Quick Rant

I am SO sick of the new spray cans, with their "No CFCs" message printed proudly on the side, that stop spraying after a week or two. I have shelves filled with various sprays, from Lysol to WD40, that are half filled with liquid, but because they have "No CFCs" they don't fucking spray and you can't get the shit out without smashing open the can. Are we saving the environment with this ripoff? How does it save the environment to waste half the can of everything? It sounds to me like a great way to increase corporate profits by ripping off the customer, all the while claiming it's necessary to screw us in order to 'save' the ozone. Oh yes, that half-filled can of WD40 that is currently dribbling all over your hand is 'saving lives' by not doing its' job. Wait another week and it won't even dribble anymore.

I am SO sick of the spray bottles, the ones you pump the trigger yourself, that are now so cheaply made that they quit working almost as soon as you buy them. Thank God for 409 bottles because I am constantly having to dump the contents of all the other brands of shit that don't spray into the old 409 bottles just to be able to use them. I'm pretty sure that all these useless plastic spray bottles going to the dump en masse aren't helping the environment one little bit. Meanwhile, my 409 bottle must be at least 10 years old and it still works.

I am SO sick of cereals and potato chip companies that put less and less into the bags just to avoid raising their price. If I wanted a fucking snack sized bag of Doritoes I wouldn't have reached for the bag marked "family size", now would I? It was a decent size last month, but now it's just a tiny shadow of its' former self. Oh sure, the price is still the same, but I'm not buying it because it isn't what I want.
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