Random Thoughts

If you change lanes slowly without using a blinker I just assume you're messing with your cell phone and don't even know you did it. Basically, I assume you're an idiot and I treat you accordingly.

When you go out with your woman, who is obviously beautiful and totally into you, take your damn BlueTooth phone off your ear and pay attention to her, you dick.

If you park in 2 spaces at a crowded restaurant on a Saturday night, you're a piece of shit and your car should be towed and crushed. And yes, I know who you are because I watched you stand there like a pretentious douche and set your car alarm. Everyone in the parking lot knew who the douchebag parked crooked was. You're so stupid you seemed actually proud of it.

When I was in college I gave up a relationship with a hot girl simply because she lived in the next city over and I thought it was too far and we'd never work, 'cause you know, long-distance relationships and all that. I was sooo stupid.

A woman at JP Morgan lost $2 billion making risky trades, contradicting the recently highly publicized feminist claims that everything bad on Wall Street was the result of "too much testosterone" among those trading there. The Press, not surprisingly, is in a frenzy looking for men to blame for the JP Morgan woman's money-bleeding actions in order to protect the feminists' bullshit claims.

Meanwhile, a series of articles in the Wall Street Journal about why more women aren't CEOs quotes numerous current female CEOs advising other women to "take more chances, bigger risks." Hmm, sounds like testosterone talk to me.

Every once in awhile, the writers and editors at the Wall Street Journal respond to my letters about their work and say "you're a dick." They don't word it exactly that way, but that's the gist of it.

Black politicians/Democrats are trying to prop up Obama by saying "we're all for redefining marriage to benefit gay people." But black voters are saying "oh no you di'nt" and getting pissed off.

If you receive a phone call that is the wrong number, but you don't say "you have the wrong number" before you hang up, I'm just going to call you right back again until I find out if its the wrong number or not, idiot.

What kind of University graduates "intellectual elites" who think the way to get out of debt is to spend ever more money until the problem goes away? Clearly some of our ivy league schools have failed us. "Reduce spending? Who does that?! That's crazy talk!"

Giggling at other people's farts while sitting on the toilet in the men's room at work is generally frowned upon. Trying to strike up a conversation about them is even more frowned upon. Now you know.

All the womens are going apeshit over this song, and all the mens are saying "eh, what's the big deal?" ....

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No Air

I'm sitting on the toilet in the men's room writing on a smartphone and sweating because they never provide decent air circulation in men's rooms. I've spent the last 2 weeks of my life at work. At the finish line, while I struggled to resolve a problem last minute so I could still make the deadline, my boss grabbed me and spent an hour telling me a new direction he wanted me to go. This ended any chance of making the deadline, ironically.

OK, so New Blogger doesn't work well with smartphones, apparently. I had to go to an actual computer to finish this post.
Yes, no, maybe, too damned expensive
I don't know what to say about what is going on. Basically I am just working all the time and that is all. OK, that isn't ALL but it's close to it. On the topic of The Car, I have found The Car that I want, and it's even here in Memphis, but it's in the hands of some local dealers who think it's worth more than a new model version of the same car and so they're asking a shitload of money more than it's worth to me. I've tried to recruit my movie-star-looks niece to come mesmerize the salesmen with her Jewish powers of wheeling and dealing, which she most definitely has in spades, but she won't do it. Not even the promise of free antique furniture can persuade her to come to a city like Memphis, dammit. So it's up to me and my Gentile powers of persuasion. All I can do is go look at the car and tell the salesman that I'll buy it and drive it away that day, but not unless he knocks a good $7-10,000 off the price. If he says "no" then I'll just have to look elsewhere.
Elizabeth Banks is on "30 Rock"
I am SO GLAD that Elizabeth Banks has returned to "30 Rock" even if it wasn't until the end of the season. Yes, I realize she's busy making movies, but I love her and I love seeing her on a weekly TV show that is as funny as she is. She's perfect for that show.

