The Treason of John G Roberts

In 1780, bitter and disillusioned, General Benedict Arnold plotted with British military leaders to betray all the men under his command by handing them over to the British army without so much as a shot fired. His plot was discovered in time, by pure luck, and stopped before it could be carried out.

In 2012, Supreme Court Justice John G. Roberts plotted with one-world communists to betray all the men of the entire United States, as well as the women and children, and hand over their rights, and as well as their bodies, to an all-powerful and unlimited government the likes of which King George of England could only dream. 4 others joined with him. His plot was not discovered and stopped. His plot succeeded.

I fucked you all
On June 28, 2012, John Roberts and his 4 comrades on the US Supreme Court ruled that every single citizen of the United States, in fact every single human being who sets foot in the United States whether legally or illegally, is a subject and not a citizen, entitled to no rights except those the government deigns to permit. Such rights are by definition not rights at all, but privileges.

By his ruling in favor of the mandatory purchase of health insurance, a product, by all persons located within the borders of the United States as well as all US citizens located anywhere in the world, Justice John G Roberts has effectively eliminated the single most fundamental of all human rights, the right to life itself.

By declaring that all persons, by virtue of merely being alive, must pay a "tax" to the government or alternatively a fine, the amount of which is to be randomly determined at the government's whim, John Roberts has decreed that the right to life quite simply does not exist. And it follows that if there is no right to life, then clearly there can be no right to liberty or the pursuit of happiness either. In fact, there are no rights at all where there is no right to life. All is privilege granted by the almighty US Government as it sees fit and revocable at any time should it feel the need or desire.

It is important to understand the scope of this. The instant any person is born into the United States of America, that person immediately owes the government a fee, to be determined at the government's whim, for the mere fact that they are breathing. This logically follows from the Supreme Court's previous decision mandating that the Environmental Protection Agency regulate carbon dioxide, exhaled by every person with every breath, as if it were a harmful substance. This very same Supreme Court decreed that breathing is indeed harmful. Thus the precedent was already put into place for declaring that life is not a right, but a privilege, as well as a burden on the almighty US Government. And as it is such a burden, the Government must tax us all on this burden in order to pay for our maintenance, or not pay, to whatever degree Government sees fit.

Before Obama
I find it ironic that those who screamed "keep your laws off my body" and who relied upon the  Supreme Court for a right that does not exist anywhere in the Constitution or Bill of Rights also supported the Court in this decision. This ruling places our bodies entirely under the law and removes any and all of our rights to control our own bodies, much like in communist China where a woman can be forced to submit to an abortion whether she "chooses" it or not. One might almost think that the feminist movement is nothing more than a big-government communist front using women to further an agenda no woman would want. 

After Obama
The dictionary defines "treason" in three ways. The first definition defines treason as "the offense of acting to overthrow one's government." The second definition says treason is "a violation of one's allegiance to one's sovereign." The third and last definition states that treason is "the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery." 

Who are these 'people' of which you speak?
In a republic, which the United States of America is according to our own laws, our government is of the people, for the people and by the people. The People are the rulers and their will must be obeyed according to law. The vast majority of Americans on the Left and Right stated clearly that they did not want or accept this government takeover of the medical profession. President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress ignored this mandate from The People, a blatant breach of faith. Thus, they are all guilty of treason by definition. 

Unelected, Unaccountable Death Czar
But Justice John Roberts, four relatively normal judges, and four openly anti-Constitutional judges were merely assigned the simple task of determining whether or not this law is legal under the US Constitution, a document whose sole purpose is to define the limits of government power in clear terms. Nowhere in the Constitution or Bill of Rights is government granted the power to order citizens of the United States, or any alien entering our borders, to purchase any product as a condition of merely existing. Yet Obamacare mandates that we all do so in order that Government may regulate it. Moreover, it places absolute power over whether each of us lives or dies in the hands of a single unelected and totally unaccountable government figure, the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Justice Roberts, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Kagan, and Breyer ignored the inconvenient truth that our Constitution does not grant this power to the Government in their ruling. They ignored the Constitution entirely. They betrayed the American People and their oath of office. Thus, they are all guilty of treason, too, according to most commonly recognized definitions.

