Little Red Riding Hood - Part 3

Red pulled out her cell phone as she stood over the now lifeless body of the mysterious Wolf and dialed 9-1-1. A Memphis dispatcher answered her call.

"Nine one one, what is your emergency?"

"I've just killed a man," Red blurted breathlessly into the phone. "He jumped on me out of nowhere and tried to rape me and I killed him!"
I've just killed a man
"Try to be calm, ma'am," the dispatcher said, sounding oddly bored. "I need to know your name, please."

"I'm Red ... er, Katie. My name is Katie, Katie Reidenhausen, but no one calls me that."

"Are you injured, Miss Reidenhausen?" the bored dispatcher asked dispassionately.

"No, er, I don't think so. I don't know." Red began to look herself over to see if she noticed any wounds or gushing blood. The blood red hoodie she wore didn't help her search any.

"Are you sure this person is dead? What did you use to kill him? Do you have a weapon?"

"Yes, I'm sure he's dead! I shot him four times so unless he's just really good at lying motionless on the ground without breathing I'd say he's pretty much dead. I think he's pretty stoned, so maybe he's not, I don't know."

The conversation continued and eventually the dispatcher promised to send the police and an ambulance to help.

After Red finished talking to the dispatcher, and seeing no police anywhere in sight, she called her father.

"Daddy," she began to cry into the phone "I was just attacked! I killed him and I called the police and they say they're coming but no one has shown up and I'm scared! Can you please come and wait for the police with me?"

Red's father arrived on the scene in an instant, skidding up the curb and sliding on the sidewalk in his gleaming white Jaguar XKR, which he leaped out of nearly before it had come to a complete stop. He ran to his daughter to see if she was all right.

One hour and several calls to 911 dispatchers later, four police cars came tearing down the street, passed the Reidenhausens as they tried to flag them down, turned down another street and kept going. 10 minutes later they came back and skidded to a stop in front of Red. Four enormous Memphis police officers dressed in black military special forces combat fatigues threw open their driver's doors and leaped from their cars with their guns drawn. They aimed them at Red Riding Hood and began screaming at her not to move or they would shoot her. Her father was some distance from her, near his car, and began trying to get the officers attention. "She's the VICTIM," Mr Reidenhausen shouted, but they ignored him.

"Where is the gun, ma'am?" all four officers barked in unison. "Put down the gun and show us your hands. Do it! Do it NOW!!!"

Red, shaking in terror, took out her little revolver and placed it on the grass. Then she held out her hands and stood perfectly still as the police began to charge straight at her. Before she or her father could speak a word, one of the officers shot her at point blank range with a Taser, spearing her in the stomach and groin simultaneously before approximately 50,000 volts of pure evil began pulsating through her body, making her feel as if her body was being torn apart over and over again. She fell helplessly to the ground, unable to move to catch herself and hitting her head. It nearly knocked her unconscious, an electrifying deja vu from the first time she was attacked that evening.

"What the hell are you doing?!" her father screamed. "She's the victim! She was attacked! How dare you! Stop it!"

In a flash, another officer drew his Taser and shot Mr Reidenhausen, spearing his stomach and testicles before literally frying him with ultra high voltage as he fell screaming in agony to the concrete. His heart began fluttering uselessly in his chest instead of beating properly. His bladder, the nerves controlling it instantly burned away by the Taser, along with those of his genitals, opened up and dumped the yellow contents into his Armani pants. His forehead opened up and streamed blood as it bounced off the concrete sidewalk. Despite all of this, he still tried to crawl towards his little girl and protect her. Two officers responded by jumping on him feet first, as if trying to crush an insect.

A single ambulance arrived moments later. Two black-clad officers were now literally standing on top of Red Riding Hood's father, one with his knee on the back of his neck so that it appeared as if the officer was trying to break his spine as he ground his face deeper into the pavement. They jerked his arms violently behind his back far enough to dislocate his right shoulder and one of them placed handcuffs on him even as the other continued to pulsate electric current from the Taser throughout his body the entire time.