I'm sure there's stuff in the news I'd love to comment on, but since I haven't had time to watch the news I don't know what it is. All I've had time to read in the papers is that Obama is attacking Romney for being a successful businessman and Romney is attacking Obama for being a flaming communist dictator. So there's that.

About 6 months ago I posted "I still talk to Steph." Sure, she had said it was OK if I told you all, but apparently she changed her mind because I haven't heard a word out of her since. Ah, the quirky drama of the internet! Someone should create a soap opera about the shit that goes on here.

Karina Halle
2 former bloggers that I know have published books. Karina Halle, in my blogroll under "Wanderlusting" has 4 books out and I am in the middle of book 3 now. They are awesome. And Marlayna Glynn Brown, of a now retired Las Vegas blog, has a book out that is every bit as interesting as we all thought it would be back when we kept commenting on her blog "you should really write a book about this stuff. This is fascinating!" And she did.
OK, so that's really all I have time to say. I need to pack up and hit the road. I have a lot to get done tonight. Don't be a stranger and I'll try not to be either.

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Sexy photograph of Madonna posing naked on a bed while smoking a cigarette sells for £15,000

Sexy photograph of Madonna posing naked on a bed while smoking a cigarette sells for £15,000

    An 'absolutely stunning' photograph of Madonna posing naked on a bed while smoking a cigarette has sold for nearly £15,000.
The sum is three times the estimate placed on the image that was taken in 1990 during the period when the singer had bleach-blonde hair and dark eye make-up.
It is a black and white photo and Madonna has her breasts exposed and just a white sheet covering her pudenda while she lies on a bed.
This photograph of Madonna posing naked on a bed while smoking a cigarette has sold for nearly £15,000
This photograph of Madonna posing naked on a bed while smoking a cigarette has sold for nearly £15,000
She is holding a cigarette to her pouting lips and has adopted a sexy, sultry pose. During the year it was taken the star went on her 'Blond Ambition Tour.'

    The performer said at the time, when she was aged about 31: 'I know that I'm not the best singer and I know that I'm not the best dancer.
    'But, I can f*****g push people's buttons and be as provocative as I want. The tour's goal is to break useless taboos.'
    The black and white picture of Madonna was bought by an anonymous collector
    The black and white picture of Madonna was bought by an anonymous collector
    The photograph was taken by Steven Meisel and was signed and annotated 'ed no.1'. It was snapped up by an anonymous collector.
      It measured 21.5 inches by 19 inches and was originally bought by the vendor from a New York gallery.
      The photograph, which was taken by the same photographer who did the work for Madonna's 1992 book 'Sex', was sold by Bonhams in New York.
      Madonna goes to the Kabbalah Center in Manhattan
      Madonna goes to the Kabbalah Center in Manhattan
      Judith Eurich from the saleroom said: 'It is an absolutely stunning image and it is just a beautiful tone of grey. It is not just black and white it is grey and silvery.
      'Madonna was posing for a number of photographers at the time this was taken in the 1990s when she was in her early 30s.
      'She was going through a phase of having bleach blonde hair and heavy dark eye make-up that gave her a dramatic look - and of course she has a gorgeous body.
      'She is a very healthy person and I'd imagine the cigarette is just a prop to make her look sexy and sultry.'
      The price paid was $23,750 or £14,761.

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2144145/Madonna-photograph-posing-naked-bed-smoking-cigarette-sells-15-000.html#ixzz1uslIKUvd
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      Christian Ricci

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      What's Happenin'?

      So, what's been happening since my last opportunity to blog? I've been slammed at work and I do mean slammed. I'm basically between things that I have to do and writing as fast as I can. Pardon me if this feels rushed.

      Chinese Woman Murders Man By Crushing His Testicles

      A woman in China was so angry with a shopkeeper for refusing to allow her to lean her scooter up against his store and leave it there that she assaulted him. When she was unable to beat him into submission she did what any low-class, entitled piece of trash does - she went and got her husband and brother to come help her beat him up. Her husband and brother, also being low-class Chinese rednecks, happily complied. Who the hell did this man think he was telling their woman that she couldn't park her scooter any damn place she pleased? So they began to beat him up. While they did, the trashy scooter woman grabbed the victim's testicles and squeezed as hard as she could until she crushed them and he fell down dead.

