Don Imus - Pussied to Death

imus on msnbc
Mr. Nappy on MSNBC

NBC announced today that they are dropping Don Imus' apparently irrelevant talk show over "racial remarks." This is revealing in that nothing Don Imus said was in any way, shape, or form racial.

Well, that is, unless you yourself picture a black woman whenever you hear the term "nappy-headed ho." But then that doesn't make Don Imus a racist. It makes you one.

From the article by Bill Carter and Louise Story:

"NBC News dropped Don Imus yesterday, canceling his talk show on its MSNBC cable news channel a week after he made a racially disparaging remark about the Rutgers University women's basketball team."

Mr. Imus didn't make any racial remark of any kind. Nothing he said was racial in any way, shape, or form. But in the Oprah Winfrey feminist world in which we now "live", facts don't matter. Screaming irrational emotion is all that matters. And then only if it comes from the "right" race and the "right" sex. Don Imus is the "wrong" sex and the "wrong" race, so he's screwed no matter what. He just didn't know it until now.

isaiah washington
Nappy Headed Bo

It's important that Mr. Imus didn't limit his insult to the black women on the Rutgers team. It's a fact that he insulted them all as a group. This includes the white women, who apparently are just now discovering that as whites, like Patrick Dempsey being choked by Isaiah Washington, they have no rights, but not to worry because Rutgers and Al Sharpton have effectively declared them to be black, thus increasing their standing among the Affirmative Action Country Club Elite from the Almost-Perfect level 2, as women, to the Super-Perfect level 1, as black women. If they declare themselves to be lesbians they can leap to the Super Elite Top Dog Affirmative Action Bonus Level and receive an immediate appointment to the board of directors at CBS as well as tenure at the infamously misandric Rutgers University. No college degree or job experience is required for either position when you're a Super Elite Top Dog of affirmative action.

It's also worth noting that everyone seems to be assuming Rutgers has an all-black girls basketball team, even though Rutgers is not a majority black school. Isn't that racism? If sex discrimination in sports (only when it affects women, of course) is wrong, then isn't race discrimination just as wrong? Isn't it a crime for a mostly white school like Rutgers to have a nearly all black basketball team? Isn't that promoting racist stereotypes? Doesn't that say to all black women everywhere that they will only be acceptable to the white liberal elitists at Rutgers if they can play them a fine game of B-ball? Why isn't Al Sharpton screaming mad about this? Where is Jesse Jackson on this issue? Why hasn't the National Organization of WeHateAllMales jumped all over this obvious statement of blatant racism and sexism at Rutgers?

Oh yeah, Rutgers is one of the most sexist, anti-male, state-funded universities in the United States. So they get a pass. In fact, NOW is heavily dependent on Rutgers staff and alumni for its members. Rutgers is virtually nothing more than a tax-payer funded recruiting ground for NOW. So of course they get a pass.

See how this works? Follow the money.

Again, quoting from the article:

"NBC said the cancellation was effective immediately. Mr. Imus was scheduled to be the host of a telethon today and tomorrow on radio station WFAN and simulcast on MSNBC to benefit three children's charities. The network will instead program three hours of news coverage. Mr. Imus did not respond to telephone messages last night. But Bo Dietl, a security expert who is a frequent guest on Mr. Imus's show, said last night that he had just talked by telephone with the host, and that his mood was "very down, very upset about what occurred with MSNBC. I said to him that they didn't even give him time to talk to the victims," Mr. Dietl said. "He agreed with me." "

Victims? There were victims? What victims? I mean, besides the children of the now neglected children's charity. Oh wait, I'm forgetting that we're supposed to be pretending that words are the same as physical violence, and thus, Mrs. Imus is supposed to be presumed a woman batterer by virtue of having used a word that Oprah Winfrey dedicated an entire show to bitching about: "ho". And when Oprah Winfrey speaks, irrational feminists listen. And I'm including Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson among the irrational feminists because, lets face it, these men have no balls, but they bitch a lot.

And OF COURSE they didn't let him talk to the "victims." In a feminist world men have no rights. And you NEVER get to face your accuser. Never for any reason. They say this further victimizes the woman by virtue of her having to deal with a man. As men are classified as lower than pigs, this would of course be a horrible thing. Generally a man should consider himself lucky if he even knows what it is that he's been accused of. Many witch-hunts, I mean, social justice crusades such as this one don't even bother to tell the white male target what it is that he's specifically supposed to have done and to whom he's supposed to have done it.

As for CBS' response, I found it enlightening that there is a former head of the NAACP on their board of directors, one who is screaming for Don Imus' head and calling him a racist even though what he said didn't specify race. CBS has been the most sexist and racist network of the Big Four for quite some time now. They say "CBS Cares" even as they vomit their hatred of white males in show after show, night after night. I blog about it all the time. So now I wonder, if their board of directors includes a militant black racist from the NAACP, a clearly political appointment to gain favor and hold off extortion demands, who are the other board members and what politically powerful hate-groups did they come from? How many former heads of NOW and the Feminist Majority and the host of other misandric female-supremacist hate-groups are on that board? And wouldn't this explain oh so much about CBS and it's campaign of bigotry?

Yes it would.

So thank you, Don Imus, for bringing this to light. If not for you, I would never have thought to examine the membership of the board of directors at any of the major television networks, CBS included. But now, thanks to your recent crucifixion, I have been enlightened.

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