Rose Leslie naked in Game of Thrones’ as Ygritte seduces Jon Snow in a cave

She’s really Wild: Game of Thrones’ Ygritte seduces Jon Snow in a cave

Rose Leslie naked in the latest episode of the TV show Game of Thrones
Upfront ... Ygritte asks Jon to break his vow of celibacy

GAME of Thrones’s Ygritte strips naked to test the allegiance of her newest tribe member Jon Snow.

In last night’s episode of the hit HBO show the fiery red-head was seen seducing her virgin prisoner in a cave filled with volcanic springs.
Scottish actress Rose Leslie, who plays Wildling woman Ygritte, is the latest female to peel of her clothes for the fantasy series.
Jon Snow looks at naked Ygritte
Bot a sight ... Jon looks stunned
The steamy romp — which took a day to shoot — was filmed in an Icelandic geyser in temperatures as low as minus 26.
Ygritte tells Jon he must prove once and for all he’s not a traitor by forsaking the vow of celibacy he made with his former brothers of the Night’s Watch.
Ygritte stipped naked
Wild thing ... Ygritte sheds her furs
The level of Jon’s commitment to the Wildlings hangs in the balance as their thousands-strong army plot an attack on his former allies.
Aristocratic Rose, who played lowly housemaid Gwen in Downton Abbey, said: "It’s a very beautiful scene and (nice things) don’t happen very often on the show
"It’s just two people falling in love. It’s very beautiful.”
Ygritte looks at Jon Snow
Falling in love ... Ygritte and Jon
Kit Harington, who plays Jon, agrees the tender scene was a break from some of the harsher realities of life in the medieval realm.
He said: “It is one of the very few happy moments where you can escape from the grimness and horror of Westeros.”
"I enjoyed it a lot ... I think Jon’s the only one on the show who hasn’t had sex yet, it seems to be, so that was nice. You’re rooting for him."
The couple were linked in real life after they were spotted kissing in a London restaurant. They have not commented on their relationship since
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Cat Sends Gifts from Australia

A few months ago I sent a Christmas card to AlleyCat in Australia. In response, she sent me a package that included a tube of Australia's favorite food, Vegemite, which I have already eaten most of, 3 CDs of her cousin's band, a refrigerator magnet from her and her husband's business, a bumpersticker from her favorite radio station, and a letter telling me how awesome I am, or something along those lines.

I think this is really cool. And I am still amazed at how long it takes to send something between the US and Australia by mail in this day and age. But I guess it is one heck of a long flight so probably my package took the long way to Memphis, starting in Melbourne and stopping in LA before being molested by affirmative action US Postal Service employees for several weeks along its long path to my house. Now that its here I've been slathering Ritz crackers with Vegemite and eating large quantities of them. A little Vegemite goes a long way, but even so, I'm halfway through the tube already.

Thanks Cat for this awesome package. Now I need to figure out something uniquely American to send to you, like maybe a coffee cup with a warning that coffee is hot.

Only in America

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Unlucky 13 Meme

I'm stealing this meme from the very sexy lady blogger, Julie. I hope you don't mind another meme, but it was either this or write a rant about the Boston Marathon bombing and our politicians' love of all things Muslim.

1. On average, how long does it take you to get ready for work/school/a day or night out?
Getting ready for work involves waking up, which I don't do very well. So I stand in the shower for a half hour and just wait for the water spraying into my eyes to eventually wake me up. Then I crawl from the shower to the kitchen to make myself a lunch and then breakfast. Then I sleepily eat breakfast before going back to the bathroom to brush my teeth and shave. Then I crawl to the car to battle the demons of rush hour hell all the way to work. That whole process prior to leaving the house probably takes an hour, on average. It's hard for me to estimate accurately because I'm unconscious throughout.

2. If you could ask your favorite author one question about the book(s) they wrote, what would it be?
Dude, don't you think Francis Ford Copola totally fucked up your story for his movie, or is it just me thinking this?

