The Treason of John G Roberts

In 1780, bitter and disillusioned, General Benedict Arnold plotted with British military leaders to betray all the men under his command by handing them over to the British army without so much as a shot fired. His plot was discovered in time, by pure luck, and stopped before it could be carried out.

In 2012, Supreme Court Justice John G. Roberts plotted with one-world communists to betray all the men of the entire United States, as well as the women and children, and hand over their rights, and as well as their bodies, to an all-powerful and unlimited government the likes of which King George of England could only dream. 4 others joined with him. His plot was not discovered and stopped. His plot succeeded.

I fucked you all
On June 28, 2012, John Roberts and his 4 comrades on the US Supreme Court ruled that every single citizen of the United States, in fact every single human being who sets foot in the United States whether legally or illegally, is a subject and not a citizen, entitled to no rights except those the government deigns to permit. Such rights are by definition not rights at all, but privileges.

By his ruling in favor of the mandatory purchase of health insurance, a product, by all persons located within the borders of the United States as well as all US citizens located anywhere in the world, Justice John G Roberts has effectively eliminated the single most fundamental of all human rights, the right to life itself.

By declaring that all persons, by virtue of merely being alive, must pay a "tax" to the government or alternatively a fine, the amount of which is to be randomly determined at the government's whim, John Roberts has decreed that the right to life quite simply does not exist. And it follows that if there is no right to life, then clearly there can be no right to liberty or the pursuit of happiness either. In fact, there are no rights at all where there is no right to life. All is privilege granted by the almighty US Government as it sees fit and revocable at any time should it feel the need or desire.

It is important to understand the scope of this. The instant any person is born into the United States of America, that person immediately owes the government a fee, to be determined at the government's whim, for the mere fact that they are breathing. This logically follows from the Supreme Court's previous decision mandating that the Environmental Protection Agency regulate carbon dioxide, exhaled by every person with every breath, as if it were a harmful substance. This very same Supreme Court decreed that breathing is indeed harmful. Thus the precedent was already put into place for declaring that life is not a right, but a privilege, as well as a burden on the almighty US Government. And as it is such a burden, the Government must tax us all on this burden in order to pay for our maintenance, or not pay, to whatever degree Government sees fit.

Before Obama
I find it ironic that those who screamed "keep your laws off my body" and who relied upon the  Supreme Court for a right that does not exist anywhere in the Constitution or Bill of Rights also supported the Court in this decision. This ruling places our bodies entirely under the law and removes any and all of our rights to control our own bodies, much like in communist China where a woman can be forced to submit to an abortion whether she "chooses" it or not. One might almost think that the feminist movement is nothing more than a big-government communist front using women to further an agenda no woman would want. 

After Obama
The dictionary defines "treason" in three ways. The first definition defines treason as "the offense of acting to overthrow one's government." The second definition says treason is "a violation of one's allegiance to one's sovereign." The third and last definition states that treason is "the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery." 

Who are these 'people' of which you speak?
In a republic, which the United States of America is according to our own laws, our government is of the people, for the people and by the people. The People are the rulers and their will must be obeyed according to law. The vast majority of Americans on the Left and Right stated clearly that they did not want or accept this government takeover of the medical profession. President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress ignored this mandate from The People, a blatant breach of faith. Thus, they are all guilty of treason by definition. 

Unelected, Unaccountable Death Czar
But Justice John Roberts, four relatively normal judges, and four openly anti-Constitutional judges were merely assigned the simple task of determining whether or not this law is legal under the US Constitution, a document whose sole purpose is to define the limits of government power in clear terms. Nowhere in the Constitution or Bill of Rights is government granted the power to order citizens of the United States, or any alien entering our borders, to purchase any product as a condition of merely existing. Yet Obamacare mandates that we all do so in order that Government may regulate it. Moreover, it places absolute power over whether each of us lives or dies in the hands of a single unelected and totally unaccountable government figure, the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Justice Roberts, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Kagan, and Breyer ignored the inconvenient truth that our Constitution does not grant this power to the Government in their ruling. They ignored the Constitution entirely. They betrayed the American People and their oath of office. Thus, they are all guilty of treason, too, according to most commonly recognized definitions.

According to US law, the punishment for treason includes death. If the US were a nation where rule of law were still intact, we might expect an uprising of The People resulting in the arrest, trial and possible execution of Chief Justice Roberts, at least. But as virtually everything President Obama has done in the past 3 years demonstrates, and the Supreme Court's ruling underscores, the United States is NOT a nation of laws. There is no rule of law or respect for even our most fundamental of laws at the highest levels of power in this country. Absolutely no one truly expects that anything will be done about what may very well be the greatest betrayal of the American People in our nation's entire history.

You have no rights. You have no say.
The only 'punishment' these traitorous dirtbags may suffer is to be invited to appear on endless talk shows, interview with newspapers and magazines no one reads anymore, and be praised endlessly by the most detestable of lowlifes in the entertainment industry for the next few weeks, until their next ruling. And then they will disappear again, having destroyed our Constitution and indeed our nation once and for all and gotten away with it.

What, me worry?
A handful of Republicans and conservative pundits are trying to gloss this Armageddon over by painting it as a good thing for the Republican Party. They say voters will be so angry over this act of treason that they will overwhelmingly vote Republican in November. And then, we are told, the Republicans will 'save us' by repealing Obamacare.

Here's why this is wrong, even stupid. First, the damage to the Constitution and rule of law is done. Until a new Supreme Court reverses this decision, the precedent stands, regardless of whether Obamacare survives or not.  Second, anyone who believes the Republican Party leaders are going to allow their newly elected representatives to march into Washington DC and immediately sweep away the single biggest issue that gained them power in the first place is an idiot. They've had more than 30 years to remove affirmative action, but never did. They could have eliminated the racist mandates on Federally rigged elections in the Southern states dating back to the 1960s that create black power centers where no black majority even exists, but they never did. They could have defined marriage, but they never did. They could have done any number of things their supporters clearly stated in no uncertain terms that they wanted them to do for years and years. But they didn't. And they never will.

Get used to this
The Republicans will do with Obamacare the exact same thing that they have done with every other issue that enrages their supporters - they'll hold it out like a carrot on a stick for eternity, never making any effort to resolve it. And the Democrats will do the same, warning their supporters that unless THEY are kept in power, or returned to power, all their supporters beloved entitlements and free handouts will be taken away by 'greedy' Republicans who actually paid the taxes that provided the free ride in the first place. It's a game they both play. And the only losers are the American People.

Waiting for the doctor
In this case, it won't be Justice John Roberts who dies as a result of this treason. It will be all of us, one by one, when we need medical care and are instead left waiting behind an endless line of illegal aliens for the few doctors who continue to practice medicine in a system where they are paid less than their own cost of doing business by a government that can't even run a post office, let alone handle medicine.

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