Little Red Riding Hood - part 6

Memphis police director Tony Armada began his Monday like any other workday. He got a cup of coffee, set it on his desk, checked his email and phone messages, went to take a pee, and began preparing for the morning meeting of detectives. While he sat at his desk, his phone rang. Caller ID showed it to be the mayor calling.  Tony knew this call would come. All weekend long he had been expecting this call. He sighed and picked up the phone.

"Good morning, Mayor."

The mayor got right to the point. "Why did you arrest the Reidenhausen girl? I thought it was determined that she acted in self-defense?"

"It was," Director Armada responded. "But then I got a phone call at my house at 2 a.m. from Attorney General Eric Holder ordering me to arrest her and charge her with a hate crime."

"Ordering you? By what authority? This is our jurisdiction."

"Basically by implying the same threat of prosecution he's currently using against sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona, obey or be charged and prosecuted by the federal government. We both know how that usually turns out. I don't have the millions of dollars needed to fight charges like that and I don't think our union will stick by me against the US Department of Justice."

"Next time you get a call from him, or from any number you don't recognize, don't answer. We're not here to do the dirty work of the Chicago mafia. If he wants her, let him go and get her himself."

"Yes sir." the police director replied.

"One other thing," the mayor said. "What's the story on the initial response? Why were the girl and her father roughed up so badly?"

"Oh, it's the usual. The dispatchers bounced the call all over while arguing over whose jurisdiction it was in and finally called it in to us as a gang shooting."

"Oh good God!" the mayor exclaimed.

"So we responded with a gang unit and they did what they do, you know. They secured the area as fast as possible through overwhelming force."

"Well the Reidenhausen's attorney has been demanding an explanation and we've been trying to avoid giving one. Now that I know this there is no way we're going to explain. We can't tell them that. It leaves us wide open to a lawsuit. And it sounds like this thing is going to get much uglier before its all over. We need to stay out of it from here on in."

There was a pause and then the mayor said, "Tony, do you have any vacation plans?"

"Um, no," Tony responded. "I took a week in June and I was planning to take another around Christmas. Why?"

In Washington, Eric Holder sat in his usual seat in the Oval Office across from President Obama. The mood was deadly serious.

"We knew from the start that she was trouble." the Attorney General said.

"Trouble?!" President Obama spewed. "Rod Blagojevich was trouble. This bitch is a pain in my ass." He banged his palms flat on the desk. "Those fucking Clintons. Those mother fucking Clintons. Why couldn't they just leave Washington when their time was over like normal fucking people do instead of hanging around rattling the doorknob to the White House? Why couldn't they both just go the fuck home to their fucking plantation in Arkansas?"

"I think Hillary is going to be hanging around DC until the day she dies." Holder grumbled. "She's hooked on the power of this town. She can't let it go."

"Well now, thanks to her and that white girl in Memphis, we've got this reelection 'gifthorse' that has turned on us and kicked us right in the face. I can't win without the feminist vote AND the black vote. I need them both. Somehow we've got to find a way to turn this thing in a new direction. Somehow we've got to shift the blame to our white male oppressors for this whole mess."

The Attorney General sat thinking for a moment before he pulled a file out of his briefcase and began flipping through it. "I swear there was something in the police report from the Red Reidenhausen case ..." his voice trailed off as his eyes scanned frantically through the pages. "Here it is! Here's your white devil! Brandon Terry, white male, 17 years old, was at the scene according the girl herself when Wolf first approached her. Brandon was there when it all started and he drove off, get this, in his fucking red Porsche - typical rich white male born into privilege - and he left her there all alone with a convicted felon. This is Brandon Terry's fault!"

"Let me see that," the President exclaimed as he practically leaped across his desk and grabbed the folder out of the Attorney General's hand. "This is too good to be true. This is too fucking good! Get that Memphis police chief on the phone. Tell him to go and pick up Brandon and charge him with something. I don't care what. Anything. Aiding and abetting or accessory to murder or whatever. And then you get the news media together and you let them know that our villain is a white male rich kid with a Porsche. Go!"

Attorney General Holder jumped out of his chair and flew out of the room. He sailed down the front staircase, out the front doors of the White House, across the lawn and out the gate. He sprinted down a block to the Department of Justice where his office is located. As he sprinted through the lobby to his office he barked at his receptionist, "Get me that sheriff on the phone!"

"Sir? What sheriff? Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona?" she asked confused.

"No, not him. Get me that other guy, that ... what the fuck ... the police chief in Memphis. Get him on the phone for me and then transfer it to my office when you've got him on the line." he ordered and then slammed his office door behind him before skipping across the room to his desk.

Several minutes passed and he grew impatient. He clicked on the intercom, "what's the story with the sheriff? You got him?"

"No sir," the receptionist buzzed back through the intercom. "He doesn't seem to be answering. Do you want me to keep trying?"

"Yes, in fact, I don't want you to do anything else until you have him on the line. I want you to try him all day long. If you have to, call every number we've got for the Memphis police until we track him down."

"Yes sir!"

By early afternoon it began to become apparent that Memphis police director Tony Armada was making himself scarce where Eric Holder was concerned. And he wasn't the only one. When the Memphis mayor's office had been called in an effort to circumvent the police and go over the director's head, the mayor's secretary had indicated that the mayor was out of the country entirely and she had no idea where he went or when he might be back. Not only that, but the police director was with him.

