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Bewitched and then some

This past weekend I saw reruns of the old '60s show "Bewitched" and I thought I must be losing my mind. I had never seen any those episodes before in my life! Sam had 2 kids and Tabatha was in the first grade. She had a little brother who could walk and mumble lines of his own. I have no memory of having ever seen a second kid on that show. But the main thing I realized as I watched the old reruns, is that Samantha was HAWT. Also, she apparently didn't always wear underwear under the skin tight, sprayed on stretchy little mini-dresses that were apparently in style during the final season of the show. All I remember were the early episodes where she walked around in crummy sleaveless dresses with ugly orange and yellow stripes and a hemline down around her knees. Even then, she was still very pretty. But I have no recollection of her in tiny miniskirts with no bra and a big, white smile to compliment her perfect golden hair. I do declare, I think I am going online and see if I can buy the entire DVD set from that show. Clearly I need to rewatch the entire thing to see what I missed due to having been so young when the show ran as a rerun on TBS and I saw it for the very first time. Now I know why my dad's generation liked Samantha Stevens so much. She was smokin'.

Politically incorrect in Germany

In the news over the weekend it was reported that Germany's rich and powerful elitists are up in arms and threatening to faint over some fairly tame comments by banker Thilo Sarrazin. Mr. Sarrazin made a few matter-of-fact comments about the way Germany's leaders have failed to deal with immigrants who refuse to assimilate into German culture and who instead cowtow to the most extremist and anti-German among them, especially among the Muslim population. He also made comments about poor academic performace by lower class Palestinians in school. Then he dared to point out that middle class, well-educated German women are partly responsible for the immigrant takeover of Germany by failing to produce any German children, a true statement which predictably caused Germany's elitist leadership to wet itself and declare "I do declare, I feel a spell of the vapors comin' on." Meanwhile, the German people themselves are somewhat frustrated with the elites stupendously idiotic response, having long been attempting to deliver these very same messages to the perpetually out-of-touch professional politicians who who driven Germany into a socialist malaise from which it has struggled to survive. The scandal is particularly enlightening in that it reveals how the enormous chasm between the citizens and the professional, never-held-a-real-job, upper-class politically correct eunuchs who rule is not at all a German problem, but a universal problem afflicting the entire Western hemisphere and all its nations, from Germany to the United States to the United Kingdom to Australia and beyond. The rise of the professional politician has perfectly and not coincidentally coincided with the fall of logic, reason, truth and common sense among the Western nations and their so-called 'leaders.'

Engrish onry, prease

Over in Singapore, national leaders are pressuring their residents to learn to speak better English. Ironically, in all native English-speaking countries, such as America and the UK, it is considered politically incorrect to ever insist that anyone learn to speak proper English. In fact, simply pointing out that there is such a thing as proper English versus ebonics and other street-slang, is considered a "social injustice" and may result in lawsuits and/or termination of employment.

Suck on these

Australian superstar swimming champion, Stephanie Rice, has been drop-kicked by the delicate girlie-men at Jaguar. Australia's rugby team beat South Africa in a tough match and Stephanie responded to South African fans who had been harassing her on Twitter by tweeting "suck on that faggots!" It was an insignificant statement of no threat to anyone. But to the zealously politically correct and dogmatically hypersensitive human resources lawyers at Jaguar it was enough to cause a case of the vapors. They fired her immediately, despite her immediate retraction and apology, which she posted on her blog moments later. Thus, the ugly, bloated, unreliable land-yachts of Jaguar will no longer be represented by the sleek, sexy body of a racing champion and will instead, once again, be represented by the limp-wristed, ineffectual, pretentious assholes who buy them. Pip pip and queerio, what what.

Wave goodbye to America's future

President Barry "Jimmy Carter Jr" Obama has promised to pass a new impossible-to-meet mandate for America's automotive industry in yet another Marxist attempt to destroy it by requiring that all cars produced in America get the unheard of gas mileage rate of 60 mpg. Researchers state that the cost of such a fuel rate in human lives lost will make all previous death tolls resulting from government mileage mandates pale by comparison. But President Obama says he is willing to make that sacrifice in American lives for the good of the environment and to help reduce the surplus population of white people. Following his speech, President Obama climbed into his armored SUV which gets 4 mpg and rode to the airport, where he then climbed into his private jet and flew to Spain for yet another round of golf.


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