It's still Monday here, although technically it's around midnight so I'm pushing it.

I don't know what to say at this point. The blog is either in a dramatic decline, or else the whole world is on vacation. My last post generated a grand total of 0 comments and I can't say I feel terribly motivated to put hours into another post after that. I guess all I really want to know is, is anyone still reading or can I retire this bitch and go to bed?

Hey, Steve Jobs died. I can't say it was totally unexpected, but it was much sooner than I expected. He only just stepped down from Apple due to his health. I thought he had a lot longer than he did. Where are all the cool Apple toys going to come from now?

naked protest

The kids running around naked on Wall Street and calling it a protest have finally made their way to Washington DC. Thank God! I thought they'd never get there. If you're going to go apeshit and bring a city to a stand still, the best city to bring to a dead stop is DC. Honestly, the less that gets done in DC, the better.


This past weekend I went to hear my neighbors' band play. The following is basically my entire thought process from throughout the night:

"I'm exhausted. I don't know if I'm going to make it. Well, once I get there, I know I'll have fun. I just have to get to the bar and sit my tired butt down. Ah, $5 cover charge. Lovely. Good thing I still have some cash on me because normally I have none. Where is everyone? Ah, there they are. It feels so good to sit down. I wish these chairs were La-Z-Boys so I could prop my feet up. Hey, that's a new song. I haven't heard them play that before. Is that a new guitar? I haven't seen him play a Telecaster before. Where's the Strat? Gloss black with nice humbuckers. That's some money, right there. Is that a new bass, too? I honestly can't remember what bass he used to have if that is new. It seems new to me, though. Holy crap, are the drums new, too? Is anyone playing the same instrument? How long has it been since I last saw them play?! Well, that's the same Gibson. That's one hell of a guitar. Hey, transmitter! No more guitar cord. That's cool! Where is my beer? I really need something to drink, even if it's just water, hurry the hell up, please. Ah, finally. I really don't think she wants to dance, but I'll ask. You can't imagine how tired we both are. You've been sick? So have I. Man, whatever is going around has been kicking my ass. You don't look sick. You look great, like always. When I'm sick, boy can you tell it. I look like hell. Then again, look at me and then look at you. I feel like I'm doing a scene from "Superbad" here when the fat guy tried to ask out the redhead girl, Jules. Wow, there is a lot fewer people in here than there used to be. If you want to check the state of the economy, just take a look around the bars. People can't even afford to go out for a beer anymore."

emma stone
Look at you. Then look at me.

So I was sick Sunday and into Monday. I still made it into work, but I only worked half a day because of it. I really don't know what this is, but it's killing me.

I went to a bookstore this weekend and somehow managed to walk out with $140 worth of magazines and a board game. Anyone besides me remember the game Stratego? Well anyway, I bought it. That was about $40 of my $140 bill, but even so, that's a buttload of magazines and a book or two. Mostly I bought guitar magazines and a few about writing, although I'm not sure why. Somehow I walked in expecting to be there for about 5 minutes and ended up spending 2 hours looking around and spending way too much money, apparently.

What else? Oh, the Denver Broncos benched quarterback Kyle Orton and put in Tim Tebow. I didn't see the game, but last time I checked out Kyle Orton he was a great QB. I wonder what happened?

Anyway, that's it. I'm going to bed.

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