3. What do you think is the hardest thing about growing up?
Hiding the random erections was always high on the list of difficult things while growing up. 

4. Who would you rather switch places with for a day: your favorite celebrity, or your favorite fictional character?
I'd rather switch places with a celebrity because their money, girls and life are real, whereas a fictional character's life ends when the book does. If I switched places with Justin Timberlake then I'd be married to Jessica Biel and waking up next to her every day. Plus I'd be rich. And according to the rules of this meme all I'd have to do in order to have that is claim he was my favorite celebrity.

5. Who would you rather have point out a flaw that you weren’t aware you had: a close personal friend, or a total stranger?
A close personal friend who sees something about you that you need to correct and doesn't tell you may not be much of a friend. A stranger who points out your flaws is what we call a dick.

 6. Do you get jealous easily? If so, what sorts of qualities or characteristics in other people are you most likely to be jealous of?
I think the only thing I get jealous of lately is people who have kids who seem to be the perfect kids and they are all so happy and proud of their kids and I have nothing. Beyond that, I really can't think of anything that makes me actually jealous of anyone. I have a friend who drives a Ferrari. I have another friend who is engaged to a woman who looks just like Shania Twain - super hot. I'm not jealous of either one of them. I wish I were as successful in life as they are, but I'm not jealous. I think jealousy is a toxic thing where you'd like to take it from them so they don't have it anymore and you do and I don't feel that way.

7. Which version of yourself would you rather have a conversation with: the one from ten years ago, or the one you turn into ten years from now?
If I talked to the me from ten years ago I'd be the one doing all the talking. I mean, what's he going to tell me? As for the me from ten years from now, I suppose he could warn me that things aren't going to get any better, but who wants to hear that? I'd rather talk to a dead celebrity.

8. Were you ever bullied in any way as a child? If so, how has it shaped you today?
I was targeted by certain bullies as a child simply because I used to have this goofy, happy look on my face all the time, and bullies mistook it for weakness. These days I don't have any problem with that. Most people think I'm pissed off even when I'm not. Apparently my expression has changed.

9. What is one fear you would like to overcome in your lifetime?
I'd like to overcome the fear of failure. It seems to run in my family. Some people just call it a lack of confidence, but I don't know how you define that as a fear exactly unless it is a fear of failure. I see people who just believe in themselves no matter what and step out and do some of the craziest things, but overall life seems to go their way. For people without confidence, with a fear of failure, life goes nowhere for them because they don't take it anywhere.

10. What is one food you haven’t tried yet that you would like to?
Jessica Biel. I'm just saying, I haven't tried it and I hear it's good and tasty.

11. Is it easier to forgive someone for the wrong they’ve done you or to seek forgiveness from someone that you’ve wronged in any way?
I used to forgive way too easily. These days I don't forgive so much at all, mostly because the people who fuck me over never apologize and never ask forgiveness. So at this point I'd have to say that it is easier for me to seek forgiveness than to give it. Not that I'm saying anyone is so quick to forgive me or anything. Lord knows no married man thinks forgiveness is easy to come by.

 12. Let’s go random: What did you do for New Year’s Eve for the turn of the millennium?
This giant church on the edge of Memphis was having this huge ceremony where they were unveiling their gigantic 300 foot crosses and we expected fireworks and an actual ceremony. So we went to that instead of down to Beale Street. Talk about a total waste of a millennium, it was a shitfest! They IGNORED midnight and just blah blah blahed right over it as if this was something that happened every fucking day. And the only fireworks were from people off in the distance shooting them in their own backayards. 

13. What else around here have you noticed?
Around here? I noticed that I haven't taken the trash out to the curb and the trash men come tomorrow. I forgot to do that last week, too, and our trash can is stuffed full. So I'm going to go do that now.

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Sexy Francine Lewis from Britain's Got Talent

Francine’s bust impression

Francine Lewis
Sexy ... Francine Lewis

BRITAIN’S Got Talent mimic Francine Lewis takes off more than just telly stars — modelling fetish fashions.

