I've been sick the past few days. While home sitting around filling my trash can with Kleenex, lounging in the Lay-Z-Boy chair in my 'man cave' where I have a big TV and no cable, I have had the opportunity to watch good old fashioned antenna TV programs. Most of the channels during the workday were running women's talk shows, divorce court for black people, and other crap programming I don't care about. I ended up settling on the MeTV channel.

MeTV runs old TV shows from the '60s and early '70s all day long. Sitting here watching these old shows, the first thing I notice is that the concepts of heroes and villains are dramatically different than the shows we have today. The second thing I noticed is that the commercials are all geared toward very old Baby Boomers who are retired and riding the Medicare train.

Most of the old shows are westerns. Gun Smoke, Bonanza, The Big Valley, The Wild Wild West, The Rifleman - all are running back-to-back. Then they throw in Emergency, an old '70s shows about a pair of paramedics who apparently drive around rescuing goats. At least, that's what they did today. Watching these  old shows I have been struck by the fact that the villains, not the heroes, get to do most of the action. It's the villains hitting the heroes over the head, tying them up, torturing them, generally doing evil things to them. In all the modern shows the 'heroes' are cops and they do all of the abusing, torturing, speech-making, etc. The modern shows feature the 'good guys' abusing the law, abusing citizens individual human rights, preaching to them about how they are justified in doing evil because they represent The State and thus have the power to get away with whatever they want to do to a lowly US citizen. The State gives them the power to do whatever they please, whereas the lowly citizen they victimize can't fight against such overwhelming power and thus can't defend themselves, and this alone makes it right for the modern 'heroes' to do as they please. In the old shows, it is the villains who behave this way. The heroes won't stoop to such despicable behavior. That would make them villains, too.

These old story lines, I have to confess, frustrate me. The villains in these shows deserve a serious beating, or even sometimes maybe to be shot and killed. But the heroes always exercise restraint. They're very patient. They try to understand why the villains are so evil. They try to encourage the villains to repent of their sins and change their evil ways. And in most of the shows, at the end the villain does change. If he doesn't, he either ends up dead or going to jail. But not before the hero defeats him in a fist fight, always fighting totally fair and never dirty. The hero doesn't ever do anything dirty or low.

In the modern shows, half the time the guys the main characters, who are supposed to be heroes, are going after aren't really all that bad. Sometimes I don't see anything at all that they've done wrong. But the main characters are cops, they represent the power of the State, and thus they can go after anyone they want for any reason, with or without justification. They can trample on the law. They can trample on their target's rights. They can do literally anything. The story depicts it as being a good thing, a heroic thing. We are expected to side with the State without questioning why it is on a crusade to destroy this person when they have no evidence, no proof, of any wrongdoing. The shows today depict cops abusing citizens in an effort to get the evidence they need to support their crusade against that person. They don't already have evidence or proof, most of the time. So they torture the citizen, or beat him, or blackmail him, in order to get the evidence that justifies their crusade against him. It's all backwards. And we, the audience, are expected to just go along with it and support it.

On the show Emergency, the entire episode I saw was about a baby goat. For some reason they couldn't get this goat to a vet, so they asked the paramedics to take it to a hospital. The hospital told them over and over that it wasn't equipped to deal with a goat and couldn't accept the goat as a patient. But they argued with the hospital anyway. Then they went inside and argued with the head doctor. He told them he had no way of dealing with a goat and could not allow a goat inside the hospital. So the head nurse dragged the goat inside anyway and told him that he had better treat the goat or she was going to. At this point, I was shocked to see a filthy goat inside a hospital filled with human beings who were possibly being exposed to all sorts of infections and bacteria from this goat. But I guess this was back before SARS and MRSA and all of that. The script was weak, but clearly expected the audience to feel so overwhelming compassion for the goat, and have so little knowledge of how dangerous that was for the human patients, that they would side with the people insisting on bringing a goat into a human hospital.

The rest of the show consisted of the head surgeon performing some procedure on the goat while a vet was on the phone telling him what to do. It was supposed to be very tense and exciting. Would the goat survive or would he die? All I was thinking was, if you've got the vet on the phone, why not take the goat to the vet in the first place? It ended with the goat being OK, which was no surprise at all. Basically it was 30 minutes of goat surgery and boredom. It was either the dumbest episode of Emergency they ever filmed or else that show was just stupid.