According to US law, the punishment for treason includes death. If the US were a nation where rule of law were still intact, we might expect an uprising of The People resulting in the arrest, trial and possible execution of Chief Justice Roberts, at least. But as virtually everything President Obama has done in the past 3 years demonstrates, and the Supreme Court's ruling underscores, the United States is NOT a nation of laws. There is no rule of law or respect for even our most fundamental of laws at the highest levels of power in this country. Absolutely no one truly expects that anything will be done about what may very well be the greatest betrayal of the American People in our nation's entire history.

You have no rights. You have no say.
The only 'punishment' these traitorous dirtbags may suffer is to be invited to appear on endless talk shows, interview with newspapers and magazines no one reads anymore, and be praised endlessly by the most detestable of lowlifes in the entertainment industry for the next few weeks, until their next ruling. And then they will disappear again, having destroyed our Constitution and indeed our nation once and for all and gotten away with it.

What, me worry?
A handful of Republicans and conservative pundits are trying to gloss this Armageddon over by painting it as a good thing for the Republican Party. They say voters will be so angry over this act of treason that they will overwhelmingly vote Republican in November. And then, we are told, the Republicans will 'save us' by repealing Obamacare.

Here's why this is wrong, even stupid. First, the damage to the Constitution and rule of law is done. Until a new Supreme Court reverses this decision, the precedent stands, regardless of whether Obamacare survives or not.  Second, anyone who believes the Republican Party leaders are going to allow their newly elected representatives to march into Washington DC and immediately sweep away the single biggest issue that gained them power in the first place is an idiot. They've had more than 30 years to remove affirmative action, but never did. They could have eliminated the racist mandates on Federally rigged elections in the Southern states dating back to the 1960s that create black power centers where no black majority even exists, but they never did. They could have defined marriage, but they never did. They could have done any number of things their supporters clearly stated in no uncertain terms that they wanted them to do for years and years. But they didn't. And they never will.

Get used to this
The Republicans will do with Obamacare the exact same thing that they have done with every other issue that enrages their supporters - they'll hold it out like a carrot on a stick for eternity, never making any effort to resolve it. And the Democrats will do the same, warning their supporters that unless THEY are kept in power, or returned to power, all their supporters beloved entitlements and free handouts will be taken away by 'greedy' Republicans who actually paid the taxes that provided the free ride in the first place. It's a game they both play. And the only losers are the American People.

Waiting for the doctor
In this case, it won't be Justice John Roberts who dies as a result of this treason. It will be all of us, one by one, when we need medical care and are instead left waiting behind an endless line of illegal aliens for the few doctors who continue to practice medicine in a system where they are paid less than their own cost of doing business by a government that can't even run a post office, let alone handle medicine.

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Little Red Riding Hood - part 4

Safely back at home now, Red was having trouble coping with the horror of the entire experience.

"How could the police hurt us worse than the rapist?!" she asked angrily of Mr Wheelhouse, the family attorney. "How could the POLICE actually be WORSE than the criminals?!"

"This happens all the time, Red." Mr Wheelhouse replied calmly. "We're going to demand answers, but don't be surprised if they refuse to give any. In these increasingly hostile and litigious times it isn't at all uncommon for government agencies and law enforcement to simply refuse to acknowledge any and all wrongdoing on their part and force you to prove they've made even the tiniest little error."

"Well we can sure prove it easily enough," Red said bitterly, as she placed one hand on the place where the Taser had penetrated her groin and left a permanent scar. "Daddy was just standing there, unarmed, when they attacked him like a pack of rabid dogs. And I had surrendered. I did everything they asked."

"We can prove a lot," Mr Wheelhouse continued, "but unfortunately the courts are in bed with the police and almost always take their side. The court will likely dismiss as much of our evidence as they can and simply ignore the rest. It is possible, but rare, for a private citizen to obtain justice from the police. In recent years, unfortunately, the Supreme Court has granted law enforcement nearly unlimited power and almost total immunity."

Meanwhile ...
Meanwhile, on Shady Grove Rd, near the spot where Red was attacked by Wolf, a crowd of black protesters were gathering, led by none other than Mr Al Sharpton himself. They held professionally manufactured signs with slogans carefully crafted and printed by a Marxist pro-black liberation marketing firm in Chicago, Illinois. Many of the agitators holding the signs didn't even bother to read them. In fact, some of them couldn't have read the signs if they tried. All of the agitators were being paid for the time they were about to spend shouting slogans, which had been taught to them by Al Sharpton himself and rehearsed earlier that same morning. For some of them, having recently been released from Shelby County Correctional Facility, this was the only job they had held in many years and the first truly legal job they had ever held in their entire lives.

