Who Are the Good Guys?

In The Bible, in Deuteronomy 25:11-12 it says that if two men are fighting, and the wife of one of the men grabs the other man by the testicles, show her no mercy. Cut off her hand.

In Genesis 19, it tells of the city of Sodom, where 2 angels came to find Lot and tell him to leave the city because it was so evil that God intended to destroy it. As if to demonstrate how evil it was, the Bible says "every man of the city" came and surrounded Lot's house and demanded that the 2 men be sent out to be raped. It doesn't say why the men wanted to rape them, only that they did.

Here in the United States, in what is claimed to be the most Christian nation on earth, we routinely teach our kids and women to do exactly what is so harshly condemned in Deuteronomy 25. We try to excuse it by saying it is to make them safe, even though the evidence we have seen over the last 30 years and more shows that this isn't what it has done at all. And now we teach Krav Maga and encourage everyone, men, women, children and especially our police to do what the Bible so harshly and clearly condemns - to go for the balls in situations that are absolutely not fear-for-life self-defense at all, but in any dispute with a male where we want to win.

Meanwhile, in our prisons, we have known that men are acting exactly like what is described in Genesis 19 and we have laughed about it and even celebrated it for as long as I can remember. And this includes the Christian Church, which has done virtually nothing about this problem, except for one man, Chuck Colson, who himself went to prison and saw firsthand how bad it was. He is the only Christian minister I know of trying to do anything about the rape of men in prison. Prior to his efforts, most states in the US didn't even have laws acknowledging that rape of a male could happen at all, let alone declaring it to be a crime. If not for his Washington connections, it would still be that way to this day.

Here in the United States, since the 1960s we have become so hostile towards the male sex, so filled with hatred of males of all ages, that we sit and watch TV shows in which our police, both in fictional dramas and in reality programs like COPS, use sexual violence against males in circumstances that don't even begin to approach fear-for-life self-defense. In the most recent example, a cop was simply angry at a man who was resisting being handcuffed, so he reached around and grabbed the man's balls and squeezed them hard.

In Mesa County, Colorado, Deputy Hassan Hassan caught an elbow in the mouth from 22-year-old Samuel Fazio and got so angry that he sexually assaulted him by grabbing Fazio's balls and squeezing for all he was worth. The Sheriff's office defended the deputy's sexual assault of the kid by saying that the sexual assault, while unorthodox, was not a violation of any rules or laws. Since laws governing sexual assault have almost never been applied equally to male victims as female victims, despite the clear declaration that any contact with the genitals that is unwanted by the victim, even through clothing, is illegal sexual assault, the police across the nation have abused it more and more often, and in circumstances that are less and less excusable. Apparently when it comes to the police or your genitals, you can throw the Bill of Rights out the window if you are male because you have no rights at all.

Interestingly, at the exact same time that Deputy Hassan was squeezing the testicles of an unarmed 22-year-old male, a 19-year-old female prostitute was on trial for murder in Bihar, India, after she said a 15-year-old male client "outraged her sense of modesty", and so she grabbed his testicles exactly as Deputy Hassan did, and squeezed them hard. The male victim died. In fact, this method of murdering males is common in India. But unlike the United States, their system of laws actually punishes people who do this sort of thing.

As despicable as Deputy Hassan Hassan's actions are, and as outrageous as the Sheriff's excuses for why he won't punish the deputy for sexually assaulting an unarmed man who did not touch the deputy's weapons or threaten the deputy's life in any way, what is worse is the reaction of law enforcement officers across the United States, as recorded on police forums on the internet.

Here is a conversation among US law enforcement officers about Deputy Hassan's sexual violation of a male suspect:

VON1: "Well there is an old saying,'Grab a man by his short hairs and his heart and brain will follow" I believe that is true, as a matter of fact, I was in a DT training class in Nassau County NY back in the day, they had an instructor in the class who prided himself in not being able to be hand cuffed by two or more trainees. So while 2 of my colleagues were trying to get him under control, I reached in for the tactical testicle hold, and instant cuffs and compliance. I was the first to get his attention and respect. LMAO!"

GPPDSWAT: "You know,, when the fights on, there are no off limits locations. They pay us to win!!!!!"

'They pay us to win', not to serve and protect, not to obey the law, not to respect basic human rights or much of anything else.

JCNORMAN: "VON1 and GP, I have had to use the tactical testicle hold in a fight and the fight did not last very long."

HYRKY: "'It's a reasonable tactic in this situation.' Enough said. I love it when the brass talk this way."