The mum of two, 37, did the shoot in the early 1990s, when she was known for baring her boobs in London clubs including Stringfellows.
A pal said: “She was proud of them and never shy.”

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Penelope Cruz strips off for nude scenes in movie

Penelope Cruz strips off for nude scenes in movie

Stunning actress Penelope Cruz goes topless during a sex scene with actor Emile Hirsch in Italian movie drama Venuto al mondo
Twice porn ... Penelope Cruz

PENELOPE Cruz goes topless in a steamy sex scene with Emile Hirsch.

The Spanish beauty stripped off for the naked romp in the Italian movie Venuto al Mondo – meaning Twice Born.
And she wasn’t the only one getting her kit off in the saucy drama – as co-star Saadet Askoy got in on the act.
The movie stars the Vicky Christina Barcelona actress as a single mother who takes her teenage son to Sarajevo, where his father died in the Bosnian war 16 years before.
The racy flashbacks show her passionate relationship with lover Diego (Emile), who stayed behind while she fled the city with the baby.

Penelope Cruz topless in Venuto al Mondo
Screen strip ... Penelope

Penelope, 38, is married to Javier Bardem and the couple have a two-year-old son Leonardo.
In February, it was announced she was pregnant again.
So she’s going from Twice Born to second born.

Saadet Askoy topless
Pen's breast friend ... Saadet Askoy

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The Tragic Life of Bob

This morning our spastic cat, Tazzie, walked up to me on the back porch to ask me to let her inside the house. She does this by pressing herself up against the glass and swimming with her front paws as if she's drowning on the glass. But when she walked to the back door I swore I heard a squeak, like a cartoon mouse or something. I looked in the direction of the sound and there, cowering right next to where Tazzie was standing, I saw a round, fat, little gray mouse.  Tazzie didn't even notice it.

I cursed the retarded cat, moved some things aside, and scooped the mouse up into a flower pot. Then I stuck it down on the ground and waited to see what Tazzie did with this apparently invisible mouse she hadn't seen or heard.

At first she just looked at the pot like she had never seen one before. Then she walked over to it and sniffed it. The mouse was squeaking away in there all the while. Yet Tazzie acted as if she had no idea what the squeaking was. Finally she peaked over the edge of the pot and looked inside. Immediately she climbed up on the rim and stuck both of her front feet into the pot. She stuck her nose right down on the mouse and sniffed. The mouse stood up and looked like he was going to bite Tazzie. So she whacked him with a paw and sent him running to the other side of the pot. She kept prodding him and watching him run around and around. Then she got bored and came over to where I was sitting and sat down next to me.

Stupid cat, why don't you eat the damn thing??

She periodically stuck her face into the pot or a paw to irritate this new toy, which I decided to name Bob, but she didn't show the slightest interest in eating him.

This was really annoying to me and after awhile I got bored, too. So I picked up some birdseed off the concrete that had fallen out of our bird feeder and I dropped it into the pot with Bob. He didn't seem to pay attention to it much. I picked up a little plastic half-ball that was from some broken cat toy and I put water in it. Then I put it into the flower pot with Bob. I had heard, while trying to poison a mouse in my attic one winter, that mice won't eat poison unless there is water with it. I figured maybe mice are really picky and Bob just needed water to go with the birdseed. So I gave him some.

Bob immediately ran over to the water, stuck his paws on the edge, and dumped it over, spilling the water all over himself and inside the pot.

"Wow, Bob," I said, "you are really super dumb."

Bob sloshed around in the water getting thoroughly soaked, but he never drank any and he still didn't seem interested in eating any seeds. I took a Kleenex and dried up some of the water, leaving half the pot clean and dry and half still wet just in case Bob changed his mind about wanting a drink. Bob preferred to remain in the water and ignored the dry section.

I left Bob in the pot for awhile and went off to work on other things. I came back later to see how Bob was doing. Bob was fine, but still standing in the water and still wet. Nothing had been eaten as far as I could tell.

