Roadkill Update: Hey Mikey, he likes her!

Holly Pooper

I still haven't come up with a name for her, but right now she's in danger of being named Miss Holly Pooper because she keeps climbing into a large pot containing cuttings from our holly tree that I am trying to root and taking a giant dump in the middle of them. Then she digs them all up as she claws around trying to bury her smelly turds.

Stinky has surprisingly taken her under his wing far sooner than we expected. He has even been escorting her to HIS food dish and watching her eat (absolutely unheard of for him!) Then he opens the laundry room door for her so she can get back out again because she's too little to do it. He is playing footsie with her, too, hanging his paws out the slats of the dining room chair and batting at her while she leaps up and attacks him. It is amazing. He likes her!

Eh, she's OK

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