Naturally the black liberation agitators weren't intending to protest merely for the fun of it. Mr Sharpton's corporate-funded political machine had contacted all the local news stations and the major networks before he even boarded the plane to Memphis to make sure news reporters and cameras were ready and waiting for this event. It was going to be their top story for the next several months, if they could manage it, and Mr Sharpton and his team intended to make the most of the opportunity to shout on national TV about their endless grievances against white capitalist cruelty and endless perceived slights of racism.

As the cameras rolled, Al Sharpton stepped up on a hastily constructed stage and began to speak.

"He was killed because he was black!"
"We are here ... because of a hate crime." He sing-songed loudly into the microphone. 

"Amen! Amen!" the mob of 13 black protesters shouted in unison, along with 4 white liberals who happened to be wandering by, but joined in out of guilt and fear of being called 'racists.'

"We are here ... because one of our brothers in slay-vuh-ray ... the slay-vuh-ray of captuhlist white oh-press-son ... has been moidored." He paused for effect. "We are here ... because whenevah ... one black man ANYWHERE suffers injusist" he paused again, waving his finger in the air for effect "all black men everywheya .... suffers injusist!"

"AMEN! AMEN!" the agitators shouted once again.

"This black may-un, this fine young may-un, this Wolf was his names ..." he paused again "cannot even step foots in the neighborhood of these rich white folks" he said, pointing at the 4 white people who had joined his mob and now looked at each other in embarrassment, "without being shot dead in cold bloodishment ..."

"That's right!" one of the protesters shouted.

"and for WHAT?!" Mr Sharpton shouted. "I axed you, for WHAT did he die?!"

"For being black!" several agitators shouted.

"That's right!" more agitators shouted in response. "For being black!"

"For being black," Mr Sharpton agreed, smiling with satisfaction that they had reached the right conclusion.

It was also the exact same conclusion he had instructed them to reach earlier that morning while they were rehearsing for the Press.

"This is the golden goose, Barry"

At the same time, in Washington, DC, Eric Holder sat cross-legged in an eighteenth-century chair in the oval office. Across from him sat his boss, US President Barack Obama.

"This is a golden goose, Barry." Eric said with his trademark quiet, rather high, soft voice. "A golden goose that could save both of our asses if we play it right."

President Obama sat with his elbows on the desk, chin resting on the backs of his hands, fingers intertwined. He was facing straight ahead, but his eyes were turned to Eric. He nodded in agreement. "Oh believe me, I know it. When I heard the news I jumped up and punched the portrait of Thomas Jefferson right in the face and shouted "hell yeah, motherfucker, four more years are in the bag!"

Eric smiled a Mona Lisa smile, as he always did and said, "with this case we can put the white man back on his heels, back on the defensive, where he belongs. We can hit him with the race card so hard it'll land him flat on his tight ass with rich, white, liberal guilt."

"And there's not a damn thing Mitt Romney can do about it, either." Obama added, sitting up straighter now and smiling a broad grin, now looking quite like the Joker in a Batman comic. "We're gonna fuck his entire campaign and then, after its all over and I've won, I'm gonna go to his house and fuck his crippled white wife right up the ass."

"Yep," Eric laughed. "And then we're gonna fuck HIM right up his rich, white ass."

Obama's smile faltered a bit and he sat looking at Eric in a momentarily awkward silence. "Uh, yeah."

... To be continued ...
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Updates and Stuff

I'm interrupting Little Red Riding Hood for a moment just to update everyone on a few things.

I promised to write Little Red Riding Hood and, by God, I am. It's a lot longer than I intended and obviously people are less interested in it than they used to be, but I can't help it. This is just how it's coming out.

Red Riding Hood
My job is still slamming me and a significant number of adjustments in my personal life are combining to make it extremely difficult for me to do much of anything on the internet, including blog.

The car search is still going on. Here is the latest:

I had a line on a nice 2010 Shelby Mustang GT500 that I liked. But it sold before I got to it.

I have been searching like mad for a Dodge Challenger SRT8 that has everything I want. Along the way, I have learned a few things.

First, the year models prior to 2011 all had 6.1 liter engines that were designed and tuned specifically to hit that 425 horsepower number, and in order to do that they had to make it wrap up pretty high in the RPMs. The peak horsepower and torque comes in so high that people complained that it didn't have enough power at the normal driving RPMs, or at least not as much power as it should with such a large engine. So for 2011 they enlarged the engine to 6.4 liters and improved the torque curve substantially. They also improved the ride, handling and just about everything else. So, with that in mind, clearly a 2011 or 2012 model would be what I want. And that is what I am looking for.