All the commercials on MeTV seem to be aimed at old Baby Boomers. The commercials give the impression that everyone watching this channel is a total moron as well as a narcissist. Every ad features some old person saying "do you need a Hover Round? Don't you think you deserve to get it for free?" Everything in every ad is like this. "Do you want something? Don't you think it should be given to you for free?" Every single ad. They're all about Medicare or Medicaid and promise that everything you could possibly want is available to you for free thanks to Medicare and Medicaid. Just make a wish, rub the magic lamp, and the Government will pay for it for you! PRESTO!

No wonder they call this channel MeTV.

The commercials never mention the fact that Medicare and Medicaid is broke already. That inconvenient truth is left for the younger generations to deal with.

Anyway, being at home sick and nasty has been no fun. Watching MeTV was no fun either. The shows were interesting mostly only in the way they revealed the dramatic differences in the way the WWII generation who created these old shows thought about law and justice and the way the current Baby Boomer generation, who creates all our current shows, thinks about it. The older generation believed in decency and justice with restraint. The current generation seems to believe in power above all else. If you've got the power, then you can do whatever you  please to whomever you please and no one can say you're wrong. If they do, just torture them or throw them in prison on bogus charges or kill them and nothing will happen to you because you are protected by the power of the State, and power is all that matters.

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Ashley Greene Naked

Ashley Michele Greene (born February 21, 1987) is an American actress and model, best known for playing Alice Cullen in the film adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight novels

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Dodge Challenger - Review Update

I've had my new Dodge Challenger SRT8 for a month or two now. It's long enough to have a few new thoughts on this car. I haven't sold my old car yet, so I still go back and forth between the 2 cars and this gives me a different perspective on things.

First of all, despite the insistence of someone who lives with me that my Dodge rides much better than our older cars, I strongly disagree. My dad's old banana yellow station wagon/hearse is still a much better ride than anything I've ridden in for years. And it was built in 1980. After that, I'd say my old car, the one I'm about to sell, rides better. But it is a luxury car, so that shouldn't be a surprise. The person that lives with me drives a new luxury car. It's a toss-up which of our cars rides better, which says more about the poor thinking behind the design of the suspension of their luxury car than it says about my Dodge Challenger. Overall, the ride is fine, but I do feel bumps in the road that I don't feel in any of my other cars or trucks.

Secondly, the ridiculous government mandate (there is no problem so bad that government can't make it worse) for high doors, called the "beltline" of the car, means I am surrounded by steel up much higher than in older cars. With mandated TALL doors, the car designers had no choice except to raise the hood and trunk in order to keep the lines of each car from looking warped. A tall door with normal height hood and trunk looks insane. So they raised the height of everything along the 'beltline'. This dramatically affects visibility. I have more trouble parking the Dodge than I do my old 4x4 truck. Hell, I have more trouble parking the damn Dodge than I do my dad's Bananawagon, and that thing is huge. This is dangerous. Add to this the fact that roofs are not any higher than before and this leaves the glass dramatically angled in order to fit. The overall effect of this is to make all new cars much like old "chop top" hot rods, which were infamous for being hard to see out of. If I'm the first car at an intersection, I can't see the fucking light. I can't see what color it is. I can't see it AT ALL.

1970 - Easier to drive, easier to park, easier to see out in all directions
The dramatic stupidity of this government fuck-up is even more apparent when I get out of my Dodge and into any of my older cars. I can see everything. I can tell where my tires are. I can tell where the corners of my car are. I can drive it without a problem. But the Dodge? Not so much. I feel like I'm in a giant schoolbus with the shitty visibility that I have. And this, the government says, is to make us all SAFER. Of course it does the opposite, since not being able to see increases the likelihood of having a wreck.

The car is fast, sure, but last weekend I took a friend out to a deserted spot and floored the gas from about 10 mph. I had the traction control turned off so it got a little sideways and then kicked into gear. It accelerates like an old big-block, with a nice flat torque curve throughout the RPMs. It'll lay you back in the seat like a musclecar should. But it thrilled me less than it did the first time I did it. I don't know why. It felt like an original musclecar with the power it has. It just didn't feel nearly as fast as my Chevelle. Then again, it makes about 200 hp less, so I guess that's no surprise. It's rated at 470 hp, but I saw an ad for an aftermarket exhaust system where they put a car just like mine on the their rear-wheel dyno and tested it before they installed their exhaust and after. Before, at the rear wheels it was making closer to 370 hp. I don't remember the exact number, but after they put their exhaust on it the car still was making a lot less than 470 hp at the rear wheels. I was under the impression that new cars were rated at the rear wheels so that was a big disappointment.

