assholes. And fuck you for your contribution to the general decline of America.

Bad Man

* Details of Sumner Redstone's family and children's deaths are hard to verify. Any inaccuracies are purely accidental.
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