Still Friday

Mister BurnsMr Burns
Homer Simpson's boss, Mr. Burns

Ever had one of those poops that piles up above the surface of the water in the toilet and stinks like ... like ... turbo-charged shit? Yeah, that was my daily poop this lovely Friday the 13th.

But as I have virtually no sense of smell anyway I didn't care. It doesn't bother me. Everyone else, though, seems heavily affected by it. Especially the person who needed that toilet after me.

Sorry dude.

So anyway, that house and land is a lot of money and I have some strong reservations. Like, floors that aren't level and a vent that leads to nowhere. The workshop only has room for one car and I have 2 in need of a place to be hotrodded. Anyway, The Wife and I will have to look it over together before I cross it off.

I have a business trip next month. First we go to Little Rock. Then it's off to Dallas. I wonder if Kami would be surprised if I suddenly showed up on her front porch unannounced? I'm thinking so.

Actually, I have no idea if I'll get a chance to wander off and see anyone or if it's going to be all business and no free time.

Anyway, all the Texas ... um .. Ladies are going to be in Houston in about 2 weeks and I thought I might get to run and surprise them, but it isn't looking likely right now.

The album I was listening to just ended. I guess I'm done then.
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