Little Girl is Crying

little girl and booger bear

Ever since Booger Bear died, Little Girl has been extremely quiet. She used to be waiting at the back door to go outside first thing every morning. But now she hides in her bed and doesn't get up. She's been there for days, only going out when I force her to.

Last night I think she finally realized that Booger Bear is gone forever. At 2 a.m. she sat down outside our bedroom door and cried and cried. My Wife finally had to get up and go pet her, talking to her and trying to soothe her. But she wouldn't calm down.

So My Wife took a blanket, and the Little Girl, and slept with her on the couch.

She said it took almost an hour for the Girl to calm down and finally go to sleep.

Today when I came home from work, Little Girl was waiting for me. She followed me around the house and meowed her head off. She wasn't even interested in her food.

When My Wife came home she followed her around until she sat down. Then she jumped into her lap. She hasn't moved since.

I know Booger Bear and the Little Girl were closer with each other this past year than they had ever been in the past, but I honestly didn't expect this. I guess I've never seen a depressed cat before. She's in mourning.

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