Friday the 13th

It's Friday. Friday the thirteenth, in fact, a day of potential doom and gloom and disaster. I was just reading the blog of an old high school friend. It made me sad. Or maybe I already was sad and just didn't know it until I read what he had to say. He seems sad, although he says he isn't.

I'm supposed to go look at a house during my lunch hour. It's a big house with a lot of land and costs way more than we can afford, yet I'm looking at it anyway because it's what My Wife wants. But she'll never agree to pay that much even though I'll be the one doing the paying. It's in the middle of nowhere, with 10 acres of land, and seemingly nobody around for miles. That's what she wants. Me, I'm a people-person, believe it or not. I love people. But I love My Wife, too, and she wants isolation and land. So I'm working on achieving that. In return you might think she'd finally give me kids, eh? But no, I don't think she ever will. I think we're going to be alone forever. And that makes me very sad.

My friend was blogging about not understanding Christianity and how Christians are to blame for persecuting Jews and things. That's actually a European thing, not a Christian thing. The Bible, both in the Old Testament and the New Testament, talks about how the Jews will be persecuted and it has nothing to do with whether or not a person is a Christian. It's simply going to be. Europe is hardly Christian today, but there is no mistaking that they hate Jews over there. They make that as openly clear as the blacks do of their hatred of whites in places like Georgia and North Carolina. And believe me, you haven't seen overt racism until you've walked around as a white person in Atlanta or Durham, North Carolina.

Anyway, the thing about blaming Christianity for things political leaders and cult personalities did is that it is wrong. Christianity, during the time that it is popular with the majority, has often been used as a tool by sociopaths and narcissists, just like any other major movement that gains popular acceptance. Today, with the shift in power from a God-based religion to a self-based socialist religion, commonly called "social justice" or "progressivism", the majority of the sociopaths and narcissists are racing to jump on board and declare themselves as faithful leaders in the "new" religion as fast as they can.

Just 50 years ago these same people would have been fighting with one another to be deacons in the largest local church they could find, or to be preachers, or music ministers - any position that would enable them to stand in front of a large crowd of people and puff themselves up with pseudo-importance. These are the people who bring scandal to movements of all sorts, whether they be altar-boy molesting priests or page-boy molesting politicians. These are the people who have taken the women's movement and turned it into a movement about total female narcissism rather than about any pretense of equal rights, much to the frustration of women who truly only want equality and fair play. These are the people who turned the black civil rights movement into a circus of racists and bullshit-artists. These are the Jesse Jacksons, the Al Sharptons, the Hillary Clintons, and the George Soros of the world. These are people whom the Bible says will be thrown out of Heaven on the Judgement Day, even as they protest, "but I did good things in God's name!"

Yes, there will be preachers and pastors and priests and nuns in Hell. The Bible says so, and the older I get the more I understand. There are people that simply cannot be "saved", who will never be Christians no matter what they say or do, because their hearts are black and selfish and rotten to the core. The Bible warns about this, and for most of my life I didn't understand how this could be. But I think I do now.

I'm in a funk today. I don't know if my old friend's blog is the reason or if this was already here. Either way, it doesn't matter. I was just watching the circus of bullshit surrounding the Don Imus Nappy-Headed Ho scandal and observing the hoards of sociopaths and narcissists who used it for personal gratification, fame, and fortune. I listened to the reporters mindlessly parroting the line about his comments being "racial" and "sexist" and I can't get past the fact that nothing in the term "nappy-headed ho" specifies or even implies a race. And in fact it doesn't even specify a sex, although most people think of women when they think of 'hos' just because most prostitutes are female. But are most of them black? Are we to assume he meant only the black girls on the Rutgers team because most hookers are black? If that's true then I had no idea. Most of the prostitutes I've seen in Memphis were white. Either way, it was educational to watch as they nailed him to a cross for saying something that was rude and a cheap shot, but otherwise not that big of a deal.

Anyway, it's Friday the Thirteenth. The real estate guy should be here at any moment to drive me out to the place that we can't really afford. And my mind is a million miles away. Oh, and the pipes in my master bathroom wall are leaking again. I just had the plumber at the house for this last week. Yay.
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