My other cat, Stinky, meanwhile came wandering up to join me. I pulled out a folding chair, unfolded it, and sat down to watch Stinky play with Bob. At first Stinky didn't notice him. Then Bob, ever the genius, squeaked. Stinky spun around to see why a flower pot was squeaking. He sniffed it and then looked inside. Then he, too, climbed halfway into the pot with both front paws and began poking at Bob. And then he, too, stuck his nose up to Bob and sniffed him. Then he climbed out of the pot and sat down, looking at me as if he was bored and wanting me to entertain him somehow.

I got up and went into the kitchen to get Bob some cheese. I wanted to see if he'd eat that since the seeds didn't seem to interest him. Stinky immediately jumped up into my chair and made himself comfortable. "You asshole!" I remarked to Stinky, who looked at me with total contentment. Then I got a piece of cheese from the refrigerator and brought it out to Bob. I put it in the pot with Bob and swept Stinky out of my chair so I could sit back down and watch Bob eat some cheese.

Bob ignored the cheese. I put it right next to him, but he didn't move towards it. Stinky, meanwhile, was curious about what I'd just put into the pot, so he stuck his nose into the pot and sniffed. Then he put a paw in, knocked Bob aside, and ate the cheese.

"When the hell did you start eating cheese, you stupid cat:?!" I demanded of Stinky. He just looked at me as if he wanted me to go get more cheese for him to eat. When he realized I wasn't going to get any more, he laid down on the concrete near my feet.

Tazzie returned. She stuck her nose in the pot, made sure Bob was still there, gave him a poke with her paw, and then went to the back door and began pawing at it to be let inside. She couldn't have cared less about Bob.

I eventually let both cats inside and went in with them. I ate supper and they ate cat food. I didn't give them any cheese.

Later that night I went outside to see what Bob was up to. Much to my surprise, Bob was lying face down in the damp flower pot. He appeared to be dead. My cats came outside with me to help check on Bob. They both sniffed at him, poked him with a paw, and then walked off. Bob never moved.

I turned the pot on its side and let everything slide out onto the concrete. Bob's lifeless body plopped onto the ground. His underside was wet and matted. The rest of him looked perfectly normal. But he was unmistakably dead.

I have no idea what happened to Bob. My cats never clawed him up or bit him. They barely paid him any attention at all. He didn't eat anything I fed him. He didn't appear to drink any water, just slosh around in it.

So what do you think? I'm no expert on mice. Was he sick to begin with? Is that maybe the reason my cats didn't seem interested in eating him? Did being wet make him cold and then as the sun went down he froze to death? Could he have drowned? Do you suppose he tried to eat one of the seeds I gave him and choked to death on it? How long do mice live, anyway?, All his fur was gray so it isn't like I can say he was old and gray-haired and obviously ready to die already. What the hell do you suppose happened to Bob?

R.I.P. Bob the mouse

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I Have Raging Jock Itch

Why won't you take my calls, old buddy?

The Republican Party has been harassing the living shit out of me for months and months. They call 4 and 5 times a day, often more, from 7 am to 10 pm, wait for my answering machine to begin recording, and then hang up. Once or twice I have picked up the phone and screamed into it, "STOP FUCKING CALLING ME, YOU ASSHOLES!"

Do you think this request be me had the slightest effect on their calls? Do you think they stopped? Do you think Karl Rove and company are the least bit concerned that their calls are harassment? No, not at all. They don't give a fuck. They want my money and they seem to feel entitled to bully me until they get it. So here's what I'm going to do. I've written down every single phone number they've used to bomb my answering machine and I'm going to post them all here on the internet. I'd like for anyone reading this to call these numbers whenever you feel the urge and wait for an answer. Then hang up. This is what they're doing to me and everyone else they call. So it is perfectly acceptable for all of us to do it to them. If you are so inclined, feel free to program these numbers into any sort of telephone software on your computers and set it to call over and over and over again, nonstop. That's fine. That, too, is what the Republican party leaders are doing to me, so that makes it OK for anyone else to do it to them.

