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Memphis principal murdered; Student arrested

You guys think I'm joking when I talk about how rough it is in Memphis? This school principal was murdered at a Seventh Day Adventist private school, not your usual gang-infested Memphis public school. Seventh Day Adventist is a black religion and everyone involved is likely heavily influenced by the economy murdering policies and politics of Barack Obama, but even so, a murder in a religious school in the Bible Belt is rarer than a heterosexual white male at a Ricky Martin concert.

john mccain

John McCain calls Tea Party members "Hobbits"

For those who don't understand yet why a Tea Party has arisen amongst conservative and libertarian voters who otherwise would seem to be obvious Republicans, perhaps this attack on the Tea Party by former Republican presidential nominee and practical joke, John McCain, can serve to help clear things up a bit? There is a vast divide, a chasm larger than the width of the continental United States, between the average conservative citizen and the leaders of the Republican Party. The leaders of the party deny this, while tapping their feet in the stalls of the men's bathroom and seeking gay sexual trysts with teenaged boys, which they assume everyone does routinely because it's so common in DC. But the voters know differently and have been making substantial waves, shaking up things a bit in Washington, DC, a city filled with professional politicians who don't like any sort of controversy of any kind unless it hurts their opponents. Thus, you might think that a goofball like John McCain, a professional Senator from Arizona whom the Republican leadership thought highly enough of to run for president, might be smart enough to realize that insulting the entire Tea Party is to insult roughly 90 percent of his own voter base. But you would be wrong, because the top men in the Republican Party haven't got a clue who or what they are supposed to represent. And that's really all you need to know to understand what's happening with this story.

Newsweek attack on Bachmann so blatant John Stewart calls them out

In a shocking display of media objectivity, pretend journalist and real comedien John Stewart took a few shots at Newsweek and its "you-go-girl" feminist editor, Tina Brown, on his television fake news program for their blatant attack on Michelle Bachmann on the cover of their magazine. While Newsweek shamelessly denies that the ridiculous photo and "rage" headline beneath it was an obvious smear of the only female candidate currently in the running for President of the United States, and virtually every left-leaning news outlet rallies to their defense, to be called out on it by left-wing pretend journalist John Stewart is truly a blow to the already vanishing credibility of a once-great magazine that no one reads anymore.


President Obama throws Ramadan celebration while America melts down

President Obama is celebrating the end of the Ramadan fast by throwing a White House Ramadan party for all his closest Muslim brothers, even as the American financial situation, already dire, takes a turn for the worse. During the ceremony, Obama actually tried to include the Muslim terrorists as being among the victims, as if no one at all was flying the jets that attacked and murdered 4,000 Americas. He further declared the Islam has been a major American religion since the very beginning of America. While denying any Muslim faith of his own, Obama has had some difficulty in explaining why he requires Christian symbols either removed or covered when he visits Christian institutions such as Duke or Notre Dame. Some Muslims theorize that he is a dogmatic Marxist who merely feels kinship with those who similiarly hate America and wish all Christians dead, ie Muslims.

A Congressional Super Committee is to meet to discuss US debt

A US Congressional 'super committee' is scheduled to meet and discuss the crushing US debt created by "hope and change" president Obama and his Democrat supermajority which he enjoyed for his first 2 years in office, and which has resulted in S&P downgrading the US debt from AAA to AA+. It is expected that this 'super committee' will accomplish virtually nothing useful, as committees usually don't, and then will put off the truly hard cuts for a future date. This, in turn, will cause Moody's to also downgrade the US debt and markets to fall even further than they already have. Gold will rise, as will fear and panic. And then America will have its regularly scheduled nationwide elections at which time a lot of politicians are going to get fired. But the career crooks, as we saw with Harry Reid's odd and unbelievable electoral victory when he was clearly defeated, will somehow manage to find votes from the oddest of places (dead people, etc) and magically win despite no living and legal voter having cast a vote for them. After this, it will be business as usual in Washington DC and the stealing and looting of America's future will continue.

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Eat it, bitches!
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