No sunroof, please
One more issue with the Challengers, though, is the sunroof. I don't want one. I've had Trans Ams and other cars in the past that made big power and had some sort of sunroof, moonroof, or T-tops and I'll never do that again. You don't want a car with frame-twisting torque combined with a hole in the roof, ever. You'll be sorry if you do. And from what I've read all over the internet, a lot of Challenger SRT owners are discovering this the hard way. There are a lot of complaints about the sunroofs and body damage appearing out of nowhere on the roofs around them. The problem is, 90 percent of the Challenger SRTs out there have sunroofs. That rules out 90 percent of them from my search, in addition to my limiting my search to the 2011 and 12 models. Also, I don't like copper, white, green, and don't especially want the yellow Superbee, either. More limitations for my search. And I'd prefer an automatic transmission since I'm going to be driving this thing in rush hour most of the time and I've already done the manual trans route in the past. It gets tiresome.

Everyone and their brother has heard about the 2011 improvements and so now there is a flood of older models on the market, but a sudden shortage of 2011 models. In fact, Carmax has a grand total of zero 2011 used Dodge Challenger SRT8s and has had this total of zero for the past couple of weeks. They had a single 2012 model, but it had a sunroof so I didn't even ask to have it shipped to Memphis for me to look at.

I nearly had a red 2011 model with black stripes that was right here in Memphis, but it was initially priced too high and then, after they lowered the price a few thousand, it was gone, baby, gone. I hadn't even gotten a chance to run by and ask them about it at the new price.

I was all set to focus exclusively on the SRT8 Challengers and did for a long time. That's how I know that all the 2011 models without sunroofs are GONE. I'm beginning to look more closely at Mustangs again simply because they are available in small numbers and the Challengers aren't available at all. I can get a decent 2011 Shelby GT500 for close to the same price as the 2012 Challenger SRT8, without the sunroof problem, and it's not nearly as hard to find.

But it does cost a lot of money, even so. And meanwhile, a Mustang GT Premium can be had for $10,000 less. It's becoming mighty tempting. Oddly, the standard 5.7 liter Challenger hasn't tempted me at all.

Throw money at it
Also tempting is the idea of simply putting all this money into my 1970 Chevelle SS and turning it into a show car quality machine. That is becoming increasingly tempting as I have grown frustrated in my search for the perfect Challenger. Also a possibility is splitting the money between my 1970 Chevelle and my 1971 Monte Carlo and making them both significantly cooler and more driveable, even though I would almost never consider  using either of them as a daily driver to and from work due to the high incidence of car thefts in and around Memphis, and how easy it is to steal an antique car compared to a modern car.

So that's the situation at present. In case anyone wanted to know.

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Little Red Riding Hood - Part 3

Red pulled out her cell phone as she stood over the now lifeless body of the mysterious Wolf and dialed 9-1-1. A Memphis dispatcher answered her call.

"Nine one one, what is your emergency?"

"I've just killed a man," Red blurted breathlessly into the phone. "He jumped on me out of nowhere and tried to rape me and I killed him!"
I've just killed a man
"Try to be calm, ma'am," the dispatcher said, sounding oddly bored. "I need to know your name, please."

"I'm Red ... er, Katie. My name is Katie, Katie Reidenhausen, but no one calls me that."

"Are you injured, Miss Reidenhausen?" the bored dispatcher asked dispassionately.

"No, er, I don't think so. I don't know." Red began to look herself over to see if she noticed any wounds or gushing blood. The blood red hoodie she wore didn't help her search any.

"Are you sure this person is dead? What did you use to kill him? Do you have a weapon?"

"Yes, I'm sure he's dead! I shot him four times so unless he's just really good at lying motionless on the ground without breathing I'd say he's pretty much dead. I think he's pretty stoned, so maybe he's not, I don't know."

The conversation continued and eventually the dispatcher promised to send the police and an ambulance to help.

After Red finished talking to the dispatcher, and seeing no police anywhere in sight, she called her father.

"Daddy," she began to cry into the phone "I was just attacked! I killed him and I called the police and they say they're coming but no one has shown up and I'm scared! Can you please come and wait for the police with me?"