Here are their numbers along with the various caller id labels they used to try to trick their way in:

202-367-9216        "IMPORTANT"
202-367-9241        "REP NAT COMM"
202-367-9295        "NRCC"
404-891-5694        "NRCC"
302-394-9726        "NAT REP CNGR CM"
301-223-0055        "MEMBER ALERT"
301-223-0051        "PAT BYERS"
703-398-0804        "ALEX SMITH"
901-313-4994        "NRCC"
901-313-4995        "NRCC"

That's a lot of numbers, isn't it? And they've all called me over and over and over and over and over, for months, always wanting me to give them money so they can not do a damn thing I ask and instead meet with the leaders of the Democratic Party to discuss how to fuck us all together and destroy the Tea Party. I know this because in the past I answered the calls and managed to speak to someone. They demand money. And they will call you repeatedly to tell you how badly they want it, and complain about how you haven't given them any.  So how about we show them a little love, and do our civic duty at the same time by treating them the way they're treating me? Let's call them up and hang up as soon as they pick up the phone, like they've done to me and my machine literally hundreds of times over the past several months. Don't even bother speaking to them. They didn't respond to me when I screamed at them to stop calling. Just hang up. That's what Karl would do. So lets all be like Karl. Give him a call and hang up.

I just got another letter from my insurance agent. If you live in the United States I'm willing to bet that you've gotten more than a few letters like this from your agent, no matter who you get your insurance through. It 'encourages' me to grant my insurance company the authority to tap into my car's computers and monitor me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the rest of my life. It says I'll save money by showing them that I'm not a bad driver and don't break the law. They say they're just asking.

This is like how they used to ask us to buy insurance. And meanwhile they went behind our backs and spent all our money lobbying corrupt lawmakers to make buying insurance mandatory and not buying it a criminal offense. Then they began creeping inside our cars, like Grandma when she sat in the back seat and complained about every single thing I did while driving. They made it illegal not to wear a seatbelt. It isn't for your safety anymore. No, its to maximize the profits of the insurance political machine, because lobbying is expensive and if you, their client, get hurt in a wreck it costs them more than if you are strapped in place and can't move. This maximizes the effect of the air bag that explodes into your face and breaks your nose and in some cases an arm or two, even in low speed collisions where no one would otherwise have been hurt expect for the damn air bags. Forget freedom. This is about controlling your every move. Literally.

Rest assured, even as the insurance political machine is 'asking' us for permission to tap into our cars computers so they can monitor us like Grandma in the back seat, they are actively lobbying for this access to be made mandatory by law and anyone denying it to them a criminal. Not that it matters. At the rate President Obama is handing out 'free' military drones to small town police departments it won't be long before every insurance agent in the country has a fleet of them and our skies are black with drones buzzing around monitoring our every single move.

To serve and protect .... the State

Pretty soon it won't just be 'discouraged' to smoke cigarettes or grill meat in the backyard or drink from a garden hose. Pretty soon it'll be a federal offense and drones will be watching our every move to make sure we don't step out of line and punish us when we do.

EPA approved!

Meanwhile, Obama's EPA is pushing for 'smart' boxes to be attached to every single home in America, not by the homeowner's choice, but by law. These smart boxes are to allow the government to monitor your specific activities with regard to electricity and utilities. They aren't satisfied with simply knowing how much electricity and water you use. No, they want to know specifically WHAT you are using it for, and they want, no DEMAND, the power to restrict that and shut it off at their whim, without consulting you. Did I mention that the smart utility boxes the EPA wants can shut off your various appliances, furnace, water heater, etc, when they feel you've used enough?

I'm not kidding.

