Rose Leslie naked in Game of Thrones’ as Ygritte seduces Jon Snow in a cave

She’s really Wild: Game of Thrones’ Ygritte seduces Jon Snow in a cave

Rose Leslie naked in the latest episode of the TV show Game of Thrones
Upfront ... Ygritte asks Jon to break his vow of celibacy

GAME of Thrones’s Ygritte strips naked to test the allegiance of her newest tribe member Jon Snow.

In last night’s episode of the hit HBO show the fiery red-head was seen seducing her virgin prisoner in a cave filled with volcanic springs.
Scottish actress Rose Leslie, who plays Wildling woman Ygritte, is the latest female to peel of her clothes for the fantasy series.
Jon Snow looks at naked Ygritte
Bot a sight ... Jon looks stunned
The steamy romp — which took a day to shoot — was filmed in an Icelandic geyser in temperatures as low as minus 26.
Ygritte tells Jon he must prove once and for all he’s not a traitor by forsaking the vow of celibacy he made with his former brothers of the Night’s Watch.
Ygritte stipped naked
Wild thing ... Ygritte sheds her furs
The level of Jon’s commitment to the Wildlings hangs in the balance as their thousands-strong army plot an attack on his former allies.
Aristocratic Rose, who played lowly housemaid Gwen in Downton Abbey, said: "It’s a very beautiful scene and (nice things) don’t happen very often on the show
"It’s just two people falling in love. It’s very beautiful.”
Ygritte looks at Jon Snow
Falling in love ... Ygritte and Jon
Kit Harington, who plays Jon, agrees the tender scene was a break from some of the harsher realities of life in the medieval realm.
He said: “It is one of the very few happy moments where you can escape from the grimness and horror of Westeros.”
"I enjoyed it a lot ... I think Jon’s the only one on the show who hasn’t had sex yet, it seems to be, so that was nice. You’re rooting for him."
The couple were linked in real life after they were spotted kissing in a London restaurant. They have not commented on their relationship since
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