Red's father arrived on the scene in an instant, skidding up the curb and sliding on the sidewalk in his gleaming white Jaguar XKR, which he leaped out of nearly before it had come to a complete stop. He ran to his daughter to see if she was all right.

One hour and several calls to 911 dispatchers later, four police cars came tearing down the street, passed the Reidenhausens as they tried to flag them down, turned down another street and kept going. 10 minutes later they came back and skidded to a stop in front of Red. Four enormous Memphis police officers dressed in black military special forces combat fatigues threw open their driver's doors and leaped from their cars with their guns drawn. They aimed them at Red Riding Hood and began screaming at her not to move or they would shoot her. Her father was some distance from her, near his car, and began trying to get the officers attention. "She's the VICTIM," Mr Reidenhausen shouted, but they ignored him.

"Where is the gun, ma'am?" all four officers barked in unison. "Put down the gun and show us your hands. Do it! Do it NOW!!!"

Red, shaking in terror, took out her little revolver and placed it on the grass. Then she held out her hands and stood perfectly still as the police began to charge straight at her. Before she or her father could speak a word, one of the officers shot her at point blank range with a Taser, spearing her in the stomach and groin simultaneously before approximately 50,000 volts of pure evil began pulsating through her body, making her feel as if her body was being torn apart over and over again. She fell helplessly to the ground, unable to move to catch herself and hitting her head. It nearly knocked her unconscious, an electrifying deja vu from the first time she was attacked that evening.

"What the hell are you doing?!" her father screamed. "She's the victim! She was attacked! How dare you! Stop it!"

In a flash, another officer drew his Taser and shot Mr Reidenhausen, spearing his stomach and testicles before literally frying him with ultra high voltage as he fell screaming in agony to the concrete. His heart began fluttering uselessly in his chest instead of beating properly. His bladder, the nerves controlling it instantly burned away by the Taser, along with those of his genitals, opened up and dumped the yellow contents into his Armani pants. His forehead opened up and streamed blood as it bounced off the concrete sidewalk. Despite all of this, he still tried to crawl towards his little girl and protect her. Two officers responded by jumping on him feet first, as if trying to crush an insect.

A single ambulance arrived moments later. Two black-clad officers were now literally standing on top of Red Riding Hood's father, one with his knee on the back of his neck so that it appeared as if the officer was trying to break his spine as he ground his face deeper into the pavement. They jerked his arms violently behind his back far enough to dislocate his right shoulder and one of them placed handcuffs on him even as the other continued to pulsate electric current from the Taser throughout his body the entire time.

Red, meanwhile, was only vaguely aware of an officer screaming at her as she lay on the ground, tears streaming down her cheeks, Taser still coursing through her. "What happened here? Why did you kill that man? Is he your drug dealer? Where did you get that gun? You'd better talk, you piece of shit!" the officer barked at her.

Dissatisfied with Red's inability to answer, the officer released the trigger on his Taser, drew back his fist and punched Red three times in the face. "Do you want me to charge you with obstructing justice, you little bitch?" he threatened. "You better fucking answer me or I'll stick this Taser so far up your cunt you'll think you were having the devil's own baby!"

The two paramedics climbed out of their vehicle. The driver caught the attention of one of the officers who was currently not electrocuting, stomping or otherwise beating on anyone and asked "Which one are we here for?" His partner stood beside him looking around at the chaotic scene as he tried to figure out who was going to need the most urgent treatment and who was simply dead.

"I don't know yet." the officer replied with a calm matter-of-factness. "We still haven't figured out what exactly is going on. I think that one in all black is dead, but you'd better check. And the old man and the girl are going to both need treatment for the Taser darts sticking in them," he said, motioning to Red and her father. "They'll have to be taken to Baptist East hospital for that. And a lot depends on how much damage we're forced to do to the two who aren't dead yet, obviously." he said with a smirk.

Two hours later, the entire scene had been moved to the waiting room of Baptist East hospital. Police had finally stopped beating and torturing Red and her father and given them an opportunity to explain the situation, which Red had already done when she called 911 in the first place. Red's father was badly injured and had to be admitted, but before the nurses wheeled him away he had managed to call the family attorney, David Wheelhouse, and convince him to come down to the hospital right away. A higher-ranking officer had arrived and taken Red's statement, finishing up just as Mr Wheelhouse, came charging through the doors.

"What's the situation here?" Mr Wheelhouse demanded. "What has my client done wrong? Are either of them being charged with a crime?"