Not kidding

So anyway, all of this got me to thinking that I should sell my new Dodge Challenger and put the money into my old cars, the ones that have carburetors and not a single computerized anything in them. The guy who bought my dad's station wagon said that was one of the reasons he wanted it so badly. But I realized earlier today as I was standing in front of the toilet peeing and thinking these deep thoughts, that once they make these computers mandatory and access to them for the Insurance Political Machine a requirement, they'll just outlaw old cars without computers. Or else they'll require that we install them at great personal expense.

We are down with the sickness.  We are hip.
Our policies are still popular to this day.

What this means is what it has always meant. It means that we should stand up and fight back and stop waiting around for some organization or group to do it for us. Over 95% of the organizations and groups lobbying and fighting in the United States are socialists, the Big Government, Big Brother/Sister, Nazi-loving, Stalinist fanatics who want MORE of this government intrusion and restriction in the daily lives of ordinary people. They don't like individualism. They think individualism should be outlawed. That's why they worship collectivism and class warfare. To their thinking, we are all members of some arbitrarily defined group, defined by THEM, of course. And as members of a class or group, we have no individual rights, no right to freedom or privacy or happiness or liberty. This is 95% of the groups and organizations currently in place. Not coincidentally, those groups and organizations receive their funding from a tiny handful of government agencies, including the EPA, and wealthy billionaires who all openly declare their love of socialism and their intent of overthrowing the existing Western world in favor of a global socialist Utopian fantasy.

Let me see your proof of insurance.
We are going to monitor you through your car's computer.
If you object, we will arrest you.

It's worth noting that these same people, promoting these exact same ideals, considered what they did in Nazi Germany to be a realization of that Utopian socialist fantasy, right up until the day it fell to capitalist America. They also considered the horrific oppression under Joseph Stalin in Soviet Russia to be a perfectly valid realization of their socialist utopia. And the purges under Chairman Mao. And the horrible oppression under Castro and Chavez and on and on and on. It's important to remember that and to face the fact the there are people with great power and wealth today who think that what went on in Nazi Germany was a good thing, and they want to do it again in your country, no matter what country you live in.

The socialist Utopia
Doesn't it look like fun?

So, has anyone else besides me noticed that Don Draper, on Mad Men, is a sociopath? He lies and cheats his way through life, and whenever one of his endless girlfriends asks him about his cheating on his wife, often with friends' wives, he says, "I just don't think about it." He's a likable character, yet he treats the women in his life like toys. And women everywhere he goes, even those who know this about him, admire him and want to be with him. We had a president like that once. Or several times.

Don Draper for President?

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Cramming All Weekend Into a Saturday

Bright and early Saturday morning, I packed up my little truck and headed north to the Memphis Motor Speedway, the Memphis Motorsports Park, the Millington Raceway, the Memphis International Raceway, or whatever you want to call it. The annual Super Chevy Show was going full swing at the race park and I was going. It had rained a good bit late in the week so I took my pickup in anticipation of the parking area being nothing more than a field, and a wet and possibly muddy field at that.

The line to get in was longer than any previous year. I watched a douchebag couple pretend to be looking off at something else while they steadily shoved their way up the line, cutting in again and again until they reached the ticket booth, where they shoved in front of other people who had waited for quite a long time, just so they could get tickets without waiting. I should have taken their picture so I could post it here and show the entire world what this pair of totally selfish low-class assholes look like, but unfortunately I didn't think of it in time.

I skipped the swap meet this year. I also skipped all the cars parked behind the ticket booth that are usually impressive and for sale, but not entered into the car show. I went straight around the park to the main field of cars to start looking and taking pictures before anyone left. In previous years, no matter when I get there it always seems that several cars in the show have already left. I don't know why, but this year I tried to avoid missing any by getting there early and going straight to the cars. Even so, there were some obviously previously occupied parking spots with no cars in them.

Anyway, I'll post a few highlights of what I saw. The rest will be on my photo-blog, Fun With Socks

After the Super Chevy car show, I went over to the drag strip and watched racing for hours. I don't have photos to show you, but I will tell you that if you've ever wondered where the People of WalMart go to when they aren't at WalMart, I have found them. They go to the drag strip. Some scary, scary people there in those stands! And one family sitting right near me, I shit you not, named their twin sons Bo and Luke. That's almost as bad as naming them Walker and Texas Ranger.

