I Have Raging Jock Itch

Why won't you take my calls, old buddy?

The Republican Party has been harassing the living shit out of me for months and months. They call 4 and 5 times a day, often more, from 7 am to 10 pm, wait for my answering machine to begin recording, and then hang up. Once or twice I have picked up the phone and screamed into it, "STOP FUCKING CALLING ME, YOU ASSHOLES!"

Do you think this request be me had the slightest effect on their calls? Do you think they stopped? Do you think Karl Rove and company are the least bit concerned that their calls are harassment? No, not at all. They don't give a fuck. They want my money and they seem to feel entitled to bully me until they get it. So here's what I'm going to do. I've written down every single phone number they've used to bomb my answering machine and I'm going to post them all here on the internet. I'd like for anyone reading this to call these numbers whenever you feel the urge and wait for an answer. Then hang up. This is what they're doing to me and everyone else they call. So it is perfectly acceptable for all of us to do it to them. If you are so inclined, feel free to program these numbers into any sort of telephone software on your computers and set it to call over and over and over again, nonstop. That's fine. That, too, is what the Republican party leaders are doing to me, so that makes it OK for anyone else to do it to them.

Here are their numbers along with the various caller id labels they used to try to trick their way in:

202-367-9216        "IMPORTANT"
202-367-9241        "REP NAT COMM"
202-367-9295        "NRCC"
404-891-5694        "NRCC"
302-394-9726        "NAT REP CNGR CM"
301-223-0055        "MEMBER ALERT"
301-223-0051        "PAT BYERS"
703-398-0804        "ALEX SMITH"
901-313-4994        "NRCC"
901-313-4995        "NRCC"

That's a lot of numbers, isn't it? And they've all called me over and over and over and over and over, for months, always wanting me to give them money so they can not do a damn thing I ask and instead meet with the leaders of the Democratic Party to discuss how to fuck us all together and destroy the Tea Party. I know this because in the past I answered the calls and managed to speak to someone. They demand money. And they will call you repeatedly to tell you how badly they want it, and complain about how you haven't given them any.  So how about we show them a little love, and do our civic duty at the same time by treating them the way they're treating me? Let's call them up and hang up as soon as they pick up the phone, like they've done to me and my machine literally hundreds of times over the past several months. Don't even bother speaking to them. They didn't respond to me when I screamed at them to stop calling. Just hang up. That's what Karl would do. So lets all be like Karl. Give him a call and hang up.

I just got another letter from my insurance agent. If you live in the United States I'm willing to bet that you've gotten more than a few letters like this from your agent, no matter who you get your insurance through. It 'encourages' me to grant my insurance company the authority to tap into my car's computers and monitor me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the rest of my life. It says I'll save money by showing them that I'm not a bad driver and don't break the law. They say they're just asking.

This is like how they used to ask us to buy insurance. And meanwhile they went behind our backs and spent all our money lobbying corrupt lawmakers to make buying insurance mandatory and not buying it a criminal offense. Then they began creeping inside our cars, like Grandma when she sat in the back seat and complained about every single thing I did while driving. They made it illegal not to wear a seatbelt. It isn't for your safety anymore. No, its to maximize the profits of the insurance political machine, because lobbying is expensive and if you, their client, get hurt in a wreck it costs them more than if you are strapped in place and can't move. This maximizes the effect of the air bag that explodes into your face and breaks your nose and in some cases an arm or two, even in low speed collisions where no one would otherwise have been hurt expect for the damn air bags. Forget freedom. This is about controlling your every move. Literally.

Rest assured, even as the insurance political machine is 'asking' us for permission to tap into our cars computers so they can monitor us like Grandma in the back seat, they are actively lobbying for this access to be made mandatory by law and anyone denying it to them a criminal. Not that it matters. At the rate President Obama is handing out 'free' military drones to small town police departments it won't be long before every insurance agent in the country has a fleet of them and our skies are black with drones buzzing around monitoring our every single move.

To serve and protect .... the State

Pretty soon it won't just be 'discouraged' to smoke cigarettes or grill meat in the backyard or drink from a garden hose. Pretty soon it'll be a federal offense and drones will be watching our every move to make sure we don't step out of line and punish us when we do.

EPA approved!

Meanwhile, Obama's EPA is pushing for 'smart' boxes to be attached to every single home in America, not by the homeowner's choice, but by law. These smart boxes are to allow the government to monitor your specific activities with regard to electricity and utilities. They aren't satisfied with simply knowing how much electricity and water you use. No, they want to know specifically WHAT you are using it for, and they want, no DEMAND, the power to restrict that and shut it off at their whim, without consulting you. Did I mention that the smart utility boxes the EPA wants can shut off your various appliances, furnace, water heater, etc, when they feel you've used enough?

I'm not kidding.

Not kidding

So anyway, all of this got me to thinking that I should sell my new Dodge Challenger and put the money into my old cars, the ones that have carburetors and not a single computerized anything in them. The guy who bought my dad's station wagon said that was one of the reasons he wanted it so badly. But I realized earlier today as I was standing in front of the toilet peeing and thinking these deep thoughts, that once they make these computers mandatory and access to them for the Insurance Political Machine a requirement, they'll just outlaw old cars without computers. Or else they'll require that we install them at great personal expense.

We are down with the sickness.  We are hip.
Our policies are still popular to this day.

What this means is what it has always meant. It means that we should stand up and fight back and stop waiting around for some organization or group to do it for us. Over 95% of the organizations and groups lobbying and fighting in the United States are socialists, the Big Government, Big Brother/Sister, Nazi-loving, Stalinist fanatics who want MORE of this government intrusion and restriction in the daily lives of ordinary people. They don't like individualism. They think individualism should be outlawed. That's why they worship collectivism and class warfare. To their thinking, we are all members of some arbitrarily defined group, defined by THEM, of course. And as members of a class or group, we have no individual rights, no right to freedom or privacy or happiness or liberty. This is 95% of the groups and organizations currently in place. Not coincidentally, those groups and organizations receive their funding from a tiny handful of government agencies, including the EPA, and wealthy billionaires who all openly declare their love of socialism and their intent of overthrowing the existing Western world in favor of a global socialist Utopian fantasy.

Let me see your proof of insurance.
We are going to monitor you through your car's computer.
If you object, we will arrest you.

It's worth noting that these same people, promoting these exact same ideals, considered what they did in Nazi Germany to be a realization of that Utopian socialist fantasy, right up until the day it fell to capitalist America. They also considered the horrific oppression under Joseph Stalin in Soviet Russia to be a perfectly valid realization of their socialist utopia. And the purges under Chairman Mao. And the horrible oppression under Castro and Chavez and on and on and on. It's important to remember that and to face the fact the there are people with great power and wealth today who think that what went on in Nazi Germany was a good thing, and they want to do it again in your country, no matter what country you live in.

The socialist Utopia
Doesn't it look like fun?

So, has anyone else besides me noticed that Don Draper, on Mad Men, is a sociopath? He lies and cheats his way through life, and whenever one of his endless girlfriends asks him about his cheating on his wife, often with friends' wives, he says, "I just don't think about it." He's a likable character, yet he treats the women in his life like toys. And women everywhere he goes, even those who know this about him, admire him and want to be with him. We had a president like that once. Or several times.

Don Draper for President?

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