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There is a news story circulating about a "transgendered woman" who was Tasered in the groin by police. Every single article refers to this person as "she." But when you actually read the story you learn that "she" has a penis and testicles, which is one of the reasons the Tasering of the groin was so agonizing for "her." The fact is, if you have a penis and testicles, it doesn't matter if you put on a dress and get breast implants, you are still male and therefore a "he" right up until the moment the doctor removes your penis and testicles and gives you a vagina. Fuck political correctness. This is a matter of reality versus fantasy. Reality wins, as the Taser amply demonstrated, not that I support doing that sort of thing to anyone.

More and more evidence keeps surfacing that Obama didn't win the election through legitimate votes. He won through massive and rampant voter fraud in the key states that gave him the electoral votes he needed to win. There is nothing shocking about the vote fraud. I already blogged years ago that this is what George Soros and the Democrat machine would do because this is what he's/they've been doing for a long time. What is shocking, though, is the reaction of Democrat voters when the issue is raised this November. First, they say that there is nothing wrong with rampant vote fraud being used by billionaire Democrats to steal an election. Second, they say "yeah well, Bush ..." and try to equate vote fraud by Democrat Billionaires and their gang-banger operatives with the Supreme Court decision in Florida that ruled that Bush was the victor. There is something very revealing about people who see a crime being committed and say "it doesn't bother me as long as I like the outcome." The outcome is that NO ONE'S vote counted, because fraudulent votes determined who the president of the United States is going to be for the next four years, and likely did the same four years ago, as I predicted here on this blog way back then. They also helped choose our Senators and House members, by the way.

Did anyone else notice that former President Bush never once came forward to support Mitt Romney's presidential campaign? Where was he? What was he doing that was so important? Do you think Romney didn't want his support?

I managed to sell a car in record time over the weekend. I created the ad on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon I had 2 guys in my driveway fighting over who was going to buy it. I mean fighting as in, it got really ugly and I started thinking that maybe I should carry a gun from now on when I sell cars in Memphis. For the record, I don't sell cars often, so this is probably just a one time thing. But this was a car that I would have never expected to have people fighting over, or buying so fast. In fact, I thought this car would be hard to sell just because people don't seem interested in this type of car. Boy was I wrong. Of all the cars I've ever sold, including a black 1978 Trans Am that I practically gave away, I have never seen anything like this. I should have asked for $1000 more for it, I guess.

OK, something is seriously wrong with this Dell laptop that I bought off Amazon. It seems to be doing whatever the hell it wants while ignoring what I'm telling it to do. I can't cope with that. If I can't fix this soon it's in the garbage for this computer.

I'm becoming a TV addict. For a long, long time I couldn't find anything on TV that I cared about at all, and now there are shows on every single night that I think are hilariously funny. It's ruining my life.

On Monday 2 Broke Girls has me hooked. I don't recall much else being of interest to me on Mondays, but the hot blonde on 2 Broke Girls has my undying love.

On Tuesdays New Girl, Go On and Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 all have me hooked. Don't Trust the B has gotten funnier and funnier every time I watch it. I saw one episode of Ben and Kate and it made me laugh, too. I may get hooked on this show, dammit.

On Wednesdays Animal Practice, The Middle, The Neighbors, Modern Family and Suburgatory are all awesome. I had to watch Animal Practice as soon as I saw that Joanna Garcia is on it. She's hawt so you know I'm a fan of that show. The Neighbors is just getting goofier and goofier, but in a good way. Modern Family has lots of hotness with Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara both on the same show. And Suburgatory has lots of hot, plus Cheryl Hines has been the funniest person on the show more and more each week.

Thursday is, of course, Big Bang Theory night. And it conflicts with 30 Rock, which is a must see for me. Katrina Bowden plays Cerie Xerox on 30 Rock and for awhile they also had Elizabeth Banks, too. That show is funny as shit. It's a crime that this is its final season. Anyway, after that is a conflict between Two and  a Half Men and Up All Night. Two and a Half Men is always funny, but Christina Applegate is on Up All Night and I'll pretty much watch anything with her in it. It's funny, too. I rarely get to watch The Office, but I've liked it more the past few seasons than I used to. Jenna Fischer used to be really hot, and then they brought in Ellie Kemper and started to really get my attention. Not that hotness is the only reason I watch a show, but it doesn't hurt. The Office is funny, and it always has been, but I have honestly worked with some of the characters on that show and it wasn't funny in real life. I used to avoid the show because it reminded me of those stressful jobs and I just didn't like that. Apparently this is the last season for The Office, too. So 30 Rock and The Office will be gone after this season and Thursdays will be wide open.

Friday, they have moved my favorite show in the world to this night - Community. I love Community. For the longest time it was scheduled opposite Big Bang Theory on Thursdays and most people missed it. This show is genius. And yes, it has hotness in the cast for sure. Anyway, after Community is a freaky show called Grimm. I only started watching Grimm because I saw Claire Coffee in the ads, but then I got into the story and even after she disappeared I kept watching. Now they're bringing her back and I am thrilled.

So anyway, this is what has become of my life. TV has taken over. I used to be going to the gym every day at lunch, but since moving and taking a new job I haven't gotten back into the groove of that. I'm just a useless lump watching TV when I should be working out. I used to practice guitar while zombifying myself in front of the boob tube, but now for various reasons I can't even do that. I'm just sitting there like a lump. Sometimes I pull out my laptop and reply to emails. I had tried to work on the Little Red Riding Hood story while watching TV, but that didn't work at all and I have to stop and wait until all my shows were done and I could turn it off to write. So, this is my life now, lots of TV comedy shows that I used to ignore because I felt that I had better things to do. Apparently I don't have anything to do now and so TV is my nightly pacifier. How sad is that?

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