The factory stereo is taking some getting used to. It has a plug for my iPod and claims to recognize iPods and work them through the radio, but it won't recognize mine. That pissed me off. The subwoofer in the trunk is something new to me. I've never had that before. Now that I have it I wish I didn't. It's annoying. I don't need a huge explosive BOOM every time a drummer stomps the pedal for his base drum. It sounds like I ran over something. Even the commercials boom at me at seemingly random times. Where is the option to control the subwoofer so I can adjust it? I have yet to find anything to adjust it. In fact, flipping through all the controls that I do see on the screen is still a bit of a challenge. Getting to specific functions that I want is proving difficult. There is just so much shit to click through. Why can't we just select what we want? Why do I have to click up and down arrows on the steering wheel to do everything?

CarMax stuck their logo on my rear spoiler. I scraped that sucker off before I ever went anywhere in the car. Nothing against CarMax, they did help me find the car after all, but they didn't build the damn thing. I don't feel they are entitled to label my new car as theirs. That's gone. The sticker they slapped on the driver's window? Gone too. I replaced that with thermal window tint this past weekend. Now my windows are nice and dark, which is good because the blue and white striped seats are funky as hell to look at and I'd prefer people not see them. The only thing left of CarMax that I need to yank off the car now is the front license plate. That should be easier than all the previous stuff I had to literally peel or scrape off.

The transmission on this car is funky. If I'm pulling out slow and steady it seems to be confused about what to do. I have 5 forward gears and it wants to shift through all of them as fast as possible. Sometimes it seems like it can't decide whether to shift up or down. When I have the gas pedal to the floor it shifts like a manual transmission, with an audible pause between gears that makes it sound as if I'm slamming them myself. I guess that isn't a problem, per se, but its weird. I have yet to use their manual option with the shift lever.

The trunk is awesome. Tons of room. But that's apparently because it has no spare tire. WTF? With all the money I spent on this car I feel I should have a spare wheel and tire provided to me without me having to go and buy it separately. Seriously Dodge, you couldn't provide me with a spare? NONE AT ALL????

When I open either door, the window rolls down about an inch. When I close it, the window rolls up again. What's up with that? One thing I have always hated is replacing window motors in cars. The replacement motors are NEVER as good as the original and never last long. Why do we need the window motors to do this every single time we open or close the door? Is this short-term thinking or what? I will probably have this car for the next 20 years and I'm going to be royally pissed off the first time I have to get the window motors replaced because of this.

Over the weekend I averaged around 19 mpg. I drove a lot of highway miles, but I was also doing around 80 mph for most of that. I'm not excited about 19 mpg, and I was keeping my foot out of it as much as possible, but it isn't the worst in the world. I didn't check my city mpg but even if I had it wouldn't be a fair evaluation because I took a friend out in the car and floored it until we hit 120 and then I let off. Whenever I do that the computer says I'm temporarily getting about 10 mpg. That doesn't average in well, so let's just ignore the city mpg. Highway cruising up to 80 and holding it there seems to average 19. When I first bought the car and drove it home at 55 mph I was getting 23.5 mpg, so probably if I weren't doing 80 I would have gotten better mileage.

It has taken some serious adjustment for me to get used to the idea that I can just walk up to my car, grab the door handle, or trunk lid, and it unlocks for me. That's weird. All I need is the key in my pocket and the car knows I'm there and will open the door and let me in, even start the engine without me taking the key out of my pocket. I just push a button on the dash and it starts up and goes. Of course, I have no idea how to replace the batteries in the key fob so when this thing dies and I go to get into my car that first time it fails to work I'm going to be cussing up a storm until I figure out how to do it manually and replace the batteries.

The brakes on this car are awesome. The only cars I have ever owned with brakes that can compare with this Dodge were my dad's Bananawagon, which has oversized hearse brakes that will put your face into the steering wheel, and my old 1974 Dodge Polara, which also had brakes that would slam your face into the steering wheel if you weren't careful. These brakes will stop on a dime. I love that.

