The Questions Galore Meme - part 2

More stealing from Catch Her in the Wry, who stole it from Sunday Stealing:

21. What was the last song you listened to that wasn’t sung in English?
Oye como va

22. One of our SS players generally leaves a critical comment on our memes. Which is fine. All's fair. Do you let meme authors know when you hate their memes?
Um, you have Nazis doing your memes? I would never have guessed that. Now I'm not sure if I should do this anymore.

23. What TV show would you like to be on?
Modern Family, I guess, just because it's really funny and there are a lot of hot females. I'd like to play the obnoxious neighbor who speeds through the neighborhood in a Camaro and drives Claire insane.

24. What was the last video game you played?
Sometimes I think the battles I have with my computer is some sick video game created by Microsoft and they're tracking how much the frustration makes me curse. They probably get bonus points for every time that I shout "fuck this piece of shit computer!"

25. Have you ever been in a musical? If yes, do tell.
No one would ever be dumb enough to allow me to take part in a musical. One day, if I'm really mad at you, I'll sing for you and make you cry and beg me to stop.

26. Do you follow your own style or everyone else’s?
Is there anything about my blog that makes you think I have any sort of style? Seriously? If I had my own line of fashionable clothing the label would be "Loser" and all my models would be the guys from "Big Bang Theory."

27. What’s the last store you bought from?
Probably or Target. I'm a DVD maniac. While everyone else is subscribing to Netflix, watching movies and sending them back, I'm stockpiling them. One day after Netflix goes bankrupt you'll all have to come crawling to me for copies of your favorite movies and TV shows. BWA HA HA!!!

28. In retrospect, have you ever let a person use you a lot?
Pretty much, yeah. But I'm trying to put a stop to all that. Except the people who pay me for it. But they seriously need to pay me a lot more.

29. What are you doing two days from now?
Probably sitting in my office frantically trying to figure out a problem with a project before someone else interrupts me with some new crisis.

30. Did you ever believe there were monsters in your closet?
No, they were in the next room snoring and if I made any sound that woke them up I'd get a beating.

31. When you graduated high school, did you let random people sign your yearbook or just close friends?
Close friends and people that I thought were way cooler than me. I got the popular girls who I thought were hot to sign if they were willing to do it. Some wouldn't, which sort of refers back to that question about my style and my personal line of clothing with the "Loser" label.

32. Would you consider adopting a child that had a mental illness?
I don't want any of those kids from the Occupy Wall Street mobs in my house, if that's what you mean.

33. Does thinking about death scare you?
Not death so much as the possibility that I'll screw it up and end up still alive, but terribly disabled or disfigured.

34. If you died, do you believe that you go to Heaven or Hell and where would your spirit go?
Well, based on the way your question is worded, I believe I would go into the ground and my spirit would go to Heaven where there is no such thing as Microsoft or the hourglass or computer viruses.

35. Who did you last write a snail mail letter to and why?
Probably someone on my Christmas card list and the note probably said "Merry Christmas, you fuckers."

36. Do you care what people say or think about you?
Apparently not nearly enough. Reputation, reputation, reputation, I have lost my reputation, but I can always look it up again using Google.

37. Have you ever been threatened?
There have been all sorts of women in my life. Of course I've been threatened.

38. Which side of your family do you get most of your qualities from?
The side no one ever talks about.

39. What was the last thing with alcohol that you drank?
Jagermeister, straight up, in a Hello Kitty shotglass. I was sick and it seemed to help. Cut me some slack.

40. Have you ever kept a relationship a secret?
Oh listen, bloggers don't have secrets. We run out of material and then spew all our secrets out of desperation for something to write about. Then we're all insulted when no one really gives a rats ass about our big bad secrets.

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