Monday Morning Revelations - GOP Piles On Tea Party

Demo and Repub party leaders - they all look alike to me

Apparently there was a bit of a political earthquake last Friday when Republican Party 'leaders' got together with New York Times Magazine reporters and openly shit on their own voters, better known as "The Tea Party".

You may recall a few months ago when Michelle Bachmann soundly trounced all her competition in a straw poll following the Republican debates, I wrote that she would be a much better president than the Party Leader 'blessed' candidate, Mitt Romney, solely because Mitt appears to have sold his soul to the devil in exchange for the Party Leaders blessing and money. I also commented that I felt certain those Nazi cunts would do everything in their power to sabotage her or anyone who didn't sign a blood oath to hand over their soul.

According to the article, Republican Party Leaders feel that the entrance of Rick Perry of Texas has done that job quite effectively, shifting Bachmann's supporters to him and away from her, as they desired. They also feel that even if Perry were to beat Their Golden Boy, Romney, he would still be better than anyone from the Tea Party because he is nothing more than a cynical politician who will gladly betray his constituents in order to please his Republican Overlords who have lived in the Washington DC Bubble for almost their entire lives. In other words, they feel that either Romney or Perry will do simply because both men are treacherous political fucks who won't have a problem making empty promises to the voters, only to turn around and break every single one of those promises as soon as they get into office, if asked to do so by the Party Leaders. Sound familiar?

Senator Palpatine

This is beginning to sound more and more like something out of Star Wars, with an Evil Senator secretly being The Dark Lord and using his position to gain absolute power, betray all his closest allies, and generally screw everyone.


This is also why they tried so hard to convince New Jersey liberal Chris Christie to enter the race, because they felt that he would further dilute the choices and help them eliminate current Tea Party candidate and front-runner, Herman Cain.

In previous blog posts I commented on conservative voters sending a very clear message to the Republican Party Leaders in the disastrous-for-Republicans elections of both 2006 and 2008 stating that they were sick and tired of being bent over and fucked up the ass in a shameless betrayal every time Republicans gained control with conservative citizen support, and so the conservative citizens were no longer willing to vote for their phony candidates. This and this alone handed the entire US Congress and the White House to the Democratic Party, enabling the new communist party known as the Democrats to totally crash the economy into the ditch. Considering the reputation of Republican leaders as being rich corporate lawyers who make their fortunes from business and the stock market, you might think, if that stereotype is true, that the resulting plunge in the value of their own investments following this citizen uprising might have gotten their attention and made them 'come to Jesus' about their constant treachery.

You might think that, but you'd be wrong.

Instead, these Republican Party Leaders, true to form for a personality disorder, have thrown a gigantic temper tantrum, even meeting openly with Democratic Party Leaders in order to plot together how to stamp out the citizen uprising like a bunch of British redcoats trying to slaughter the unruly Colonist Rebels. It seems that they prefer being perpetually subordinate to the Democratic Party and always in the minority due to lack of voter support. They prefer being the submissive party in Washington over listening to The People and actually doing what the voters they are supposed to represent have clearly stated that they want. A lifetime in a bubble will do that to a person, apparently, and these fucks have been eating caviar and playing golf with rich Democrats in that bubble for a very long time, all while tapping their feet in mens room stalls and engaging in homosexual intercourse with young boys in private.

It's time to burst that bubble and drag all these assholes kicking and screaming out of Washington, returning them forcibly to their private estates and plantations where they can retire from public life and stay the hell out of our business. I don't know that this is ever going to happen unless we fight really fucking hard, mind you, but if it doesn't happen then you can kiss this country goodbye. Take a hard look at Europe's troubles, with the most out-of-touch leaders in the world, as a clear indication of the future that awaits America, if we don't kick these arrogant elitist shits out of Washington. And if Europe is beyond your understanding, take a look at the Dallas Cowboys with their perpetually interfering and micromanaging team owner, Jerry Jones, and you'll see a fine example of what is wrong in Washington. Dallas hasn't won anything of note since coach Jimmy Johnson quit in the mid 1990s after growing sick of dealing with megalomaniac Jones and his gigantic ego.

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