"No sir," the officer in charge replied, "no charges have been filed just yet. It appears to be a case of justifiable homicide committed in self-defense. We could charge both of them with resisting arrest and assaulting an officer, but for now we're not filing any charges against anyone."

"Resisting arrest?!" Red screamed in outrage. "Assaulting an officer?! We didn't ..." But Mr Wheelhouse interrupted her, placing his hand between her and the officer in charge.

"Katie, let me handle this." he said. "You're upset, which is understandable, but you don't know how the system works and you could make things worse without meaning to."

Red Riding Hood looked at Mr Wheelhouse in disbelief and seethed silently, unconsciously rubbing herself where bandages covered the charred wound in her groin that the Taser had left. The nurse had informed her that it would leave a permanent scar. If what she had seen so far was "how the system works" then as far as she was concerned the system didn't work at all.

Mr Wheelhouse and the officer-in-charge continued to talk as Red looked off down the hall, wondering where her father was and how he was doing.

Red's father was not doing well. The Taser had destroyed all the nerves in his genitals, leaving him impotent. It had also destroyed nerves leading into his bladder, leaving him incontinent. He would have to wear adult diapers for the rest of his life. He had a concussion from hitting his head on the sidewalk. Worse still, he had suffered a heart attack while being  tortured with the Taser.

Meanwhile, the story of Red Riding Hood's horrific ordeal had already spread across the Lexus/Nexus network and reporters were picking up the story. Later that night the very first report of Red's ordeal was broadcast on CNN, with a smiling blonde female reporter reading from a teleprompter wearing a bland plastic smile, "earlier tonight in Memphis, Tennessee, a wealthy white woman shot and killed an unarmed black man who had the misfortune to wander into her upperclass neighborhood where some say he did not belong. Memphis police say no charges will be filed against her."

The Reverend Al Sharpton happened to be watching that very channel as the report aired. "No charges? What?? No FUCKING charges?!" he shouted as he bobbed his head and waved his hands around in angry gestures, eyes bulging out of his head. "We'll just see about that, you bourgeois white capitalist bitch!" he barked as he snatched up the telephone and began to dial the personal cell phone of US Attorney General Eric Holder.

... to be continued ...

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From Ronnie Wood’s girlfriend to a glamour model: Katia Ivanova

From Ronnie Wood’s girlfriend to a glamour model: Katia Ivanova’s descent down the fame ranks comes to an abrupt end with revealing shoot

    She once was the envy of many female Rolling Stones' fans when she was revealed as the woman Ronnie Wood's left his wife for.
Following their break up in December 2009 after a blazing row Katia Ivanova has struggled to firmly find her place in world of celebrities.
But now gracing the cover of popular men's magazine ZOO a topless Katia bares all about her taste in men and why it was important for her to show off her ample assets. 
Off the radar: Katia Ivanova covers ZOO magazine in her first topless shoot
Off the radar: Katia Ivanova covers ZOO magazine in her first topless shoot
Biting a strawberry the 23-year-old sizzles in the shoot as she is pictured wearing black and cream lingerie showing off her trim figure.
    Wearing her blonde tresses down the former waitress smoulders in the shoot as her striking blue eyes are highlighted with dark eye makeup.
    Speaking to ZOO about her decision to go topless for the first time she said: 'I wanted to spice things up a bit. I don’t party as much as I used to, so this is my alternative!'
    'Besides, it’s another thing I can say I’ve done. Appearing topless in ZOO can now be ticked off my bucket list!'
    She continued: 'Posing like this is empowering. I feel confident and, more important, sexy!'
    'Empowering': Katia showed off her trim figure in a sultry shoot with the popular men's magazine
    'Empowering': Katia showed off her trim figure in a sultry shoot with the popular men's magazine
    The Russia model first came into the spotlight when she started dating English rocker Ronnie Wood but quickly fell off the radar after her brief stint on Celebrity Big Brother in 2010 where she failed to impress viewers and was evicted first.
    During her short time in the house she locked lips with Swedish DJ Basshunter whose looks differ a huge amount in comparison to the 65-year-old Rolling Stones guitarist.
    Admitting that she doesn't have a type looks wise, Ivanova stated that she is attracted to 'artistic people'.
    She told the magazine: 'Well, I do like art. Being spontaneous will get you somewhere, too. And there has to be chemistry. I could meet someone who’s a complete d**k, but because there’s a spark I could still fall for him. Weird, huh?'
    Happy that her fling with Wood hasn't defined her entire existence, she revealed that not wanting to get caught in his shadow was one of the reasons she went into the house and has now posed topless.
    Still bitter? The 23-year-old told the magazine that Ronnie Wood had the mentality of a teenager
    Still bitter? The 23-year-old told the magazine that Ronnie Wood had the mentality of a teenager
    ZOO magazine out now
    ZOO magazine out now
    Despite the fact her relationship with Ronnie ended almost two and a half years ago, Katia couldn't help but take a dig at the rockstar.
    When asked whether she likes the fact that a member of The Rolling Stones is included in the list of her former flames, the blonde answer seemed to stem from bitter roots.
    She said: 'Going out with an older man can be quite different, but he had the mentality of a 15-year-old. He didn’t even teach me to sing.' 
    Changing the tone from angry ex-girlfriend, she then quipped: 'I still sound like a dead cat!'
    Last month it was revealed that Katia had become in engaged to Scottish singer David Arthur, 27, the frontman for indie band Victoria.
    The couple, who started dating last year, announced their engagement at a London party.
    Attending the launch party of photography firm Fashot in the Sketch restaurant in Mayfair, Katia was pictured flashing a diamond engagement ring on her left hand.
    A friend of Katia's told the Sunday Mirror: 'She has completely turned her life round since Ronnie. She now works in a furniture store and is completely loved up with David.'
    The full interview is out now in ZOO magazine