Red, meanwhile, was only vaguely aware of an officer screaming at her as she lay on the ground, tears streaming down her cheeks, Taser still coursing through her. "What happened here? Why did you kill that man? Is he your drug dealer? Where did you get that gun? You'd better talk, you piece of shit!" the officer barked at her.

Dissatisfied with Red's inability to answer, the officer released the trigger on his Taser, drew back his fist and punched Red three times in the face. "Do you want me to charge you with obstructing justice, you little bitch?" he threatened. "You better fucking answer me or I'll stick this Taser so far up your cunt you'll think you were having the devil's own baby!"

The two paramedics climbed out of their vehicle. The driver caught the attention of one of the officers who was currently not electrocuting, stomping or otherwise beating on anyone and asked "Which one are we here for?" His partner stood beside him looking around at the chaotic scene as he tried to figure out who was going to need the most urgent treatment and who was simply dead.

"I don't know yet." the officer replied with a calm matter-of-factness. "We still haven't figured out what exactly is going on. I think that one in all black is dead, but you'd better check. And the old man and the girl are going to both need treatment for the Taser darts sticking in them," he said, motioning to Red and her father. "They'll have to be taken to Baptist East hospital for that. And a lot depends on how much damage we're forced to do to the two who aren't dead yet, obviously." he said with a smirk.

Two hours later, the entire scene had been moved to the waiting room of Baptist East hospital. Police had finally stopped beating and torturing Red and her father and given them an opportunity to explain the situation, which Red had already done when she called 911 in the first place. Red's father was badly injured and had to be admitted, but before the nurses wheeled him away he had managed to call the family attorney, David Wheelhouse, and convince him to come down to the hospital right away. A higher-ranking officer had arrived and taken Red's statement, finishing up just as Mr Wheelhouse, came charging through the doors.

"What's the situation here?" Mr Wheelhouse demanded. "What has my client done wrong? Are either of them being charged with a crime?"

"No sir," the officer in charge replied, "no charges have been filed just yet. It appears to be a case of justifiable homicide committed in self-defense. We could charge both of them with resisting arrest and assaulting an officer, but for now we're not filing any charges against anyone."

"Resisting arrest?!" Red screamed in outrage. "Assaulting an officer?! We didn't ..." But Mr Wheelhouse interrupted her, placing his hand between her and the officer in charge.

"Katie, let me handle this." he said. "You're upset, which is understandable, but you don't know how the system works and you could make things worse without meaning to."

Red Riding Hood looked at Mr Wheelhouse in disbelief and seethed silently, unconsciously rubbing herself where bandages covered the charred wound in her groin that the Taser had left. The nurse had informed her that it would leave a permanent scar. If what she had seen so far was "how the system works" then as far as she was concerned the system didn't work at all.

Mr Wheelhouse and the officer-in-charge continued to talk as Red looked off down the hall, wondering where her father was and how he was doing.

Red's father was not doing well. The Taser had destroyed all the nerves in his genitals, leaving him impotent. It had also destroyed nerves leading into his bladder, leaving him incontinent. He would have to wear adult diapers for the rest of his life. He had a concussion from hitting his head on the sidewalk. Worse still, he had suffered a heart attack while being  tortured with the Taser.

Meanwhile, the story of Red Riding Hood's horrific ordeal had already spread across the Lexus/Nexus network and reporters were picking up the story. Later that night the very first report of Red's ordeal was broadcast on CNN, with a smiling blonde female reporter reading from a teleprompter wearing a bland plastic smile, "earlier tonight in Memphis, Tennessee, a wealthy white woman shot and killed an unarmed black man who had the misfortune to wander into her upperclass neighborhood where some say he did not belong. Memphis police say no charges will be filed against her."

The Reverend Al Sharpton happened to be watching that very channel as the report aired. "No charges? What?? No FUCKING charges?!" he shouted as he bobbed his head and waved his hands around in angry gestures, eyes bulging out of his head. "We'll just see about that, you bourgeois white capitalist bitch!" he barked as he snatched up the telephone and began to dial the personal cell phone of US Attorney General Eric Holder.

... to be continued ...

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