I see you

I saw you there, lying in the road like a lump of dead meat. I almost ran over you myself. I might have, if not for what I saw at the very last second, as you disappeared out of my line of sight beneath my car. A twitch, an ear turning to listen to me, a sign of life!

I stopped and looked back.

You raised your head and looked at me.

I backed up and looked at you more closely.

You stood up and looked at me nervously.

I got out.

You started to run into the woods.

I called, "here kitty kitty" and you stopped and looked back. You meowed at me and began to move towards me. You were so pitiful. I thought you were wild, but you were desperate for someone to come and pay you some attention. And that seemed odd for an animal so young, left there in the middle of nowhere to lie in the road alone.

I petted you for a little while, but then I needed to go on my way. You purred and meowed and jumped up to meet my hand with your head as if to help me pet you some more. When I tried to leave you chased me to my car, hurling yourself into my feet and tripping me. You even tried to get into my car with me. It was a pitiful sight.

You chased my car, crying for all you were worth as I drove away. You cried after me as if I were your only hope.

I spent an hour and $110 at the store, buying stupid things that I probably could have done without. Then again, why would I have gone in the first place if I didn't need some of those things? Still, I didn't need $110 worth. I swear, I'm turning into Michael Jackson, buying things just to keep the lonely away. Or maybe I just have an addiction to old movies? Probably its the second one. I don't really have much in common with Michael Jackson. And when I saw the name Hedy Lamarr on the box I just had to have it.

On the way home, I had 2 choices as to how I could go. I thought of you and decided to go back the way I had come. The odds of a kitten so small still being where I last saw it an hour before, in the middle of nowhere, sleeping in the street, were extremely small. At least, that's been my experience with cats and kittens. They don't tend to sit still for long. If you were still where I last saw you, I was going to stop and take another look at you.

5 miles down the road, there you were, back in your dead cat pose laying on the asphalt in the shade of the elm trees looking dejected. And then you heard the sound of my car. I'll be damned if you didn't recognize it. You hadn't moved when I came by the first time, but this time you knew the sound of my engine, just like my previous cats learned to do, and you actually jumped up from where you were laying and began to run straight at my car meowing your fuzzy little head off.

Truly this was a desperate animal.

So I stopped my car and opened the door to come take another look at you. No need, you were at my door before I could even get out. "Come'on kitty," I said to you. And you jumped into my car.

When I got you to my house, you seemed about as calm as any kitten I have ever seen upon arriving at a new place. You didn't explore. You just stuck close by my feet and followed me. I took you inside and put out a dish with cat food and water for you. And you inhaled the food.

Hmm, clearly you have not eaten in quite awhile. As small as you are, and I'd guess you're no more than 10 weeks old, you ate as much food in one sitting as my full grown Maine Coon, Spongebob Stinkypants. And he's a food vacuum.

Stinky the food vacuum

Speaking of Stinky, when he gets home he's gonna be pissed to see a new cat in the house. Oh, and that reminds me, until we know if you're negative for feline leukemia, I'm locking up his food and keeping you away from all his toys. Your food and water goes in the hall bathroom and his is going to be locked in the laundry room. After what happened with the last cat, which Stinky himself rescued only to see him put down due to advanced feline leukemia, we can't take any chances.

So I've apparently adopted another cat. After spending 2 days with it, I've come to the conclusion that it is a female and a Maine Coon, which is the same breed as Stinky. I've also come to the conclusion that this cat either has balls of steel or else she has no idea how easily Stinky could swallow her in one bite. He's a giant compared to her. And he was indeed NOT happy to see another cat in the house once he came home, although he has taken it much better than expected. He hisses at her when she comes too close, but other than that, he seems to just ignore her. Even when she's playing with his tail which he left hanging out from the chair he was sitting in and was swishing around angrily. Then again, what kitten can resist a toy like that?

That tail ... swaying seductively... must attack ...

So anyway, if this kitten is negative for feline leukemia, and if no one claims her, then apparently we are once again a 2 cat household. And then, I suppose, we'll have to name her.

Kittens are damned hard to get a good photo of. They never sit still.

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