CQSOSHERIFF26: "'The technique would not be effective with a female'. Ya think?"

WHITECOLLARCRIME: "Benjamin says the same standard would apply to a woman resisting arrest, although she noted, "The technique would not be effective with a female." HUH?!?! Is Officer Benjamin advocated grabbing a women's breast when one is noncompliant or is she pointing out that women don't have testicles?"

If you can legally grab a man's testicles in this situation why could you not grab a woman's breasts? Yet he knows it would be treated completely differently.

GABOY: "The Tactical Testicle Hold.... I love it! Like they say "Go for what you know!" I just hope you don't know it too well! I bet he gets "ribbed" about this for a while. Deputy Dick Hans.... I can see it now.... I could go on but I will quit!"

VON1: "I coined the phrase along time ago, "The Tactical Testicle Hold" because it works , even a drunk knows when the "TWINS" are being squeezed."

BLONDIE26: "Hey, whatever works... I'll have to try this technique out on the street!"

Soldiers have found forcible rape to be effective in subduing females for thousands of years. Japan even included it in military training in WWII. Hey, whatever works, right?

CQSO - "Next time you get in a struggle with a female, grab her by the hooters and let us know how it works out :)

Words of wisdom VON... "

NUNKOTA: "Speaking of pod holds, one of the women officers had a guy by the sack, and she later said she could feel her fingernails touching through the pants. The cranker looks down and said, "Leggo my balls, bitch!" Maybe she was going for a vascectomy hold. So, the coppers went to plan B.

Would this fall under "shot placement"?

Von, ol' son, you may have coined a phrase for the Training Dictionary! "

When the feminists were demanding more female cops and reduced physical fitness standards back in the 1970s, this kind of sexual violence wasn't common and a cop caught doing it could end up in serious trouble. But since then it has become steadily more and more common to the point that it is apparently now a standard practice.

MIKEB0721: "Tactical Testical Hold: a name that will live throughout history!


BHESS: "That this was a big issue is troubling. GJ (good job) for the officer."

Troubling because sexual assault of an unarmed male is routine? Sexual violence is a very big issue to society.

WMCCARTY: "Yes, the dreaded and most feared TTH (tactical testicle hold) is guaranteed to be a ball buster of a situation for the bad guy. Instant compliance.

VON, you rock man!! :) Stay safe."

Instant compliance through any means necessary, even if it causes the public to despise the police as a result. Why not just shoot the man?

405WSP: "Funny there is even a question on this one. I understand reviewing every use of force but to be news worthy?"

Yes, sexual assault is newsworthy, especially when done by those whom the public is told to respect, obey and trust with our lives.

VON1: "Hey,listen up, all you street pounders. I also have an ACRONYM for all who may forget, here it goes. For proper application remember "SGT Balls"

S=Slap gets their attention

G= grab,eyes pop open, breathing gets shallow and you have command

T= Twist, to their knees you have control. The rest of the ACRONYM

Self explanatory.I love you guys and gals..Funny shit, may save your arse's..LOL"

It's important to note how this officer views sexual assault and torture to be all about getting the victim's attention, about control and command, and not about any sort of self-defense at all. And he so clearly considers it his right as a police officer. Violent rapists think exactly the same way.

DDURKOF: "When I was first in Law Enforcement there was a BIG, guy who prided himself on fighting the police. That was until another BIG guy who was an officer grabbed the "jewels" and lifted up until the guy was walking on his tip toes over to the car. He couldn't get the handcuffs on fast enough. He never again fought the police."

All that training and all those weapons and this is what he did?

DEPUTYKEITH: "The only thing the deputy did wrong was not ripping his nuts off. It would have prevented that dogg ass from contaminating the earth with more dogg asses!"

A flailing unarmed man deserves castration? How did you get past the psyche exam?

COMPTON5150: "The deputy has some balls! I guess the suspect ain't got no nuts."

SMEARED1: "'The technique would not be effective with a female.' LMAO, Stupid."

BPDNARC: "A one-handed Rear Naked Choke if you will...... "

FIELDMOUSE: "Knew an old time copper in Marin who called it the Testicular Take Down."

PAINT: "Reminds me of that ol' question.... How ya' hangin' ?"

K9HANLR: "We are paid to win not come in second place, everything is on the table when a suspect resists. We fight on until the fight is over and if (I have heard this somewhere)you have to use the "The Tactical Testicle Hold" (courtesy of VON 1), then so be it, don't fight with the Police and you won't start talking in a squeaky voice."

