Monday Morons

That your followers not have a clue?

As I write this, thousands of left-wing kids, mostly in their 20s and mostly still depending on their parents for food and a place to live, are having a giant party in New York City disguised as some sort of '60s era communist hippy protest.

Hippies converge on Wall Street

They aren't entirely sure what they're protesting. They say they're protesting Wall Street greed, but the things they are complaining about, especially the state of our economy at this precise moment, is the fault of massive greed and corruption in Washington, DC, which was then shoved and cajoled onto Wall Street by the Federal Government. Anyone who has been paying attention knows this.

All the cool kids are doing it

But if you just graduated from college with a liberal arts degree, all you know is what your Marxist polyamorous anti-Christ professors told you, and every bit of that was bullshit.

True believers

The real story of this protest is where it came from in the first place. Billionaires with a team of programmers spammed Twitter in order to create this fake 'spontaneous' event. They monitored tweets to identify left-wing users of Twitter, then spammed the shit out of them and anyone else who would listen, to go to New York for a party. Not surprisingly, they recruited plenty of Hollywood's least intellectual members to help.

Not the brightest light on the politically correct 'holiday' tree

Wall Street went off course when the Department of Justice, the Clinton White House and the US Congress directed them to. They were threatened with arrest and prosecution if they didn't, and then assured that the free houses they were forced at gunpoint to give to Democrat voters on welfare would all be covered by the Federal Government.

A true fat cat who has profited well from capitalism

When the bills came due and the economy began to collapse under the hefty weight of the largest ever theft in American history, the very criminals in Washington DC who orchestrated this theft, including Barney Frank and former Senator Barack Obama, immediately began indicting bankers, making speeches and blaming "corporate greed" when in reality it was their own greed that created the nightmare Americans are currently experiencing.

Ask your president why you don't have a job

Worse still, even as our economy burns, Barney Frank and the now Obama White House and DOJ are simultaneously indicting the bankers for the loans, AND ordering them to issue MORE of them.

Barney Frank continues to profit from the scam

And I guarantee you, not one single protester on Wall Street today has any idea that this went on and is still going on.

We don't have a clue

Because they are fucking morons.

No, it's your stupidity, stupid

The Muslim terrorists attacked Wall Street first because they considered it the most important target. They believed that by destroying the World Trade Center they could do fatal harm to the economy of the entire Western World. Many experts believe they weren't entirely wrong. Following this attack, billionaire communist George Soros began working to profit from an American decline. He has thus far succeeded in making himself much richer as the economy slides into depression. He himself chose Barack Obama to be the Democratic candidate for President in 2008 and largely financed his campaign, as well as the attacks on opponent Hillary Clinton. The current wave of attacks on Wall Street weren't orchestrated by Muslim terrorists, but Marxist idiots. The end result is similar, though. The Hard Left has always attacked those who criticise the Muslim terrorists, even going so far as to accuse former Vice President Dick Cheney of being a terrorist himself for encouraging former President Bush to go after the terrorists. The Marxist Hard Left has never stood against the Muslim terrorists and instead tried to spread the rumor that Bush himself was behind the attacks, while simultaneously arguing that if the Muslims really did attack America, it was America's fault. We "asked for it" they said.

Now the terrorists are the Hard Leftists themselves. They don't have the guts to crash planes into anything yet and so far haven't been able to sucker any gullible political science majors into doing it for them. So for now, they just sucker the faithful into going to major financial centers, like Wall Street, and fighting with the police.

There is always a profit to be made from chaos for those who anticipate it. You can bet that the billionaires behind these protests are raking in as much cash as they can while their gullible believers are busy taking mace to the face and kicks to the groin from New York's rather violent police department in the name of Allah, er, Marx.

Who's your daddy?
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