Nappy-Headed Hypocrisy

don imus
Don "nappy-head" Imus

For days now I've seen headlines passing by about Don Imus apologizing for something or other. He's saying "I am not a racist" and shit like that. A day doesn't pass by that some white male heterosexual isn't attacked and called "racist" or "sexist" or "Christian" or some such thing, so I mostly ignored it. But now the morning radio shows are making jokes about the grrlz of the Rutgers basketball team and their tattoos and I had no idea what they were talking about.

So today, finally, I caved in and looked at the articles hoping to find out what the hell Don Imus did or said that got him into so much trouble. I was expecting him to have called someone a "nigger" or a "faggot" or "fat dyke bitch" or something.

But no, he didn't say any of that. In fact, he didn't say anything of any significance at all.

Do you know what he said?

He said the Rutgers women's basketball players were rough-looking and appeared to be some "nappy-headed hos."

rutgers nappy heads
Nappy-headed hos

Oh shit, call up the Marines! Get the President on the phone! Someone report this to the Department of Homeland Security! Holy Oprah Winfrey, Batman! Nappy headed hos, stop the presses!

So, despite the fact that this comment is totally insignificant and doesn't even indicate a particular race, the usual sociopathic suspects in the black political community are all up in arms. The National Organization of WeHateAllMen are calling for his termination, declaring that the term "hos" is so offensive to 'womyn' as to be the equivalent of a violent physical assault. Yeah, because this is what they mean when they cry about the "epidemic of violence against womyn." They're talking about words.

nappy headed katie couric
Nappy-headed feminist

Nevermind the fact that feminists who declare words they dislike to be the equivalent of a violent assault are straight up narcissists who regularly spew hatred of all males and Christians that pales in comparison, and yet NEVER apologize or express the slightest regret or feelings of remorse. Nevermind the fact that Al Sharpton proved himself a racist during the Tawana Brawley case, and several times thereafter. Nevermind the fact the Jesse Jackson is nothing more than a corporate pirate who robs companies for fun and profit under the unholy pretense of being a man of God.

nappy head al sharptonnappy headed jesse jackson
Nappy-headed racists

No, nevermind all of this, because all of this is nothing new.

What gets me about this whole thing is not the whiny, pussified, knee-jerk reaction of the Leftists. What gets me is the whiny, pussified reaction of Don Imus himself.

He apologized.


This is supposed to be a man who makes controversial remarks about the passing scene. This is supposed to be a man who stands up and dishes it out as well as he takes it. This is supposed to be A MAN.

To be fair, I never listen to Don Imus. I've never heard his show. If he writes any articles, I've never read them. I have no idea exactly where he stands, but I gather from his recent crucifixion that he's perceived to be some kind of conservative. Thus, he's fair game and won't receive the slightest ounce of support from Republicans or other supposed conservatives, because for reasons unknown to me, today's conservatives always abandon their own to be slaughtered by the pack of vicious wolves that make up the militant Marxist Left.

Go figure.

Anyway, Mr. Imus, who said nothing of any significance in calling the Rutgers players "nappy headed hos", is crawling on his hands and knees, declaring that he needs to be spanked, and "thank you, Mistress, may I have another" to the nappy-headed sexist bitch who runs CBS where his show is aired, and on and on. And all I can figure is that he's gotten so comfortable with his fat paycheck and his corporate sponsors that he feels the need to maintain the status quo, and thus he is useless as a spokesman for anything that is worthwhile, if indeed he ever did say anything worthwhile in the first place. And again, I never listened to him so I don't know.

My point is simply that I'm fed up with men who aren't men, who crawl at the slightest hint of controversy instead of standing up for themselves and their rights, who beg forgiveness for "sins" from the biggest haters this country has ever seen, and who give blowjobs to screaming Nazis like Jesse Jackson and the National Organization for Women in exchange for 'absolution' from the rainbow goddess of narcissism, the church of "all about me."

gay worship
Nappy-headed state church

They say "Religious Right." I say "yeah, right." It's obvious who runs the official State Church in this country. Don Imus' groveling and begging for forgiveness for his "sins" from these hypocritical hate mongers is simply further proof of that.

What a nappy-headed pussy.

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