With all the government meddling in the car business, almost all of which has resulted in more deaths rather than fewer, I still can't believe these headlights are legal. They are insane. The high beams on all my older vehicles are no brighter than the standard beams on this car. And the high beams on this car serve no actual purpose. They aren't any brighter. They don't help at all. I do appreciate the factory fog lights, though. That is a great option I have needed many times in the past and not had. I will be using that for sure.

Overall, I still like this car. I still have doubts about whether I made the right choice in picking the Challenger SRT8 over the slightly more expensive and less comfortable Mustang Shelby GT500. Every time I see a GT500 I think "now THAT is a fun car." And it is. But for a car I have to drive on long trips and in rush hour traffic and to the store and here, there and everywhere, the Challenger is still more comfortable. I just wish it was as easy to maneuver as the Mustang.

And as fast. Holy shit, the Shelby Mustang is SO FAST.

Anyway, I made my choice. It's a nice car. I don't regret it.

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Pixie Geldof frolics topless in the sea as she poses for denim shoot

She's definitely making waves! Pixie Geldof frolics topless in the sea as she poses for denim shoot 

She is no stranger to modelling and is more than comfortable in her own skin. 
So Pixie Geldof was the perfect choice to take part in a revealing denim photoshoot, which saw her flash her feminine curves wearing just a pair of jeans in Miami.
The 22-year-old singer looked like she was having the time of her life as she posed for the photographer, debuting what appeared to be a new haircut as well as her enviable figure.
Stripping off: Pixie Geldof has been seem going topless for a photoshoot in Miami Florida
Stripping off: Pixie Geldof has been seem going topless for a photoshoot in Miami Florida
Pixie struck her best poses as she stood in shallow water as the sand met the sea. 
The exuberant model didn't appear to have any inhibitions and showed off plenty of playful stances for the photographer. 
In one picture Pixie was seen throwing a thumbs up sign for the camera while in another she was seen lifting one hand high into the air. 
Making a splash: The 22-year-old was seen standing in the shallow water of the sea for the racy photo shoot
Making a splash: The 22-year-old was seen standing in the shallow water of the sea for the racy photo shoot
Making a splash: The 22-year-old was seen standing in the shallow water of the sea for the racy photo shoot 
Showing off her personality: Pixie seemed to enjoy herself as she struck a series of playful poses
Showing off her personality: Pixie seemed to enjoy herself as she struck a series of playful poses
As well as showing off plenty of her shape, Pixie was also debuting a shorter hairstyle, a cropped looked that can be tricky to pull off. 
But with her delicate features Pixie worked the look, which suits her outgoing personality. 
The short style boasted an uneven fringe and Pixie was seen showing off the style with both dry and wet hair. 
Working her personality: The model and singer appeared to be having a great time
Working her personality: The model and singer appeared to be having a great time
Up in arms: Pixie didn't seem to mind being topless and had fun with her poses on the shoot
Up in arms: Pixie didn't seem to mind being topless and had fun with her poses on the shoot
The singer was seen clothed in a number of different denim outfits including just a pair of jeans which left the most flesh on show. 
Pixie went topless in jeans a pair of jeans and in a pair of high-waisted shorts with only a waistcoat for a cover-up. 
Another outfit consisted of an a-line strapless denim dress with pocket detail while a third showed off a cropped top and a pair of high waisted baggy jeans.
Double denim: Pixie was seen struggling to keep her balance as she posed in a pair of high-waisted denim shorts and a waistcoat
Double denim: Pixie was seen struggling to keep her balance as she posed in a pair of high-waisted denim shorts and a waistcoat
Double denim: Pixie was seen struggling to keep her balance as she posed in a pair of high-waisted denim shorts and a waistcoat 
Pondering life: As well as having fun during the shoot Pixie also struck a serious pose
Pondering life: As well as having fun during the shoot Pixie also struck a serious pose
Showing off her piercings: The topless shots allowed Pixie to show off her nipple ring
Showing off her piercings: The topless shots allowed Pixie to show off her nipple ring
Showing off her piercings: The topless shots allowed Pixie to show off her nipple ring
Showing off her piercings: The topless shots allowed Pixie to show off her nipple ring 
After showing off the denimwear Pixie slipped into a fifties style swimsuit, that boasted a cute cherry print. 
And it seems that all the modelling had not depleted her energy supplies as she was seen running around the sand in the swimwear.
Pixie posted a message to Twitter that read: 'Had so much fun on shoot with @franburnslondon in Miami! Hair cut and beach! Ideal!'
Ray of sunshine: Bob Geldof's daughter tweeted the she had a great day
Ray of sunshine: Bob Geldof's daughter tweeted the she had a great day
Ray of sunshine: Bob Geldof's daughter tweeted the she had a great day 
New do: Pixie showed off a short crop with an uneven fringe, a tricky look to pull off
New do: Pixie showed off a short crop with an uneven fringe, a tricky look to pull off
Slither of skin: Pixie was also seen in a cropped top and a pair of high waisted rolled up jeans
Slither of skin: Pixie was also seen in a cropped top and a pair of high waisted rolled up jeans
Slither of skin: Pixie was also seen in a cropped top and a pair of high waisted rolled up jeans 
As well as modelling Pixie is also concentrating on singing with her band Violet. 
The daughter of Sir Bob Gelfof and the late Paula Yates took to the stage at the opening party of Sushisamba at Heron Tower last Tuesday and wowed the crowds with her voice at the bash. 
Cherry nice: Pixie was also seen running along in a fruit print swimsuit
Cherry nice: Pixie was also seen running along in a fruit print swimsuit
Cherry nice: Pixie was also seen running along in a fruit print swimsuit

