Friday the 13th News

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Anyway ...

Happy Friday the 13th. It's dark and a little rainy here. Just what a flooded city needs, eh? Yeah, ok.

Inflation hits 2 1/2 year high

So the White House and our Federal 'experts' are claiming there is no inflation, even though we are all paying more and more for basic things, and our President and Senate are trying to shift blame for the skyrocketing cost of gasoline onto Wall Street 'speculators' and 'Big Oil greedy executives' alternately and in that order. Last time gas went up like this it was because a giant hurricane named Katrina had wrecked all our wells in the Gulf and a few refineries, too. It was a temporary thing caused by God and poor planning. This time our Democratic Party and their leader, Barack Obama, are hoping Americans are too stupid and/or distracted to notice that there was no hurricane and the rising price of fuel has nothing to do with God, but more a man who thinks he's God. The White House has stopped oil drilling and pumping, as well as attacking our coal mines and nuclear facilities, in an environmental extremist attempt to send America back into the 1800s, back when people rode horses and women owned slaves but didn't vote. The Press reports that 53 percent of our population believes the Democrats' claims that Big Oil and greedy capitalist pigs are to blame, while the rest of the nation wants a new President.

Meanwhile ...

Flood Waters Threaten Oil and Gas Production

A very real and non-Obama-created flood is threatening to once again expose the inherent weakness in the United States' oil refining capabilities by virtue of the majority of refineries being located all in the same location. Should it become necessary for the Army Corp of Engineers to flood a significant portion of Louisiana in response to the rising waters of the Mississippi River, a large number of oil wells and refineries in that region will be suddenly underwater. Some of the oil companies insist it won't matter, as they have already been underwater for a long time and already operate under those conditions.

Meanwhile ...

2 1/2 Men, Again

Ashton Kutcher has been chosen as the replacement for Charlie Sheen on "2 1/2 Men", which is really weird since Charlie is older than Allan and Ashton is as much younger than Allan as he is than wife, Demi Moore. Still, he's a likable guy and if they handle it right I guess it could work. We'll see.

Obama Suffering a Man-cession

America's first honorary lesbian president, Barack Obama, is apparently not gaining the kind of boost in the polls he'd hoped for after the killing of Osama bin Laden. It seems that among women he is more popular now than he was, with 55 percent of women now saying they like him as a leader, but only 43 percent of men saying they don't think he's a girlie-man mama's boy with an ugly wife. This is truly a great cause for alarm to the Obama White House, as women are known to be fickle and will quickly change their mind and return to their previous opinion of him as soon as the seasons change again. Men, on the other hand, aren't so quick to change their minds and will almost certainly continue to think he is a dick as the price of gasoline, food, utilities and life in general climbs, while job opportunities for men slides further and further into oblivion as America transforms into the France of old under Obama even as France transforms into a more manly nation under Sarkozy and his hot supermodel wife.

It's interesting to note the the percentage of voters who believe the Democrats' claims that Big Oil is to blame for the high price of gas today is almost exactly the same as the percentage of women who think President Obama is a good leader. I have no idea if there's a significance to that, but it's interesting all the same.

And that's really all I have to say on this Friday the 13th. Have a nice weekend.

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