Um ... Um ... Um

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I got nuthin'

It must be spring fever or something. I don't know what it is. I've been outside sweating and digging in the yard or changing spark plugs in the driveway or just anything, but I haven't been on the internet much. I thought I was just busy, but when I sat down to blog I couldn't come up with a thing to say.

I thought I'd cure my problem by rolling over to Steph's Banality Australian Style and see what she was up to. She was commenting on things women do, but won't admit to.

I tried to leave a snarky comment.

I got nuthin.

I wrote something, but it was .... lame.

I came back here to my own blog and tried to write again, but I couldn't come up with anything to say. I just don't know what TO say. Nothing is really going on. I'm trying to learn a lot of new things at work, so I'm never on while I'm there. And when I come home I'm just ... not really busy so much ... just not here.

I mean, I've probably been by your blog, but when it comes time to leave my typical "oh, if you think that's gross just listen to this" comments, my mind is a blank.

What's up with that?

I found a new gym the other day. I went in on Friday at lunch and tried to make up for lost time. I did 6 sets of squats just to get things rolling. After that I did a bunch of the usual manly stuff, like bench press and crap like that. Yeah, I knew better, but I did it anyway. I haven't been in the gym for a year now and I started off with 6 sets of squats. Today I can barely walk. I knew this would happen. Yet I did it anyway.

On the plus side, this gym is my dream come true. I was one of four people in there working out. While I was squatting, two of them left. Some REALLY good-looking woman came in while I was showering. I saw her on my way out, as I staggered towards the door. In one way I was sorry I hadn't been working out when she was, just because good-looking women make men feel happy somehow. In another way, I was glad to avoid her. I don't want a gym with drama. I want to be left alone to sweat and grunt and get my shit done so I can get the hell out, like I did at my old gym before the mega-gyms put it out of business and forced me into the drama-mama mecca of sweat, spandex, and titties. So anyway, that was the most exciting thing to happen all week, really.

I Googled the word "gagged" so I could find a photo for this post that accurately reflected my lack of things to say. All I was looking for was a photo like the one above. Almost all I got, though, were photos like the one below. And holy FREAKIN' cow, this one is the tamest of them all. Good God Almighty, there is some freaky stuff out there on the net! Try it yourself, with your porn filter turned off. Google "gagged" and see what you get. Wow!

gagged fetish
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