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Thanksgiving/Black Friday

Well, happy Thanksgiving, all you pilgrims! Technically this is no longer Thanksgiving even though many of us are still off work today and it feels like it still is. Even so, I'm putting this up as my Thanksgiving post. I didn't have any time to write it earlier.

For those of you referring to today as "Black Friday" I say "shame on you." Don't you know we live in a politically correct world now? This is not "Black Friday" but "African American" Friday, you damn racists! Yes, and to celebrate African-American Friday our Department of Justice has been ordering American banks to give free houses to all African-Americans and even illegal Mexicans, too. Isn't that generous? They've been doing this since back when Clinton, the "first black president", was in office and even though it has single-handedly collapsed our economy they have refused to stop. So all you black Americans and illegal aliens should be celebrating today like no one else because a free house is a huge gift and everyone else in America, and in many ways throughout the world, is paying for it. Drink up, you black bitches, in your free house!

So, Thanksgiving. I'm trying to write about all the things I'm thankful for, but it's hard because I'm in a deep funk. So many of my friends are posting photos of their families on Facebook and it just reminds me that I have no family of my own. By that I mean, I have no kids. It really bothers me. It bothers me more and more each day. And holidays like this just bring it up again, like rebreaking a bone that hasn't ever healed properly. I grew up hearing my father say over and over that kids are God's blessing and Dad had a lot of them. I have none and by my dad's measure that means God doesn't care for me at all. I had already gotten that impression without the kid shortage, but this makes it feel even more true to me. You may not even believe in God, or you may not have kids and not feel the least bit cheated because of it, or you may have kids and wish desperately that you could give them away and run free to the nearest bar or strip club and party like it's 1999 again. I don't know. But this feeling is breaking me apart.

So anyway, I'm thankful that my niece is so blessed. She has a husband and kids and is going to have even more, kids I mean, not husbands, and everything seems to be going well for her. My niece is great and I'm glad that her life is looking so golden. My nephew and her had a rough time when they were younger so it's good that things are much better for both of them now.

Something weird that has nothing to do with thanksgiving or thankfulness at all, but all my life I remember seeing grown men with beards and in high school some of the guys had so much facial hair that they could grow beards if they wanted. I'm part-Cherokee and my facial hair was never much. I didn't mind at all. I  had no interest in a mustache or beard. Even in college I could shave maybe once every 3 days and be good to go. That was fine with me. Years later and I got very sick. While I was sick I didn't shave for a month. I grew a beard and mustache, such as it was, and before I fully recovered and went back to work I took photos of it as I was shaving it off. I mentioned these photos to a woman I know and she asked to see them. After she saw them she said "you look hot in this photo." It was of me with that semi-shaved look. I think they call it designer stubble. Anyway, she said she wanted me to grow that back. So I did. I wore it for awhile and thought nothing of it. Eventually I tried to shave it off, but when I did I thought my face looked funny. So I grew it back. Several times I've tried to shave it off only to find that I now think my normal face that I walked around with beardless for most of my life is funny-looking. Of course, I've gotten lazy and quit trimming the stupid beard every day to keep the designer stubble. Now I have full-fledged scraggly bearded crap on my face. I don't recall any woman ever saying that this was hot. Yet somehow I find myself unable to shave it off. And I still don't like beards. Or mustaches.