After it grew dark and my skin was thoroughly fried from being out in the direct sun without shade or sunscreen for the entire day, I left the Super Chevy Show and went to see a concert.

At the Stage Stop club over on Cela Road, a rare 2 band concert was going on. If you like music, you like bands that don't suck, and you happen to be in Memphis, you have to go to the Stage Stop. They are the real deal and any band that is serious plays at the Stage Stop.

The opening act was a local Memphis band named Seeing Red. Seeing Red is a band made up of 3 girls and 2 guys, with the cutest girl you ever saw singing lead vocals and jumping all over the stage. Before you get too excited, though, you should know that Seeing Red has a large lesbian following and there's a reason for that. That's all I'm saying. They're good and they have a lot of energy. The whole place was having fun with them throughout the show and I personally liked them more and more as the show went on. I had never seen them before this show.

After Seeing Red finished, the main act came on. Lord Tracy was back together for a short series of concerts beginning in Dallas, Texas and ending in Memphis, Tennessee. The Stage Stop in Memphis is where Lord Tracy got their record deal back in the '80s, so this was where they wanted to end their reunion show. If you aren't familiar with Lord Tracy, they toured with Kiss and a number of other well-known bands, had a top 40 hit song titled "Out With the Boys", and are known for having more ridiculously talented musicians in one band than the New York Philharmonic. Their bass player alone is famous for doing amazing shit on the bass guitar that no one technically is supposed to be able to do. After seeing them in concert, I can tell you, bassist Kinley Wolfe doesn't play like any ordinary bass player I ever saw, that's for sure. He's the Eddie Van Halen of bass players, complete with solos including "Eruption." He's a show all by himself. On the other side of the stage is jumping Jimmy Rusidoff on a kick-ass Fender Stratocaster shredding his guitar so fast his picks self-destruct mid-solo and occasionally fly across the room all by themselves, as I personally witnessed. The man can flat out play a fucking guitar and there's no arguing about that. The singer is Terry Glaze, better known from his days as the lead vocalist of Pantera. He plays a custom guitar from a shop all the way up in Canada while he sings as effortlessly as if he weren't even trying. He's damn good. On drums, elevated on a platform a good 2 feet higher than the rest of the band, positioned directly in front of the band's patented Traci Lords/Egyptian stripper goddess banner is Chris Craig, who also happens to be the drummer for Seeing Red. Chris played the entire night, both shows, non-stop, and never missed a beat as far as I could tell. That's a man with some serious endurance! Drummers work their asses of and he did it twice in one night, starting at 9 and not stopping until after 2 am the following morning. The man loves him some drumming, that's for damn sure.

So why did I write up a review of this concert along with the Super Chevy Show when I almost never write about concerts? Well, quite frankly because this was the most fucking fun I have ever had at any live show in my entire life. It was non-stop fun and all that incredible energy from Lord Tracy is contagious. They're doing all the work, but you feel like you've done a workout yourself by the time the show is over. My face hurt from smiling all night. It's just fun, fun, fun! If you ever get a chance to see them, don't miss it. Go!

Here's the video from their top 40 hit, "Out With the Boys", and make no mistake, they are as energetic live onstage as they are in this video:

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Beautiful Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko Black and White Naked

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Emmy Rossum Topless Clip from Shameless

Emmy Rossum Topless Clip from Shameless

Emmy Rossum topless
I’ve been watching Shameless lately and it’s a good show! It doesn’t hurt that the sexy Emmy Rossum keeps flashing her boobs in the show either. Here’s a clip of her latest boob flash. Yum!
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Thandie Newton strips nude for a steamy romp in new TV show

Randy Thandie strips nude for a steamy romp in new TV show

Thandie Newton and Kavan Smith
Gripping scene ... Thandie Newton and Kavan Smith
Though it should be stressed her nude sexual encounter is strictly professional.
The steamy scene features in Brit star Thandie’s gritty new TV drama Rogue – a 10-part series that launched in the US last week.
She plays an undercover detective, called Grace, who’s determined to uncover the cause of her son’s mysterious death.
However, during her investigation she becomes embroiled in a forbidden relationship with criminal Jimmy Laszlo, played by Marton Csokas despite being married to Kavan Smith's character Tom.

