America: 1776-2012

King Obama

The Election is over. Now what does it mean?

President Obama received total support from communist dictators all around the globe, including Putin in Russia, Castro in Cuba and Chavez in Venezuela. He received only the support of bad leaders, its worth noting, and none from good leaders. This is as good an indicator of what the next four years are going to look like for America as anything else you might want to know. Add to this the statement by Obama to Russian leader Medvedev that "after my election I have more flexibility" on disarming America and you get the impression that, like those other communist dictators, he already knew what the outcome was going to be, and for the same reasons that they all knew their re-elections were a given. There was rampant vote fraud in 2008. We know this for certain. There was rampant vote fraud in 2010. We also know this. Prior to 2008, billionaire communist and Obama controller George Soros said that he had used his money and influence to 'give' the key secretary of state positions to the Democratic Party in order to assure that in all future elections those states would give their votes to the Democrats. Notice he didn't say anything about how the citizens would actually vote. It's irrelevant how the citizens vote if you are engaging in vote fraud and control the people who certifies the results, those secretaries of state.

In cases of vote fraud, the outcome of the election doesn't reflect the mood of the citizens. It also doesn't reflect the quality of the job the incumbent party did in the previous years. Instead, it seems totally disconnected from reality. For example, the Democrats were expected to lose 4 seats in the Senate. They didn't. The Democrats were expected to lose the White House by a narrow margin. They won it by a large margin no one can adequately explain and won every single battleground state. Everywhere that it counted, and George Soros had for the past 12 years focused his efforts, the Democratic Party won even when the polls showed them losing big. Funny how the election results don't seem to reflect the citizens actual views.

And all of this doesn't even take into account the blatant and known voter fraud, cases in which people went to vote only to be told they had already voted earlier that day, union thugs beat up supporters of Republican candidates and stole their signs, often right out of their own yards, black panthers threatened to shoot Republicans at polls, NAACP members completely took over entire polling stations, poll inspectors were violently assaulted and thrown out by Democrats, and the list goes on and on and on. Not only that, but this isn't the first election that has been this bad. It's just the latest in a trend of Leftist-corruption that is increasingly accepted and tolerated by 50 percent of the nation.

Senator Al Franken, of Minnesota, is known to have lost his bid for election to the Senate in 2008. Yet he magically 'found' enough votes to win. No votes were found for his opponent. Or anyone else running. Not one.

Senator Harry Reid was trounced in his bid for reelection, yet magical 'found' votes also gave him an unexpected victory, from out of nowhere.

Other key senate races were the same. This was how the Democrats got that 60-seat supermajority in the first place. And everyone knew it. But no one did anything about it. Republicans shook their heads and said "oh well, they screwed us again" and let it slide, as if it was just THEM who were robbed by this kind of rampant fraud. As if the entire country isn't robbed when ANY political party engages in voter fraud and gets away with it. This "do nothing" response by Republicans is one of the many factors that gave power and teeth to the Tea Party. Angry voters, sick of the business as usual corruption and tolerance for it in Washington, poured their energies into the Tea Party. Former Democrats, now current Republican party leaders, were stunned by this call to arms and demand for action from the very people they had long assumed to be asleep and willing to tolerate getting bent over and fucked forever.

On the other side, the Democrat side, there is a belief that everyone is just as corrupt as they are and thus anything they do to win, such as massive vote fraud, is OK because "everybody does it." This is how feminists justify their rampant sexism and black supremacists excuse their raging racism. Both vote Democrat, by the way. It's a psychological dysfunction as old as the human race itself. No one wants to admit to themselves that they are evil, so they create excuses that satisfy their own "conscience thing", as Nancy Pelosi put it. The most common excuse, or defense mechanism, is the "everybody does it" shield. "Oh sure, I'm a monster, but everyone is just as bad as me, if not worse, deep down inside. They just hide it better." Sure, that must be it. I once had a female friend tell me "all females are crazy. Some just hide it better than others." It was a funny statement at the time, but it is worth noting that 56% of females voted for Obama, according to polls.

But it doesn't matter now. With this corrupt and fraudulent election following the last 2 corrupt and fraudulent elections, the end of the republic known as the United States of America is finalized. The nationalization of a huge majority of the American economy, coupled with the subjugation of the civil rights of all citizens, is final. It will not be repealed. No great savior with a sword and riding a white stallion is going to appear from the sky and bring retribution and salvation to America. No king is going to rise up and save us. No hobbit is going to throw a ring into lava and destroy the evil, power-mad devil. No Joan of Arc is going to burn for us. No David is going to slay Goliath. No Captain America is going to do one single damn thing because he doesn't exist. Our fate is sealed. We are now and forevermore a socialist nation, and one in which our president has assumed and been permitted greater power and less accountability than any modern European, English, Canadian, or Australian socialist leader. The illegal actions of President Obama, in trampling the laws and ignoring Congress during the previous 2 years alone, have all been tolerated and permitted by Congress. Congress may not have technically authorized it, but in not prosecuting the President for doing it they have surrendered the power to protest such dictatorial actions ever again. The President is now our 'great leader' in the same manner that Stalin and Hitler and Castro were. He can do whatever he pleases, and has shown that he fully intends to. We don't have a republic anymore. We have a Marxist dictatorship with the illusion of representative government.

All across Twitter, Canadians, Englishmen, Europeans and Australians tweeted that they were happy Obama was victorious. Brace yourselves, brothers, because it's about to get rough in your parts of the world. Since WWII the American military has protected all Western nations and interests, defended their rights and helped fight acts of destruction directed at their citizens. That's all over now. Obama has guaranteed the decimation of the American military, and with it the end of our role in protecting any other nation, including our own. We will no longer sail the Atlantic or Pacific. China and Russia will, though, and already are in the news today sailing into American waters in defiance of international law in celebration of the death of America. Our media has barely even mentioned it, because it reflects poorly on their messiah. But it tells in clear terms what China and Russia believe the Obama Presidency means to this world going "forward." It means China is king and Russia is right behind them. Europe had best get accustomed to paying whatever costs Russia demands for their oil and gas, because no one is going to defend you from their tyranny. Sorry Australia, but the oceans around your continent are China's to dominate now. If you can fight them off, best of luck to you, but if not then it's a crying shame. You're on your own. Sorry Thailand and Taiwan. Sorry Israel but your destruction is all but assured. You are on your own. Good luck with that.

Republican leaders, former Democrats who left that party as it shifted so far leftward that they could no longer stomach it, remain baffled as to how to fix their problems. They are convinced that the solution to their legacy of failure lies in moving even further to the left, in being more liberal, in being just another Democratic Party, alienating all conservatives totally. Tea Party leaders are frustrated at the total lack of help from the Republican Party for their candidates, most of whom are brand new to the world of politics and inexperienced, yet still managed to beat hand-picked Republicans time and time again. The Tea Party can't believe the Republican Party leaders are so selfish as to prefer watching America burn than to admit that they have been wrong and out-of-touch with their own voters. But it is so.

So rest in peace, America, the once great republic, land of the free, dead at 236. Say hello to the new America, a socialist quagmire of impotence, narcissism and corruption.  

1776 - 2012

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