    Read more:
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    Little Red Riding Hood - Part 2

    Red hit the ground with her arms pinned so that she was unable to catch herself or cushion her fall at all. She landed on the grass, but still, she hit hard. Wolf had a death-grip on both of her arms and landed on top of her, eyes glazed over and mouth forming an evil horrid-smelling grin. Her head hit the ground and for a moment she felt the world spin. Wolf pressed his groin against hers and started to laugh. As he did so, he let go of her arms and reached down to undo her pants with his right hand while he gripped her hair with his left and began to bang the back of her head repeatedly against the ground.

    As soon as her arms were free, Red shoved her right hand into the right pocket of her hoodie. She gripped the small snub-nosed .38 revolver tightly and started to pull it out. But Wolf was pressing into her right side with his left shoulder as he fumbled with her pants, making it difficult for her to move her arm and draw the gun out of her pocket. Worse still, the gun seemed to be hanging up on the material of the hoodie itself. She could not get damn thing out! The beating of her head against the ground was nearly knocking her unconscious. She could barely think or see straight. She could feel that her pants were now unbuttoned and that Wolf was apparently busy undoing his own pants.

    BLAM! Red fired straight through her pocket into Wolf.

    BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! She blindly fired three more shots, moving the gun around in her pocket as she did so because she couldn't see clearly and didn't know for certain if she was hitting him. Although she could feel him against the gun and almost certainly hit something. It was point-blank, after all, but not being able to see she wasn't taking any chances.

    Her father had taught her from a young age that there are certain parts of the body you have to aim for. Shoot too low and you'll just make the person angry, especially if they are on drugs and not feeling the pain like a normal person, but you won't stop them. She wasn't sure, but it felt to her like she was shooting Wolf in the stomach or lower ribs. Higher would be better, but she couldn't move her arm far enough for a shot in the chest.

    Wolf stopped banging her head against the ground and let go of her hair. Her eyes began to focus again. She knew Wolf was still on top of her because she could feel him easily enough. But it was dark and she was having trouble seeing clearly. She had only 1 shot left in her 5-shot revolver. She had saved it on purpose in case the first four hadn't done the job. If she needed to shoot again, she wanted to see clearly so she could aim for the head or heart.

    Her heart was pounding in her chest. Her breathing was very rapid and she felt as if she might get sick. Her whole body felt shaky and weak. She had always thought it ironic how the flow of adrenaline makes you feel weak even though they say it actually makes you stronger.

    Her eyes were clear now, but the moon was overhead and all she could see of Wolf was his outline above her. He was still on top of her, but his hands were down around his stomach and he just seemed to be hovering there, not moving or doing anything. It seemed like he had one hand on the ground next to her on her right. He seemed to be holding his stomach with his other hand and leaning slightly to his left.

    Red pushed him hard with her left hand and threw him off of her so that he fell to his left as she rolled away from him. She jumped to her knees and pulled the gun out of her now shredded and smoking pocket. She aimed it at him and waited for him to make a move.

