Cat Sends Gifts from Australia

A few months ago I sent a Christmas card to AlleyCat in Australia. In response, she sent me a package that included a tube of Australia's favorite food, Vegemite, which I have already eaten most of, 3 CDs of her cousin's band, a refrigerator magnet from her and her husband's business, a bumpersticker from her favorite radio station, and a letter telling me how awesome I am, or something along those lines.

I think this is really cool. And I am still amazed at how long it takes to send something between the US and Australia by mail in this day and age. But I guess it is one heck of a long flight so probably my package took the long way to Memphis, starting in Melbourne and stopping in LA before being molested by affirmative action US Postal Service employees for several weeks along its long path to my house. Now that its here I've been slathering Ritz crackers with Vegemite and eating large quantities of them. A little Vegemite goes a long way, but even so, I'm halfway through the tube already.

Thanks Cat for this awesome package. Now I need to figure out something uniquely American to send to you, like maybe a coffee cup with a warning that coffee is hot.

Only in America

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