American Idol Don't Mean A Thang

I had something I wanted to say. I forget now what it was exactly. I was going to write a post about some of my thoughts on current events. And I had no intention of linking any of my sources or in any way trying to back up what I have to say with evidence that it is factual.

This is my blog. No one pays me for writing for their entertainment. No one gives me anything at all for the work I do here. I'm not a newspaper or a news source of any sort. I have no editor and no journalistic responsibility to anyone. I'm here to write how I feel or what I think. And lately I feel sick of backing up my posts with hyperlinks to sources, which no one ever clicks anyway. I'm sick of treating this like a job. It feels like a job sometimes, only I never get paid and no one provides me with any coffee. It takes forever to put together a post when I take the time to look up all the sources and include the links to them. Fuck that.

obama rev wright
Pres O and Rev Hater

I think several things our government is doing right now is a really bad idea. For example, there is a news story today about Obama promising to work with the Russians on a missile defense shield. If this isn't proof that the man is a first class idiot, I don't know what it is going to take to prove it. I don't feel like linking the story, so I'm not going to. We had a missile shield. Obama signed it away to the Russians, who have no missile shield, but do have a shitload of nuclear missiles aimed straight at our throat and so they are pissed that we have come up with a system that will protect us from their aggressive and predatory nature. So he signed an agreement that we won't build the shield. What kind of President tolerates and even caters to someone like Putin getting his pink panties in a wad over our SHIELD? Does Obama not understand even the concept of a shield? It's purely defensive. No one can object to such a thing unless they are wanting to do harm to the one who possesses it. And the only 'leader' who doesn't grasp this and tell the Russians to go fuck themselves is a moron, or a gigantic pussy, or both. That's my opinion. You don't have to click anything to get the back story on that. It's all right here.

jennifer lopez

Some dude was selected as this year's American Idol last night. They tell me it came down to a dude and a chick and the judges chose the dude. And this is big news, apparently. And also, apparently, the dude and the chick are sleeping together so it's like a couples thing. Or something. Either way, who gives a damn? It's not like the Royal Wedding. It's just a stupid TV show. The whole world today seems to be talking about it. I didn't watch a single episode and I don't care. Suddenly Pippa Middleton's hotness has been replaced as the topic of the day by American Idol. Geez.

I don't normally use the term 'chick' to refer to anyone, male or female. Somehow that just seemed to fit with what I was writing.

Blogger is all fucked up today. I don't even know if this post is going to save, let alone post.

barney frank
Bad Policy

What else is going on today? Oh yeah, the stock market is up and down like a teenaged couple in the back seat of an old car getting their freak on. Apparently the vast economic uncertainty that socialist politics has created is leading to a dramatic chaos in the business and financial world. Who knew that having socialists, who have no understanding of how economics or business works at all, in charge of our laws and regulations governing business and the economy might be a bad idea? Shocker!

People are upset today because the lunatic who shot a judge and a Congresswoman has been declare incompetent to stand trial. I understand their upset, but what I'd like to know is, why can't we declare politicians incompetent to hold office and have them removed as easily as that? It would sure clear out a lot of spots in Washington.

A lot of teachers and left-wing people are complaining that our schools are in decline because we don't spend enough money on education, and lately we are having to make cuts. They say this is the fault of right-wing conservatives who don't care about kids and are greedy. Here's a thought: first of all, we now spend several times more per student than we did back in 1980 or 1970 or 1960, and yet kids performed much better in school and got a better education back then than they do now. So clearly money isn't the problem or the answer. Second, how is it that no one seems to grasp the concept that as a nation declines, and our economy teeters on the brink of disaster, we quite naturally have less money available to throw at the teachers unions, regardless of whether those teachers are doing a great job or a very shitty one? The money ain't there, bitches. It done all been spent on bullshit and corrupt politics. Now we're reaping what has been sown. As a nation declines, it has less money to throw around. We're declining. Rapidly. And so, not surprisingly, we have less and less money each year to blow up teacher's asses so they can teach our children how to put condoms on bananas and perform oral sex the proper way. I'd suggest that someone needs to find a gold mine or strike oil here in the U.S. so that we have a new source of riches to spend, but even if someone did, Obama's EPA would prohibit anyone from bringing that gold or oil up out of the ground and it would all be for nothing anyway, so fuck it.

There's an article in the news right now entitled "Parents keep child's gender under wraps." OK, first of all, it isn't the child's "gender" they're keeping under wraps. It's the child's SEX, which is not the same thing. They can dress their child as either "gender" and thus change the child's gender at will, as they please. Geez, we have a media here in the U.S. that is so fucking PC that they won't even use the word "sex" anymore, ever since feminist college professors changed to "gender" in order to make the lesbian women who dress as men happy. Listen, if a reporter misuses the term "gender" that's no shocker. Most of our reporters are retarded. But now that the misuse has spread to our lawyers and political leaders, there is a real cause for concern. And if you ever encounter a DOCTOR who misuses the term, run from that idiot as fast as you can. Medical professionals are not ever supposed to use the term "gender" in place of "sex" because they are NOT interchangeable.

And again, I once hyperlinked to an article explaining all this, but I'm not going to today, so if you're curious, Google it or look back through my old posts.

Pope don't even know

There's a preacher in the news who apparently 'calculated' the Judgement Day using some form of mathematics that they apparently don't teach in college. I have a degree in math and I grew up in a church where we actually studied the Bible (yes, there are plenty of churches that never even open it, let alone read it.) I can tell you, I don't recall any Bible lessons on how to write a mathematical proof relating to the Judgement Day. Basically, the Bible says you won't know when it'll be. So this preacher dude who claims he did the math and came up with a number is smoking crack. Or more likely, meth, 'cause that's the drug of choice among the rednecks these days. Nuff said.

I guess that's all I have to say today. Bleargh.
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