So I guess I should be thankful that I can grow a beard if I want to, even though it has some gaps in it due to the Cherokee in my DNA. And I'm thankful I have hair on my head. Some of my friends have thinning hair and I know it bothers them. Well, the ones who are single it bothers. I don't know if the married ones are as concerned.

Speaking of hair, for a year or two the girl who cuts my hair has been parting it on the side. Every time I tell her, I don't part my hair on the side. Every time she parts it on the side again. Finally I decided that since she's a very attractive 20-something female and she seems to be trying to tell me something I would give it a try. I don't like hair parted on the side. I never have. I have never worn it that way. I never wanted to. I tend to associate hair parted on the side with nerds and geeks and Dungeons and Dragons. Yet here I am walking around with a mustache and beard and hair parted on the side and I don't even know who the fuck I am anymore.

I'm thankful that I have hair to part on the side, even if it looks gay.

I am in my hometown right now. I came here for Thanksgiving, to spend it with my family. Aside from my father, everyone in my family is alive and mostly well. Some are more well than others, but none of us are in the hospital on deaths' door. I am thankful that most of my family is here with me and healthy, more or less.

I drove my Dodge Challenger SRT8 to come down here. It was an easy cruise down the interstate to get here. There was lots of traffic and lots of cops, so I didn't exactly hot-foot it, but it was comfortable enough and I enjoyed playing with the satellite radio. I am thankful that I have the money to buy a ridiculously hard-to-find and expensive car.

I also noticed that most music coming through satellite radio sounds like its being broadcast through a tin can. It's shitty. I won't be paying for this. Even the subwoofer in my trunk can't fix the tin can sound of it.

Speaking of the subwoofer in my trunk, I've never had one before. I don't think I like it. It sounds like something is breaking on my car when it booms back there. I don't need that much extra boom, apparently. I never realized how little I needed a subwoofer in my trunk until I paid a fortune for a car that has one. This is ridiculous. How do I turn it off?

I'm thankful we're not at war with Iran yet. I'm thankful we're not in a full-scale war in the middle east involving Russia and China yet. It appears to be coming, but it isn't here yet. It's like the coming economic collapse of the now-totally-socialist West, inevitable. But not here yet. I'm thankful we  haven't collapsed and gone to war yet. Today is a day where we can pretend everything is OK and live our lives oblivious to the government drones flying overhead spying on us for the racist Department of Justice and our militarized local police and just tell ourselves that today everything is sort of OK, even if tomorrow appears to be pretty fucked.

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy African-American Friday!

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This and That

There is a news story circulating about a "transgendered woman" who was Tasered in the groin by police. Every single article refers to this person as "she." But when you actually read the story you learn that "she" has a penis and testicles, which is one of the reasons the Tasering of the groin was so agonizing for "her." The fact is, if you have a penis and testicles, it doesn't matter if you put on a dress and get breast implants, you are still male and therefore a "he" right up until the moment the doctor removes your penis and testicles and gives you a vagina. Fuck political correctness. This is a matter of reality versus fantasy. Reality wins, as the Taser amply demonstrated, not that I support doing that sort of thing to anyone.

More and more evidence keeps surfacing that Obama didn't win the election through legitimate votes. He won through massive and rampant voter fraud in the key states that gave him the electoral votes he needed to win. There is nothing shocking about the vote fraud. I already blogged years ago that this is what George Soros and the Democrat machine would do because this is what he's/they've been doing for a long time. What is shocking, though, is the reaction of Democrat voters when the issue is raised this November. First, they say that there is nothing wrong with rampant vote fraud being used by billionaire Democrats to steal an election. Second, they say "yeah well, Bush ..." and try to equate vote fraud by Democrat Billionaires and their gang-banger operatives with the Supreme Court decision in Florida that ruled that Bush was the victor. There is something very revealing about people who see a crime being committed and say "it doesn't bother me as long as I like the outcome." The outcome is that NO ONE'S vote counted, because fraudulent votes determined who the president of the United States is going to be for the next four years, and likely did the same four years ago, as I predicted here on this blog way back then. They also helped choose our Senators and House members, by the way.

