One Lovely Blog Award and Tag! You're It!

The wonderful Australian blogger Ute has given me a blog award, which I very much appreciate. But along with the award comes a tag to write 15 things about me. Its a bit ironic, I think, but the longer I blog the harder it seems to become to write those lists of "things about me." I once took several weeks writing a total of 100 things about me. But now, for some reason, 15 seems like an impossible task. Even so, I'm going to try. Don't get mad if I don't make it to 15.

  1. I had the day from hell at work today. A coworker went totally psycho out of nowhere and it got so bad that the management asked if I'd go home while they observe her to see if she's dangerous. I sit next to her and she was red-faced, sweaty and screaming like a fucking lunatic, so I took Friday afternoon and just headed out. Of course, Monday is going to be really, really bad because she's been a lunatic all along, only it took this long for her to come at me directly.
  2. Even though I've finally bought the new musclecar that I searched so long and hard for, somehow when Carmax didn't offer me much of anything for my old car, it resulted in my still having that old car and still driving that old car while the new car just sits in my driveway behind my old musclecars that are in the garage also not being driven. 
  3. It's 1 am and I should really be in bed, but I haven't had the chance to just sit and blog surf in a very long time. I miss doing that and I miss out on what's going on, too.
  4. I was recently emailed a rumor that Steph Shaw of the famous MuchAdoAboutSumthin blog is back blogging again, only this time her blog is private and I am not invited. I don't know if this rumor is just intended to fuck with me, since clearly a certain segment of the population seems to think that I was put on this earth just to fuck with, or if it is true. Either way, why drag me back into that again? What possible benefit is there to mention this to me? I can see that her blog address is still there and it is set to private. And I am not allowed to enter. But she set it to private long ago, only back then I was given an invite. That has since been rescinded without explanation. I don't even have a way to communicate with her anymore. Why even mention this to me at all??
  5. My ears ring all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And lately it has gotten louder.
  6. I am reading a lot more lately than I have in the recent past. I don't know if it is because I'm bored with TV or just because I am working on writing a book of my own, but I've suddenly realized that a lot of classic stories I have only ever seen on TV, but never actually read. There is a lot to miss by not reading the actual story and simply trusting in actors to tell it to you.
  7. I have recently grown completely sick of every single song on the radio. I don't want to hear the songs on my iPod or that I have on CDs in my car. I am sick of it all. I'm not sure why, but this has happened all of a sudden. So now I'm driving to work in silence. Well, except for the sound of the ringing in my ears, of course. I guess technically I don't ever get to sit and enjoy actual silence.
  8. I visited a new music store today here in Memphis. They had a used guitar that I really liked. It was only $2300. Yes, only $2300. And sitting beside it was another guitar that I really liked. When I held the other one, the Strat, I actually liked the feel of it better than the first one I'd looked at, the 1974 Gibson SG. I think it's odd that I am trying to replace 2 guitars I had when I was in high school, especially considering how unskilled I am at playing and that I haven't been serious about it since I was in my early 20s. But I guess something about that time set in my brain how a guitar should feel and nothing can change it. I know when I hold it if it's right or not. 
  9. When I heard people here complaining that we had a winter almost completely without snow I had jokingly said "don't worry, it'll snow on March 1st, like it always does." It's now March 2nd and its snowing like mad outside. I was off by one day.
  10. I have a mother-in-law who leaves phone messages that are 10-15 minutes long on average and often longer. She regularly fills our entire machine until it shuts off on her and then calls back to try to talk more. Reviewing our phone messages each day is a pain in the ass because its all her talking endlessly about her trip to the store and whats on TV tonight and how she stopped to get gas and every little thought that crosses her mind.
  11. My job is stressful enough already without having to deal with a psycho narcissist troll in the cubical right next to mine. But as usual, the people with severe personalities disorders eventually focus their crazy on me. I'm like a human crazy magnet. And how typical is it that they put me in the cube right next to the craziest person in the office? Just like when I lived in Redneckville and I ended up in the house right across the street from the neighborhood drug dealer and neighborhood alcoholic. 
  12. My cat, Tazzie, is currently flying around the living room tearing up every paper she sees, rolling herself up in a big sheet of packing paper, and generally shredding the room as I write this. Snow has a big effect on Maine coons for some reason. They go bonkers.
  13. Tonight I am planning to go out and see a friend's band perform. I haven't seen my friends in awhile, so I am looking forward to it. But the ringing in my ears is not looking forward to the live music. Apparently having a lot of friends in bands has made my hearing worse. Not sure how to balance seeing my friends and protecting my hearing. Some of this is genetic, so I don't know if it matters what I do. 
  14. You wouldn't think it would be too difficult to think up 15 things about yourself to say, but it is. It's very hard. Or at least for me it is proving to be very hard. It's snowing outside, my cat is wandering around the room, my other cat is outside somewhere in the snow, wolves killed my neighbors chickens 2 weeks ago ... wait, that's something. A few weeks ago I found a headless chicken in my yard. I didn't know what to make of it so I went next door to ask my neighbor if the chicken was his. He has a chicken coop in his backyard filled with chickens (I don't know why) so it seemed logical to ask him. The chicken being headless, he said he wasn't sure if it was his. But then we looked at his chicken coop and it was torn open and all the chickens were gone, leaving behind lots and lots of feathers. He told me that another neighbor's wolves had gotten out once and tried to get his chickens. They must've gotten out again and torn open the cage and gotten his chickens. So, the fourteenth thing about me is that I live in a neighborhood and one of my neighbors has chickens in his backyard and another neighbor has wolves for some strange reason and the two don't mix very well.
  15. Wow, it is REALLY snowing outside now. It's coming down like a snowstorm. Only it hasn't been all that cold out for long so I don't know if this is going to stick or just hit the ground, melt and then refreeze into ice. We don't need no stinkin' ice. 

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