Tag! Please flush

I got tagged by McEwen.

The tag is simply this: list five blogs that make me think. It doesn't have to be deep thoughts about religion or the economy or gender roles or cleaners that don't scratch porcelain or the coming end of the world due to a global ice age/warming/collision with a meteor or anything like that. It can just be blogs that make me think about things a little more than I otherwise might. So, without further unfocused meandering, here are five blogs that make me think:

1. Stacy the Peanut Queen - Stacy has childhood memories that I wish were my own. If I wrote about most of my childhood memories people would make one of those faces that you do when you see something really awful, like a face-lift being performed where they run the scalpel under the skin and just start raking it around and yanking on the loose flesh. You know - UGH! But Stacy's memories make the world seem right again. When she writes about her problems, you can't help but relate. Her life is real and her good heart is, too. Imagine a world in which people had good hearts like Stacy. I wonder what that would be like? And when she can't think of what to say, the way she tell us about it is somehow relaxing and nice and always brings a smile. I think Stacy could quote the phone book and it would seem relaxing and nice. Stacy just seems like the sort of person that the world needs more of - a lot more of.

2. The Kept Woman - she can write about green poop in a diaper or ruining a new oven with aluminum foil with the same level of skill that John Steinbeck wrote about Oklahoma farmers being persecuted in California ("The Grapes of Wrath," pinhead!) She makes me embarrassed that I came to the blog specifically to practice my writing. And just when you think she can't get any better, she puts up a photo of herself in a bikini! Sometimes she'll even post a photo of just her boobs and fabulous flat tummy. The beauty of it just makes me want to cry. She makes me think, sometimes deep thoughts about the interaction of chemicals and heat required to bond aluminum to an oven, and sometimes about much dirtier, but far more enjoyable things. And unlike me, she's smart enough never to even mention politics. If I were more like her ... well, I'd be a hot chick with some serious writing skills and a kick-ass sense of humor.

3. Steph's Much Ado About Sumthin' - she's funny the way I wish I were funny. She lives a life that involves friends and fun the way I wish I had a life. And friends. And fun. She's sworn off having sex, which is just like being married, let me tell you, only she does it by choice and still gets to go out partying with her awesome friends due to being single. Her ups are a riot. Her downs are a riot. When she falls down, it's a riot. When she makes someone else fall down, it's a riot, too. This girl is like magic with the ease with which she can make the world laugh and smile and fall down. It's no wonder she gets 100 comments per post. She's amazing. And when other bloggers get jealous and put her down, well just you look out, because 100 loyal lovers of that Aussie blonde are going to rampage over there and leave more than a few nasty notes on that jealous person's blog to let them know how much they love Steph. She's young, highly intelligent, beautiful, single, Australian, and blonde. And by God, she can write. What more could a person ask for in life? Or in a blogger? She's a blogger who makes me think about moving to Australia and never coming home again, just so I can see if I could learn to be as much fun as she is.

4. Robin Alexa of A.K.A. Binsk - She's so easy going, and so artistic, you can't help but get caught up in whatever she's doing. She can throw on a pink wig and sing to a CD while videotaping it and you'll find yourself watching it over and over. She's the best friend you wish you could get back in touch with, the girl you tried to date but never had the nerve to ask out, the neighbor you had a crush on, and the quiet girl you had a class with who went on to appear in Playboy and shock everyone. Her writing is just whatever is on her mind, and if it only needs one sentence to say, then one sentence is all you'll get. Other times it's a paragraph about life or a book she loves or her dog. Whatever she has to say, every word is hypnotic. And did I mention how beautiful she is? Wow!

5. Lightning Bug's Butt - Mr. Bug can machine gun through a single post and cover everything you ever needed to know about life, only to come back a few days later with another post that's just as deep and insightful as the last one. He makes me think. He makes me think, damn, why aren't I as funny as that? And the women all love him. They throw themselves at his feet. This has nothing to do with his blog making me think, but it's true all the same. He's a funny guy.

And now for the bad part. If I listed your blog above, then you are tagged to do this same post, but with your own five choices. BWA HA HA!!! Oh, I am an evil man!

And for what it's worth, there are several other blogs I'd mention if we were told to do more than 5, or if I were to do this again. For What It's Worth is one that comes to mind right off. And there are many others.

Rules for participation:
1. If, and only if, you are tagged above, write a post with links to five blogs that make you think.
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.
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