This created a significant problem. The feminist protests in favor of Red Reidenhausen had spread nationwide and were growing in numbers at a shocking rate. Confrontations between the pro-Wolf black protesters and pro-Red feminist protesters were immediately turning violent and bloody, with the feminists taking the worst of it as larger, stronger black men beat them to a pulp with ease. The left-leaning media carefully edited out the violence so as to protect both groups from any negative coverage, but word was getting around even so. Fox News reported on it some, but regardless of that, the protests and violence were so widespread that it was impossible to avoid. The police were helpless to do anything, as both groups of protesters were politically protected and legally favored by Washington DC and thus virtually untouchable. All the police could do was put on riot gear and stand around impotently. They were prohibited from raising a hand against either the black or feminist protesters. The streets quickly turned to chaos in major cities where the protests and counter-protests were taking place.

This was a problem that the President simply could not afford so close to the next election. 

Attorney General Holder ran back across the street to the White House at 5 pm, bursting into the Oval Office to find President Obama practicing his putting.

"The Memphis police are dodging us. They're refusing to answer. It appears that both the police chief and the mayor have left the country and no one seems to know where they went." he told the President hurriedly.

The President stood, still leaning over his putter, and he said, "Eric, I've been thinking about this all day and I've got an idea. Do you remember my first year in office when I mentioned wanting a presidential police force, an army of cops that answer only to me?"

"Yes, of course, but you pretty much already have that with the Department of Justice."

"No, not entirely. I mean, I appointed you and you work for me, but thanks to the Violence Against Women act, the feminists have their own separate branch of the Department of Justice, a crazy man-hating branch filled with militant lesbians who are currently out in the streets protesting against me. Technically, Hillary has as many soldiers and guns as I do and she's not even the President. I want a new police force, one that is entirely mine and answers only to me. And seeing as the Congress has failed to show the balls to stop me from making appointments that aren't entirely legal and new laws without submitting them to Congress as the law requires - regulations I called them - I don't see any reason not to simply decree the existence of a new presidential police force answerable only to me and start loading it up with an army of big angry men. I think I'll start recruiting from the Black Panthers to start things off. I'd like to have several million presidential police officers before November."

That very night the President spoke on network television, reading from a teleprompter as he always did, about his decision to form a new public assistance program which would create 1,000,000 jobs almost immediately. This new program would be called the Government Enforcement Safety Team And Peace Office, and would have authority over all law enforcement offices and jurisdictions anywhere in the United States. They would have the authority to arrest, imprison, and even hold their own trials. And all, of course, without Congressional oversight. They would answer only to the President.

Concerned citizens began flooding their representatives in Congress with phone calls. A record number of Americans were insisting that Congress do something about this new illegal police force. A handful of 'Tea Party' Congressmen tried to call for a vote to impeach. The President had broken numerous laws already without any response from Congress. Surely this time they would act to defend their own authority and the rule of law. But the vote went nowhere. Nothing was done.

The majority of news outlets began referring to the new presidential police as 'Obamacops.' Fox News chose instead to refer to them by their official acronym, GESTAPO.

Within a week following the decision to form the Presidential police force, over 800,000 men had been hired to serve as the President's personal enforcement agents. All were black or Hispanic. All were male. And all were convicted felons with long records of extreme criminal violence. The entire New Black Panther Party was hired to serve as Obamacops. Many from Hispanic supremacist groups were also hired. All were equipped with black uniforms, extensive body armor, and fully automatic weapons. All were authorized to do anything to anyone without any accountability.

It had been only three weeks since the night Red was attacked. In that time, black and feminist protesters had filled the streets across the nation, Red's face had been plastered on signs, either in crosshairs or with a halo depending upon whose sign it was, and now the President had declared for himself the authority to form an unaccountable police force which was staffed entirely with violent racist criminals. The nation was reeling.

At 10 am on a Monday morning, 6 black Humvees pulled up in front of Briarcrest High School near Shady Grove. An army of black-clad Obamacops poured out of the military vehicles armed with 'streetsweeper' shotguns, fully automatic rifles, flash grenades, and the latest in Taser technology. They kicked down the front doors of the school, despite the fact that the doors were unlocked, and stormed into the school. It was between classes and the halls were filled with students. The Obamacops began punching, kicking, and smashing their way through the crowd of children, bashing many in the face with the butts of their rifles, kicking them in the groin and then pummeling their faces simply for being in their way. A handful of teachers, seeing the horror, tried to stand between the students and the officers to stop the assaults. They were shot with shotguns and left bleeding and dying on the floor as the Obamacops moved past them.

One of the officers had an iPad which showed a map of the school and a red dot, which was slowly moving. "He's upstairs!" the officer barked, and the Obamacops began pouring onto the stairwells, sprinting up the steps.

Brandon was at his locker. He had just gotten there and was sending a text message on his cell phone when he heard the screams from downstairs. Everyone around him had stopped and turned to look in the direction of the stairwells, where the sound of screaming was cascading upward like lost souls in hell. And then there were gunshots. More screams. And suddenly a mob of black Darth Vader-looking soldiers came flying up the stairs, guns in hand.

For a brief instant Brandon was reminded of the scene in "The Wizard of Oz" when an army of flying monkeys came and took Dorothy away, pummeling her friends in the process. He often had odd thoughts like that, thoughts he was sure none of his friends would understand.  His thoughts were interrupted when the soldiers came straight at him in a dead sprint. He froze, uncertain which way to move to get out of their way. They slammed into him, crushing him against the lockers. They punched, kicked, kneed, elbowed, gouged, and headbutted him to the ground. Blood was pouring from his face by the time one of the black devils grabbed his genitals and began trying to crush his testicles. Meanwhile, they were twisting his arms and legs in an impossible position behind his back and chaining him. The pain and shock quickly overwhelmed Brandon and he passed out. But the beating continued anyway.

To be continued ...

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