April's Deadly Political Showers

Obama Nation

Under the Democrats the military declared that gay soldiers should keep their homosexuality to themselves. The Clintons created and labeled this policy "Don't Ask Don't Tell." The Democrats celebrated what they called a new policy of "tolerance" because homosexual soldiers would no longer receive a court martial for being openly and flagrantly homosexual. When Bush became president the Democrats suddenly reversed course and said that "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was homophobic, based on hate, and blamed the Republicans for this policy of "intolerance" towards homosexuals. Under the Democrats and President Obama "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was repealed. Just last week the Democrats replaced "Don't Ask Don't Tell" with "If you are openly Christian you will be court martialed."

Jason Collins and his girlfriend

Prior to the open declaration of war on Christians in the military, President Obama ignored several US soldiers who just died in battle, and chose instead to spend his vacation time honoring a professional basketball player of very little talent for claiming to be gay. Jason Collins, a never starting player for the Washington Wizards who was rumored to be getting cut from the team at the end of the season, suddenly announced that he is gay. His former girlfriend of many years was surprised to hear this. But President Obama was so excited that he dropped everything, including his duties as Commander-in-Chief of the US military, to call Jason personally and tell him how excited he was to hear of another gay, black basketball player.

Religion of 'peace'

In the month of April 4 very unusual explosions occurred across the United States. One was the infamous Boston Massacre bombing of the Boston Marathon. 2 men were captured and 1 man, who has not been identified and thus appears to have had nothing to do with the bombing, was forcibly stripped naked by police at gunpoint out in the middle of a public street while CNN broadcast the forced nudity to the entire world. No charges of sexual assault and indecency have been filed against the authorities, and yet no explanation has been given as to who the man was, what gave anyone the authority to publicly strip him naked or where he is now.

Meanwhile, in the Obama-hated state of Texas, a fertilizer plant mysteriously exploded, killing many American citizens. No cause for the explosion has been determined, but Leftist newspapers posted cartoons and articles celebrating the deaths in Texas.

Meanwhile, in Mobile, Alabama, two fuel barges on the Mississippi River mysteriously exploded. No cause for the explosion has been determined.

Meanwhile, in west Texas again, a natural gas explosion killed 2 men and injured 3 more. A government agency investigating the explosion suggests that perhaps the men pierced a gas line and caused the explosion, but they aren't sure.

Meanwhile, as all of these explosions were occurring and keeping the American People and news media busy, and an untalented basketball player was claiming to be heroically gay, the Obama Administration has been busily announcing some of the most anti-American, anti-Christian, shocking policy changes in the history of the United States of America, including their blatantly Christophobic military court martial of all openly Christian soldiers.


Meanwhile, investigations into the President's role in the Benghazi scandal are heating up and there is increasing talk that he may be facing impeachment over it. He and his staff, all the while, continue to deflect by saying "Benghazi was a long time ago." It was September 11, 2012, less than a year ago.


Meanwhile, Democrat darling and abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell, is on trial for murdering massive numbers of babies born alive and well in his media-celebrated abortion factory. One of his own nurses took investigators through the 'clinic' to show them the horrifically filthy and Nazi-camp-like conditions of the operating rooms where the slaughters occurred. The more that is known about the clinic and the actions of Dr. Gosnell, the more shocking it is. But the Leftist News Media, always defending abortion on demand no matter what, has steadfastly refused to report on the trial at all, as is the standard communist policy that no communist ever allows a negative light to be shown on anything the communists do or support.

CBS - you can say "asshole" or "dickhead"
but you can't say "Christ"

Meanwhile, on the David Letterman show, actor Jim Parsons was censored by the very antiChrist network CBS when he said "For Christ's sake!" during his interview. The word 'Christ' was deleted as it is offensive to all the communists who booed God three separate times at the Democratic National Convention. There has been no word if the FCC plans to fine CBS or Mr Parsons for the reference to the disallowed messiah, Jesus Christ, on a communist television network.

WNBA representative

Meanwhile, a WNBA player who is openly lesbian claims that Jason Collins announcement that he is gay will somehow save lives somewhere, although no one is quite sure how since gays in Western nations face no threats of violence or death greater than any other ordinary citizen of their respective nations do and, in fact, enjoy greater protections from violence than all other citizens.

Meanwhile, all attempts to find any WNBA players who are not homosexual has met with total frustration as the WNBA seems to maintain a heterophobic policy of "no straight girls allowed."

Meanwhile, the NFL team the Washington Redskins, Washington being the same district in which their NBA counterparts are enjoying favorable media coverage for having a black player with a white girlfriend suddenly and mysteriously announce that he is gay, is suddenly working to change its team name, Redskins, because any reference to American Indians has been deemed 'racist' and thus a sin by white liberals with no Indian heritage whatsoever. In response to this conveniently timed act apparently intended to assist with providing cover for the White House during the most hostile and controversial month of April in memory, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III declared on Twitter, In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness.” 

Washington Redskins quarterback publicly acknowledges God

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