Rainy Tuesday

I just watched the Republican presidential debates in Nevada. All I really have to say about tonight's debates is this:

Rick Santorum seems like he's flailing, panicking. He's barely in this race and he's fighting for his life. It shows.

Ron Paul hasn't changed a bit. His message appeals to the same people that it appealed to from the beginning, but it just isn't enough. He's overly simplistic on complex issues and explains very little. Whether you like him or dislike him, agree or disagree, he's not going to make it.

Herman Cain is stronger now than he ever was. When this all started he seemed like a side show to me, but he has grown stronger and more convincing over time. He's likable and believable. He's for real.

Mitt Romney has also grown stronger. He's soothing the concerns of many who disliked or distrusted him at first, and successfully stiff-armed Rick Perry's efforts to tackle him. Rick Santorum is the only other candidate consistently taking shots directly at Romney, but they have been largely ineffective and easy for Romney to brush off without missing a beat.

Rick Perry is still one of the main candidates, clearly, but he's so busy swinging at Romney that he hasn't done as good a job as he needs to make a case for himself and why he should be our next president.

Newt Gingrich, when he gets to speak at all, seems a lot more reasonable and level-headed, especially in contrast to the three-way brawl between Mitt and The Ricks. But he hasn't sparked any excitement for his campaign beyond that which existed when he started. He sounds like a better candidate now than before, but I'll be surprised if he's able to hang in this battle through to November.

Michelle Bachmann didn't do nearly as well tonight as she did last time I heard her. She has apparently been coached to always spend half her time stating what her plan is and why she would make the best president rather than fully answering whatever question was posed to her. I think that's a mistake because it irritates people when a direct question is asked of her and she repeatedly fails to answer it fully. Even worse, she's taken to directing her answers only to women. That alienates all the male voters, me included, and guarantees that she won't win.

Huntsman failed to participate in this debate at all and as far as I'm concerned that's just as well. He's simply not a contender. Hell, he's not even a conservative.

Remember the Delorean, the stainless steel tank from the movie Back to the Future? Well, it's back. Sort of. The company is bringing the car back, but this time as an electric car. They say their electric Delorean makes 260 hp and will reach a maximum speed of 125 mph. Why anyone would want to take a giant stainless steel car and make it all-electric is a mystery to me. One of the biggest drawbacks to the Delorean was also one of its selling points - it is made entirely of stainless steel, which weighs a freakin' ton. My 1971 Monte Carlo was rated at about 260 hp when new. I can personally attest to the fact that it will do 125 mph. But it isn't made of stainless steel and it isn't powered by batteries. I'd be curious to learn more about this electric motor and whether or not it is really all electric or perhaps a combination of gas and electric powered. I think 260 hp is too little power for a car as big and heavy as this, and at a projected cost of $100,000 per car, I don't think there is a market for it.

Wall Street's protesters are still at it, mostly because there aren't any jobs available to distract them with responsibilities. They are now complaining that the New York cops are guilty of using brutality against them. I'm not sure where they've been for the past many years, but over in New Jersey, 2 cops handcuffed a man who wasn't committing any crimes and wasn't being arrested, then while one officer held him against a glass window by his throat, the other officer, a female, punched him in the testicles. THAT is police brutality and THAT has been going on for a very long time without any of those assholes currently shitting on police cars in New York City saying one word of protest against it. So yes, the New York City police are almost certainly using some very dirty and vicious tactics against the protesters. If you think that's wrong, protest it everywhere you see it, not just while you are rioting on Wall Street for a cause you don't even understand.

By the way, I pulled many of the hyperlinks for the stories I wrote about from Yahoo, and Yahoo seems to be totally fucked up today so if the links don't work, I apologize.

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