Thandie Newton and Kavan Smith
Throes of passion ... Thandie Newton and Kavan Smith

The actor certainly seems to be getting to grips with his role – and with Thandie.
The images see Kavan hungrily clutching and wrapping his mouth around the actress’s bare flesh during their raunchy romp.
Thandie – who also strips nude for a shower scene – admits the show was a big challenge because she’s barely off-camera for the duration.
She said: “I do think it’s my best work, definitely.
“Partly because 10 hours is a long time, you know, and it’s also a long shooting period and that’s a lot of character to portray and, as a result, yeah, I reached into places that I wouldn’t normally go.”

Thandie Newton in Rogue
Power shower wower ... Thandie Newton

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Dad has gone away

Similar to my dad's
My dad died several years ago, about five, I believe. It was strange when he died, because it was totally unexpected. But making it even worse was the fact that they had him cremated. There was no viewing and the funeral felt more like a party for Dad that he just failed to show up to. There was no burial. It was odd.

For five years following his death I have had dreams about him. In each dream he grew younger and younger, until he appeared to be the age that I am now.

When he died my mother wasn't sure what to do with his things. She hated his car, a banana yellow hearse, and she didn't know anything about selling cars. So it fell to me to take his car and do something with it. I was supposed to just get rid of it, but it was my dad's so I kept it and fixed it up. I spent $1000 fixing various things in a short amount of time. Dad only paid $750 for the thing at a garage sale and used it like a truck. I think it was nicer after I fixed it up than it had ever been while he drove it.

I have been living in Memphis hell since 1995, and not happy about it. Five years ago I had a chance to escape and move back to my hometown to work. I was there for four years, before forces I won't go into persuaded me to return to Memphis despite the misery this town fills me with. To reward myself for returning here, or more realistically, to make it more  bearable, I bought a $50,000 musclecar to drive to and from my highly stressful job in the heart of the city. Buying this car meant my driveway was now overflowing with vehicles. Something had to go.

I reluctantly sold my father's bananawagon, apparently asking far too little money for it, as it sold within 24 hours of taking out the ad. I hated to let go of it. I truly did not want to. But there was no justification for keeping it. I wasn't using it. I wasn't planning on using it. I couldn't think of a good reason for not selling it.

Except that it was my dad's and it reminded me of him. I guess I felt like taking care of his car was in some way taking care of something important to him.

Since selling my father's car I have not had a single dream about my dad. I can't remember a one. I know he didn't leave with the car. He was already gone. But somehow all of my dreams about my father went away with that car. I can't explain it.

I suppose its possible that every time I came home and saw the car it reminded me of him. But then that wouldn't explain all the dreams I had about him while I was in my hometown working. The car wasn't there. Perhaps other things reminded me?

My nephew still dreams about him. He doesn't have my dad's car. I don't know if he has anything of my dad's to remind him. But he has had as many dreams about my father as I have. So how to explain the sudden loss of dreams for me then?

My mom had a bad fall recently. The way it was described to me it really didn't sound like a big deal. I thought she'd be fine in no time. But it's been weeks and she's still not fine. I had meant to go home to see her for Easter, but I had to make a trip to Nashville that same week and by the time I got home on Friday I was too exhausted to go back out on the road again. I keep meaning to call her. But I keep forgetting.

Lately, I find myself worrying that the day after I intend to call her and forget, I'll get a call that she's been rushed to the hospital and died. And I won't ever get a chance to talk to her again.

I don't know why this is on my mind. I find myself thinking about it a lot lately.

Customized version of my dad's

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