Random Thursday Thoughts

I just love it when smoke comes pouring out of the back of my car, making me think my car must be on fire, and then I find that it's coming from my rear wheel right after having had my brakes worked on. So this is the second car in 2 weeks that your man has done this to? Has no one explained to him how this might be a problem? Had I been on the road to Memphis today instead of tomorrow I would have either locked up at 70 mph and wrecked or been left stranded somewhere in the middle of Butthole, Mississippi. Either one is a very, very bad option. Rear brakes are not rocket science. The only reason I didn't do them myself is because rear brakes are a pain in the ass when they aren't disc. But you didn't even replace my rear brakes. You replaced my front brakes and then casually mentioned that you adjusted my rear brakes. Thanks, but this adjustment was no help to me at all. In fact, it may have ruined my brand new rear tire, which I very much do not appreciate.

What is it with tow truck drivers that they can't take your vehicle from Point A to Point B without adding some sort of additional damage? Sure, you rolled down my window and then couldn't get it to roll back up. Fine. I can deal with that later. Was it really necessary for you to grab it and force it up, ripping my window tint in the process? Did you not see it tearing? Now I have this lovely giant upside down 'V' in my window on top of my other problems. Thanks so much for that. I had that window tint done just about 6 months ago so technically it wasn't brand new, just almost brand new. Oh well, at least you didn't crease my quarter panel like the last tow truck guy did. That cost a fortune to fix on top of the $200 tow.

I find it odd that a man who supposedly knows about cars would say "these old cars, if it isn't one thing then it's another" when the entire reason he's towing my car is due to human error by a mechanic whom he says he knows personally and not due to anything relating to a car getting older. The car itself is fine. When it's treated right it works right. When it's treated wrong it has problems. Isn't this also true of a brand new car?

Apparently Puddle of Mudd has a whole bunch of shitty songs and one really cool song per CD. I surmise this from owning only one of their CDs, of course, as I am fond of generalizing. It occurs to me that this plethora of bad songs surrounding one good song is probably the reason that buying singles is so popular and always has been. But I'm not a big 99 cent digital download kind of guy. I want a piece of plastic of some sort that I can hold in my hand, so unless the song is offered as a single on a tiny CD, I'll end up buying the entire CD and then recording just the one song off of it for my PC and my iPod. Its too bad that iTunes songs are such lousy quality. An old vinyl record recording is over 10 times higher quality than an iTune song, but most people don't realize that. The digital age has brought us access to a lot more music, but at a cost of sound quality. I noticed several musicians are once again releasing albums on vinyl. I guess this means I need to get my old turntable repaired and dust off my album collection. Yeah, I still have it. I'm a packrat. And thank God for the resurgence of vinyl, too. I burn my own CDs. Now if only they'd rerelease that old HD CD format where the songs on the CDs were higher quality, too. The CDs they release today are also lower quality than the old vinyl records. But as Benny Hill used to say, not a lot of people know that.

Just because you're not in any hurry doesn't give you the right to get in the passing lane and cruise at 35 mph while resting your head in your hand, nearly falling asleep as you crawl along blocking traffic. This is the reason that I called you a cunt. Your expression indicated that you hadn't heard this term in quite awhile. I guess that's one of the perks of retirement, eh? You should roll up your windows if you don't like being talked to about your driving as you're snailing along.

Isn't it funny how a shelf can look so small on the box and then turn out to be so huge once you've assembled it? I was planning to put this thing on top of my desk and fill it with the crap currently smothering my desk, but now that I have it together it looks to be almost as big as the desk itself. It still might go up there, but it's going to reach way up high and dwarf everything else. And it isn't as if I can just take it back apart again and return it for a refund. I put this sucker together tight, complete with wood glue. I've looked around the room and I don't see a good spot where I could place it on the ground, either. This sucks.

I've noticed that on DVDs now, in addition to warnings about language, sex and general violence, we are now warned if anyone in the movie smokes. I find this very odd. I checked every single Adam Sandler movie to see if there were any warnings about his use of sexual violence against males and castration gags for cheap laughs and found no warnings whatever. But if anyone lit up a cigarette while viciously castrating a man in one of his movies, by God, we were all warned about that. Apparently when a nation normalizes homosexuality at its highest positions of power and leadership, sexual violence is normalized along with it and deemed to be merely an alternate lifestyle, harmless and fun. But cigarette smoking is suddenly viewed as evil and an abomination which must be censored lest our children see it. Yes, go ahead and castrate your brother/lover/husband/father/son, but just don't ever let me catch you smoking! Or you'll GO TO HELL!

There is a new show on ABC called "Happy Endings" which comes on after "Cougar Town." It appears to be ABC's attempt at recreating "Friends", what with there being 3 guys and 3 girls and everyone living in a way-too-nice apartment. Except this being ABC, of course, one of the characters is gay and one is black. That in and of itself doesn't surprise me at all since ABC is one of the gayest networks on TV. But what's weird about this show is that it has 2 hot female blondes in the cast, and one not especially hot brunette. For some reason, the show seems to be trying to tone down the hot blondes and make them less hot, while jacking up the not hot brunette to make her hotter. I don't get this because there is nothing about her character that requires her to be hot. It doesn't benefit the show at all for them to do this. The only time I've ever seen a TV show do this, the girl was either a member of a privileged race, a lesbian, the daughter of someone high up at the network, or some combination of all of those. I don't know who this actress is, so seeing this and being otherwise bored with the show, I now feel compelled to try to find out what's going on. And then blast the information out to the whole world via the internet. NYA NYA NYA!
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