Cramming All Weekend Into a Saturday

Bright and early Saturday morning, I packed up my little truck and headed north to the Memphis Motor Speedway, the Memphis Motorsports Park, the Millington Raceway, the Memphis International Raceway, or whatever you want to call it. The annual Super Chevy Show was going full swing at the race park and I was going. It had rained a good bit late in the week so I took my pickup in anticipation of the parking area being nothing more than a field, and a wet and possibly muddy field at that.

The line to get in was longer than any previous year. I watched a douchebag couple pretend to be looking off at something else while they steadily shoved their way up the line, cutting in again and again until they reached the ticket booth, where they shoved in front of other people who had waited for quite a long time, just so they could get tickets without waiting. I should have taken their picture so I could post it here and show the entire world what this pair of totally selfish low-class assholes look like, but unfortunately I didn't think of it in time.

I skipped the swap meet this year. I also skipped all the cars parked behind the ticket booth that are usually impressive and for sale, but not entered into the car show. I went straight around the park to the main field of cars to start looking and taking pictures before anyone left. In previous years, no matter when I get there it always seems that several cars in the show have already left. I don't know why, but this year I tried to avoid missing any by getting there early and going straight to the cars. Even so, there were some obviously previously occupied parking spots with no cars in them.

Anyway, I'll post a few highlights of what I saw. The rest will be on my photo-blog, Fun With Socks

After the Super Chevy car show, I went over to the drag strip and watched racing for hours. I don't have photos to show you, but I will tell you that if you've ever wondered where the People of WalMart go to when they aren't at WalMart, I have found them. They go to the drag strip. Some scary, scary people there in those stands! And one family sitting right near me, I shit you not, named their twin sons Bo and Luke. That's almost as bad as naming them Walker and Texas Ranger.

After it grew dark and my skin was thoroughly fried from being out in the direct sun without shade or sunscreen for the entire day, I left the Super Chevy Show and went to see a concert.

At the Stage Stop club over on Cela Road, a rare 2 band concert was going on. If you like music, you like bands that don't suck, and you happen to be in Memphis, you have to go to the Stage Stop. They are the real deal and any band that is serious plays at the Stage Stop.

The opening act was a local Memphis band named Seeing Red. Seeing Red is a band made up of 3 girls and 2 guys, with the cutest girl you ever saw singing lead vocals and jumping all over the stage. Before you get too excited, though, you should know that Seeing Red has a large lesbian following and there's a reason for that. That's all I'm saying. They're good and they have a lot of energy. The whole place was having fun with them throughout the show and I personally liked them more and more as the show went on. I had never seen them before this show.

After Seeing Red finished, the main act came on. Lord Tracy was back together for a short series of concerts beginning in Dallas, Texas and ending in Memphis, Tennessee. The Stage Stop in Memphis is where Lord Tracy got their record deal back in the '80s, so this was where they wanted to end their reunion show. If you aren't familiar with Lord Tracy, they toured with Kiss and a number of other well-known bands, had a top 40 hit song titled "Out With the Boys", and are known for having more ridiculously talented musicians in one band than the New York Philharmonic. Their bass player alone is famous for doing amazing shit on the bass guitar that no one technically is supposed to be able to do. After seeing them in concert, I can tell you, bassist Kinley Wolfe doesn't play like any ordinary bass player I ever saw, that's for sure. He's the Eddie Van Halen of bass players, complete with solos including "Eruption." He's a show all by himself. On the other side of the stage is jumping Jimmy Rusidoff on a kick-ass Fender Stratocaster shredding his guitar so fast his picks self-destruct mid-solo and occasionally fly across the room all by themselves, as I personally witnessed. The man can flat out play a fucking guitar and there's no arguing about that. The singer is Terry Glaze, better known from his days as the lead vocalist of Pantera. He plays a custom guitar from a shop all the way up in Canada while he sings as effortlessly as if he weren't even trying. He's damn good. On drums, elevated on a platform a good 2 feet higher than the rest of the band, positioned directly in front of the band's patented Traci Lords/Egyptian stripper goddess banner is Chris Craig, who also happens to be the drummer for Seeing Red. Chris played the entire night, both shows, non-stop, and never missed a beat as far as I could tell. That's a man with some serious endurance! Drummers work their asses of and he did it twice in one night, starting at 9 and not stopping until after 2 am the following morning. The man loves him some drumming, that's for damn sure.

So why did I write up a review of this concert along with the Super Chevy Show when I almost never write about concerts? Well, quite frankly because this was the most fucking fun I have ever had at any live show in my entire life. It was non-stop fun and all that incredible energy from Lord Tracy is contagious. They're doing all the work, but you feel like you've done a workout yourself by the time the show is over. My face hurt from smiling all night. It's just fun, fun, fun! If you ever get a chance to see them, don't miss it. Go!

Here's the video from their top 40 hit, "Out With the Boys", and make no mistake, they are as energetic live onstage as they are in this video:

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