No Air

I'm sitting on the toilet in the men's room writing on a smartphone and sweating because they never provide decent air circulation in men's rooms. I've spent the last 2 weeks of my life at work. At the finish line, while I struggled to resolve a problem last minute so I could still make the deadline, my boss grabbed me and spent an hour telling me a new direction he wanted me to go. This ended any chance of making the deadline, ironically.

OK, so New Blogger doesn't work well with smartphones, apparently. I had to go to an actual computer to finish this post.
Yes, no, maybe, too damned expensive
I don't know what to say about what is going on. Basically I am just working all the time and that is all. OK, that isn't ALL but it's close to it. On the topic of The Car, I have found The Car that I want, and it's even here in Memphis, but it's in the hands of some local dealers who think it's worth more than a new model version of the same car and so they're asking a shitload of money more than it's worth to me. I've tried to recruit my movie-star-looks niece to come mesmerize the salesmen with her Jewish powers of wheeling and dealing, which she most definitely has in spades, but she won't do it. Not even the promise of free antique furniture can persuade her to come to a city like Memphis, dammit. So it's up to me and my Gentile powers of persuasion. All I can do is go look at the car and tell the salesman that I'll buy it and drive it away that day, but not unless he knocks a good $7-10,000 off the price. If he says "no" then I'll just have to look elsewhere.
Elizabeth Banks is on "30 Rock"
I am SO GLAD that Elizabeth Banks has returned to "30 Rock" even if it wasn't until the end of the season. Yes, I realize she's busy making movies, but I love her and I love seeing her on a weekly TV show that is as funny as she is. She's perfect for that show.

I'm sure there's stuff in the news I'd love to comment on, but since I haven't had time to watch the news I don't know what it is. All I've had time to read in the papers is that Obama is attacking Romney for being a successful businessman and Romney is attacking Obama for being a flaming communist dictator. So there's that.

About 6 months ago I posted "I still talk to Steph." Sure, she had said it was OK if I told you all, but apparently she changed her mind because I haven't heard a word out of her since. Ah, the quirky drama of the internet! Someone should create a soap opera about the shit that goes on here.

Karina Halle
2 former bloggers that I know have published books. Karina Halle, in my blogroll under "Wanderlusting" has 4 books out and I am in the middle of book 3 now. They are awesome. And Marlayna Glynn Brown, of a now retired Las Vegas blog, has a book out that is every bit as interesting as we all thought it would be back when we kept commenting on her blog "you should really write a book about this stuff. This is fascinating!" And she did.
OK, so that's really all I have time to say. I need to pack up and hit the road. I have a lot to get done tonight. Don't be a stranger and I'll try not to be either.

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