      Because this vicious sexual assault was committed in communist China and not the very feminist United States this woman may very well receive a just and well-deserved punishment for her horrific crime, along with her stupid husband and even more stupid brother. It's sad to say that China is more likely to hand down a just sentence to criminals than the United States, but in this case it is true.

      We shall blindfold her and shoot her, like Americans used to do to killers

      Press Ignores Unarmed Hispanic Shot Dead by Black Man

      29-year-old unarmed Hispanic male, Daniel Adkins, was shot dead at a Taco Bell by a 22-year-old armed black male, whom police refused to identify. The shooter was not arrested or charged. No one from CNN, ABC, CBS, HLN or NBC news came to the Taco Bell to cover the story or try to find and interview the shooter of the unarmed Hispanic victim. No one from the NAACP, ACORN, the White House, the black panther-controlled DOJ, or Al Sharpton protested or demanded justice. The shooting was ignored.

      Photo by the lovely and talented Karina Halle of Wanderlusting blog

      One in Seven Think End of World is Nigh

      A poll conducted by Reuters found that one in seven people worldwide think the end of the world will occur during their lifetime. Not surprisingly, a larger than average 22 percent of Americans believed the end of the world was coming, as the TV, movies and their public school teachers have told them so. And, you know, global warming. Almost no one in France believed it, with less than 4 percent indicating belief. Australians responded by declaring their belief that the carbon tax was going to destroy everything they'd ever worked for anyway so they didn't care about whether the world ended or not. Everyone polled in Great Britain responded, "who gives a fuck?" The poll included people in China, Turkey, Russia, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Argentina, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, France, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Italy, South Africa, Great Britain, Indonesia, and Germany.

      Yeah, that's all I have time for. Seriously, I have to go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be rough, just like today was and yesterday and pretty much the whole previous month. Just so you'll know, I have not had time to buy a car. I did manage to wreck my current car, though. Yes, I did indeed. I wrecked my car. And I did it in a way that only I could manager. I hit my 4x4 truck with my car in my own driveway and uglied up my car. I shit you not. It didn't do jack crap to the 4x4, but the car crumpled like a beer can.

      In other 'me' news, I am somehow being drawn back into the past. I don't know why or what set this off, but I recently bought an old 1970s turntable, which I am using right now, and an old '70s Marantz receiver which cost me over $400. Oh, and I also bought a much less expensive receiver that is identical to one my father owned. It has an 8-track built into it. Ah, that's what set this off. Now I remember. My mom left my dad's albums in the garage after he died. I was looking at them and I found a stack of old 8-tracks. And that reminded me of one of his old receivers that played 8-tracks. And that reminded me of another receiver he had in a walnut cabinet. And that got me to thinking about my receiver that I've had since I was a kid which was one of his many old receivers before I got it for Christmas. And that led me to Ebay.

      Nothing good ever comes from my being on Ebay. It's like Google with my credit card attached. I start off just wondering about something and the next thing I know I'm buying a shitload of old stuff that other people don't want, which is how it ended up on Ebay in the first place. And then I'm broke and there is a mountain of boxes on my front porch that UPS dropped off.

      Yeah, so if you don't see me on The Blog it's because I'm swamped at work. And I do mean swamped. You might see me drop an occasional post on Twitter. Possibly a smart-assed remark or two on Facebook. Or maybe battling for a dusty stereo cabinet on Ebay. But mostly I'm just slammed to the wall at my job and can barely find the time to take a dump, let alone write anything or comment on the day's events. I can't even get my crumpled car fixed where I dented the shit out of it whacking the bumper of a big 4-wheel-drive truck in my driveway because I'm so busy.

      So there you go. No new car yet. Haven't written Little Red Riding Hood, although I am still thinking about an idea that has promise. Hell, I haven't even planned out my vacation for the beach this summer and if I wait much longer everything is going to be booked up. Gotta run!

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