    But he never did. He just laid there beside the curb, eyes open and glassy, like before, and he looked at her. The moonlight shone on half his face now and he looked almost like a ghoul, with empty eye sockets and no expression. His hand was still across his stomach and the other arm was outstretched in front of him where it had been propping him up.

    Red kept her gun aimed at his face. She knew she should aim for the chest, but for some reason she really wanted to shoot him in the face. It was more personal somehow, more satisfying. And if he moved even a little bit, that would be all the excuse she was looking for.

    But he never did. Big, bad Wolf was dead.

    To be continued ...

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    Little Red Riding Hood - Part 1

    Little Red Riding Hood
    Little Red Riding Hood, as everyone called her, was 15 years old, 5'8", thin, blonde, and beautiful like a fashion model. Her real name was Katie, but no one had used that name for years. She had a heart-shaped face with perfect cheekbones and wide, large, blue eyes. Her long blonde hair flowed down to just about the middle of her lower back. She parted it in the middle. Her eye makeup was heavy and dark, like a Kardashian, only less slutty. The lipstick on her perpetually smiling mouth was bright red, as was the hoodie she wore every day over her tight white tank top and denim shorts. Her boots were tall and black, up to her knees, with 4 inch heels. They weren't comfortable shoes to be wearing as she walked back and forth for hours at the corner of Shady Grove and Briarcrest. But they served their purpose. It was her corner. She walked it every single night. Shady Grove could be a rough place for a girl of 15, but it was the only neighborhood she had ever known.

    Occasionally cars would stop, windows would roll down, drivers would speak to her, invite her to get in. And sometimes she did get in.

    One dark night, as Little Red Riding Hood was leaning in the window of a Porsche and talking to Brandon, a 17-year-old boy she knew from school, a strange black boy approached her. He was wearing black jeans, black shoes, a black shirt and a black hoodie, with the hood up over his head obscuring most of his face. All that could be seen of his features in the darkness were the whites of his eyes. And his snarling teeth, when he spoke.

    "Yo, bitch," he barked "what you doin' out here dressed like that? You workin'?" He hoped.

    Red Riding Hood looked over at him. She hadn't even heard him walk up. She wondered where he came from. He clearly wasn't from this neighborhood or she would have recognized him. She knew everyone around her particular 'hood.' He was a total stranger to her.

    "Red, I gotta go," Brandon said, checking the clock on his dash. "I'll see you tomorrow." And he drove away into the shadowy night, with the light from the huge Spring moon reflecting off the bright red paint of his Porsche.

    The black boy stepped closer to Red Riding Hood until he was just a little too close. "Cuz if you is workin' then I is buyin', know what I mean?" He smiled.

    Red did not smile. She stepped back slightly and put her hands in the pockets of her hoodie. As she did so she noticed that the boy also had his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. "Who are you?" she asked him.

    I'm Wolf

    "I'm Wolf," he said with an overconfident sneer. "No one could pronounce the name my momma gave me so everybody just call me Wolf. Who you be?"

    Wolf was tall, at least 6'2", and skinny. And there was something about him that made Little Red Riding Hood feel very uncomfortable, but she wasn't sure yet what it was.

    'Who you be?' That bothered her, too. Red didn't know anyone who talked like that who wasn't poor or pretending to be gangster, and she wasn't really into either one.

    "I'm Red," she replied somewhat annoyed. "Everybody calls me Red. And no I'm not workin'. I live here. Do you live around here, too?"

    "Girrrrrrrrl," Wolf drawled, "you mos' definitely workin' it!" he laughed, and he took another step forward.

    "Look, I gotta go home. It's late and I have homework ..." Red took a step back and turned slightly to show that she was leaving.

    "Whaaaat?? Wait, where you goin'? Girl, don' leave me here. Don' leave me with a broken heart. You FINE. You SO fine!" Wolf said, and he took two steps forward until he was right in Red Riding Hood's face. It was then that she could see into Wolf's eyes. They were glassy eyes, solid black and watery. They were the eyes of a man high on something. Worse than that, his breath smelled like rotting flesh.

    "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks," Red sputtered, "but I have to go home now."

    "Oh no," Wolf said, pulling his hands out of his pockets. "Don't go, baby. Don't go. Stay here wit' me."

    And then he grabbed her arms with both hands and pushed her to the ground.

    (To Be Continued)

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