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I go to WalMart Hospital

Study: Worst hospitals treat larger share of poor

Yes, this is how it works. This is why you don't want to be poor. When you're poor, you get the worst medical care because you don't pay anything for it. You get the worst drug dealers because you can't afford the buy good drugs. You get the worst restaurants and businesses in your neighborhood because you can't afford to buy good stuff and also they keep getting robbed. This is why you want to be rich, so you can afford better things. Otherwise, why would anyone strive to better themselves? Why make the effort if you live just as well as the rich without doing a thing?


Mass. official who performed bra trick resigns

A school board office who does magic tricks at the start of ever meeting was forced to resign after raving feminists flew into a religious hissy fit over a trick he did that created the illusion that he had removed the bra of a female board member. No one was fooled by the trick, but you know how it is with dogmatic radicals, they have absolutely no sense of humor at all. And Massachusetts is just about the worst state in the US for this kind of religious feminist hysteria.

Are you ready for some socialism?!

Williams apologizes for Hitler-Obama analogy

ESPN has yanked Hank Williams Jr's "Monday Night Football" song after he compared Obama to Hitler on another network. His comments had absolutely nothing to do with football, and a great many football fans agree with what he said or at least think it was funny, but ESPN is owned by the pedophiles of Disney, and they love Obama as if he were their very own momma. They don't practice tolerance on any level. They're like France in that regard, totally fascist. They fired Williams the next day.

Protesting the company that makes Mace

‘It’s a dream-sharing’: Can Occupy Wall Street spark a broad-based movement?

A broad based movement representing what exactly? None of the people running naked up and down Wall Street even understand what it is that they're protesting, let alone what the actual problems are. Unless just randomly protesting anything and everything that those specific individuals don't understand qualifies as a 'movement' this is nothing more than a shameless stunt where a bunch of narcissists draw attention to themselves and pretend it has some meaning. It's like when Sean Penn went to New Orleans and helped absolutely not one single person while floating around in an boat with a camera crew.

Harry Reid supporting the Obama 'jobs' bill

Reid: ‘Even the tea party’ supports 5 percent tax increase on millionaires

The problem here is that Senator Reid thinks the "Tea Party" is a bunch of billionaire's wives who meet at a country club in Washington DC and discuss ways to help Harry Reid get re-elected. He has no idea what the fuck he's talking about, as usual.

Harry Reid opposing the Obama 'jobs' bill

Reid Blocks Obama Jobs Bill Vote

And then he goes and does this. The very bill Harry Reid claims the Tea Party supports, the bill earlier today he said Republicans oppose because they want people to suffer and be poor, he himself killed. This is a man suffering from schizophrenia.

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