Paid to win - not obey the law or care about citizens or decency or respect for law enforcement. Just win by whatever means necessary.

1416OPS: "I can assure you that if an officer, male or female, grabbed a woman by any of her private parts to gain compliance, there would be a huge sexual assault case. Charges against the female perp would be dropped for charter reasons (I'm Canadian, it's the same as a constitution violation) and the officer's name would be dragged through the mud. Google "Stacey Bonds, Ottawa" to see what kind of hell can be brought down on a department when a female resists and it's caught on video."

A Canadian cop is the only one who sees a potential problem with this line of thinking. And he correctly identifies the assault as sexual assault. He is the only one.

BADGER1135: "There are a few cases that I've been forced to use this technique. If your fighting a DV suspect on a old wood porch in the rain and you can't get footing because the deck is like ice. The suspect was resisting and endangering other officers risking fall injuries. Useing this technique was the only was to get the suspect to comply. Arrest was made and no one was injured."

One of the officers might fall down so vicious sexual assault was justified?

HEMINUT392: "I too have used the 'Tactical Testicle Hold' with great results. Our defense tactics instructor at the academy back in 1980 actually touched on it briefly. He said 'If you have the perp down on the ground and he's still fighting, grab his balls and squeeze. Then toss him the handcuffs and tell him to put them on.'"

JRHTPD: "I swear I thought that was the testcort position."

KERRY: "I wonder if grabbing them is okay, why would the Sgt. object to my kicking them to make him let go of my pistol in my holster. Didn't work that well but did distract him enough for me to pin him to a grille and choke him with an arm to the throat from the front. But yet another Sgt. broke up the fun before I could make him do the funky chicken in the parking lot."

Because the public can see the kick very easily, whereas sexual asssault with a hand is harder for witnesses to see or the victim to prove even in cases where the testicles have been ruptured (the police argued that the victim ruptured his testicles himself - no, seriously - and they got away with it.) When you're doing something wrong you have to hide it. I guess you didn't know?

FRERT: "That's awesome! KICK EM IN THE JIMMY!!! ha ha ha"

And law enforcement officials complain that they aren't respected like they used to be.

ARMYMP76544: "We had a similarly named hold back when I was back in high school wrestling but we called it "5 on 2" it worked then as well aas it works now, however I do think the Tactical Testicular Hold is a little bit more PC making it more defendable."

Sexual assault of males is very PC. The feminists love it like cake. But it is still despicable, as are those who use it for anything short of fear-for-life self-defense.

KE48: "When you have them by the balls, there hearts and minds will follow. This was on a friends hat 15 years ago."

Actually, their hearts will not follow. They will hate you and never stop wanting you dead. They may even make it happen.

This forum helped me to better understand why so many in poor crime-ridden communities have more respect for gang bangers than they do for the police. You may fear someone who sexually assaults, tortures and mutilates, but you will never respect them. You will only hate them. Especially when they do it so casually and with total legal immunity. We already know this from Roman times.

Now just imagine that you are a rookie cop, a decent person who just wants to fight for justice and uphold the laws for the good of society, and you are surrounded every day by other cops who think like the cops in this forum do. How disillusioning that must be. Did you notice the overwhelming "us vs them" mentality that most expressed? They didn't see themselves as servants of the people, but controllers and commanders of the people. "Do what I tell you or I'll rape and castrate you, dirtbag!" They were even shocked that a sexual assault of an unarmed man even made the news. And they didn't understand why it was a big deal to anyone.

I've noticed more and more articles from highly intelligent writers who are alarmed about the increasing militarization of the police, with a resulting attitude among cops that they are an army occupying an enemy territory, authorized to micromanage our every move and abuse us in any way they wish. The laws apply less and less to them, but more and more to us, with more laws passed criminalizing our every move each year. And the definition of 'resisting' has expanded to the point that simply standing still and not speaking, or saying "what?" constitutes grounds for shooting you in the testicles with a Taser or kicking you in the testicles with an army boot or grabbing your testicles and dragging you around while your heart spasms in your chest and your lungs are collapsed by your diaphram so that you will die if they don't let go. And then, if you live, you are charged with a felony.

We have a serious problem here in the United States. We don't seem to have any concept of 'good guys' anymore. Our 'good guys' do evil things that our 'bad guys' wouldn't stoop low enough to do. And ever since God was removed from Washington, no one seems to recall where the concept of civil rights came from or what it even means. We're slowly turning into Rome, with all the corruption and abuses that goes with that.

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