Did anyone else notice that former President Bush never once came forward to support Mitt Romney's presidential campaign? Where was he? What was he doing that was so important? Do you think Romney didn't want his support?

I managed to sell a car in record time over the weekend. I created the ad on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon I had 2 guys in my driveway fighting over who was going to buy it. I mean fighting as in, it got really ugly and I started thinking that maybe I should carry a gun from now on when I sell cars in Memphis. For the record, I don't sell cars often, so this is probably just a one time thing. But this was a car that I would have never expected to have people fighting over, or buying so fast. In fact, I thought this car would be hard to sell just because people don't seem interested in this type of car. Boy was I wrong. Of all the cars I've ever sold, including a black 1978 Trans Am that I practically gave away, I have never seen anything like this. I should have asked for $1000 more for it, I guess.

OK, something is seriously wrong with this Dell laptop that I bought off Amazon. It seems to be doing whatever the hell it wants while ignoring what I'm telling it to do. I can't cope with that. If I can't fix this soon it's in the garbage for this computer.

I'm becoming a TV addict. For a long, long time I couldn't find anything on TV that I cared about at all, and now there are shows on every single night that I think are hilariously funny. It's ruining my life.

On Monday 2 Broke Girls has me hooked. I don't recall much else being of interest to me on Mondays, but the hot blonde on 2 Broke Girls has my undying love.

On Tuesdays New Girl, Go On and Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 all have me hooked. Don't Trust the B has gotten funnier and funnier every time I watch it. I saw one episode of Ben and Kate and it made me laugh, too. I may get hooked on this show, dammit.

On Wednesdays Animal Practice, The Middle, The Neighbors, Modern Family and Suburgatory are all awesome. I had to watch Animal Practice as soon as I saw that Joanna Garcia is on it. She's hawt so you know I'm a fan of that show. The Neighbors is just getting goofier and goofier, but in a good way. Modern Family has lots of hotness with Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara both on the same show. And Suburgatory has lots of hot, plus Cheryl Hines has been the funniest person on the show more and more each week.

Thursday is, of course, Big Bang Theory night. And it conflicts with 30 Rock, which is a must see for me. Katrina Bowden plays Cerie Xerox on 30 Rock and for awhile they also had Elizabeth Banks, too. That show is funny as shit. It's a crime that this is its final season. Anyway, after that is a conflict between Two and  a Half Men and Up All Night. Two and a Half Men is always funny, but Christina Applegate is on Up All Night and I'll pretty much watch anything with her in it. It's funny, too. I rarely get to watch The Office, but I've liked it more the past few seasons than I used to. Jenna Fischer used to be really hot, and then they brought in Ellie Kemper and started to really get my attention. Not that hotness is the only reason I watch a show, but it doesn't hurt. The Office is funny, and it always has been, but I have honestly worked with some of the characters on that show and it wasn't funny in real life. I used to avoid the show because it reminded me of those stressful jobs and I just didn't like that. Apparently this is the last season for The Office, too. So 30 Rock and The Office will be gone after this season and Thursdays will be wide open.

Friday, they have moved my favorite show in the world to this night - Community. I love Community. For the longest time it was scheduled opposite Big Bang Theory on Thursdays and most people missed it. This show is genius. And yes, it has hotness in the cast for sure. Anyway, after Community is a freaky show called Grimm. I only started watching Grimm because I saw Claire Coffee in the ads, but then I got into the story and even after she disappeared I kept watching. Now they're bringing her back and I am thrilled.

So anyway, this is what has become of my life. TV has taken over. I used to be going to the gym every day at lunch, but since moving and taking a new job I haven't gotten back into the groove of that. I'm just a useless lump watching TV when I should be working out. I used to practice guitar while zombifying myself in front of the boob tube, but now for various reasons I can't even do that. I'm just sitting there like a lump. Sometimes I pull out my laptop and reply to emails. I had tried to work on the Little Red Riding Hood story while watching TV, but that didn't work at all and I have to stop and wait until all my shows were done and I could turn it off to write. So, this is my life now, lots of TV comedy shows that I used to ignore because I felt that I had better things to do. Apparently I don't have anything to do now and so TV is my nightly pacifier. How sad is that?

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