Friday Brain Farts

katrina bowden

Last night I was wasting my mental energies on Twitter instead of writing a novel or practicing guitar (it was 2 feet from me) or working on trying to create a worthwhile blog post. At the same time, I was watching one of my all-time favorite TV shows, "30 Rock." It was a rerun, I believe, where Cerie is talking to Liz Lemon about having babies. Cerie says she's already been thinking up names. If it's a girl she's going to name her child Hat, or Bookcase.

So, Cerie is played by actress Katrina Bowden, whom I follow on Twitter. While I was watching, some guy tweeted to her that her kids would be named Hat Bowden or Bookcase Bowden. So, because I follow her I saw this. I responded, both to him and Katrina Bowden, that I didn't think Cerie's kids would have Katrina Bowden's last name since technically they are not her kids. I said that they'd have Cerie's last name, whatever that is.

And then I forgot about the whole thing.

The following day, while I was eating breakfast, my cell phone buzzed. Someone had responded to me on Twitter. I looked at the message.

KatrinaBowden @nudememphis xerox

Katrina Bowden had tweeted me! How totally unexpected. So I, being half asleep and confused, responded:

@KatrinaBowden Cerie's last name is Xerox?

Another shock, she responded again:

KatrinaBowden @nudemphis Yes!

I don't know what prompted her to respond to the odd conversation that I had been having with some other fan of hers, but the fact that she did started my whole day off on a high note. She must have a zillion followers, all constantly sending her obscene notes about how hot she is and crap like that. Whatever brought my tweets to her attention, I'm grateful for it. It's rare that a popular celebrity responds to any tweets, let alone a tweet that isn't specifically directed at them and merely copies them in. It's even more rare that they will respond not once, but twice.

I hope the rest of this week goes as well as that. I could use a few up days for a change. Usually my days go more like this:

I like the way this guy never takes his right hand off the passenger seat, even when he clearly needs it to save his ass from possible death. Hey, what's more important, looking cool or not dying? Clearly this guy has his priorities straight. Cool to the very end.

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